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I am presenting the gauntlet with this submission call and offering $30 for editor’s choice. Since the assholes at Skullvines Press keeps insulting me by calling me a fan fiction writer in the Edgar Allan Poe and H.P. Lovecraft fandom (I just have a style that just echoes those influences.) I want to see them do a creative nonfiction story that is horror. Not many in the business can actually do this and the nonfiction writers on The Ethereal Gazette proved they can do this, but I want to see the naysayers attempt a creative nonfiction story that is downright scary — from dark Christian testimonies, Near Death Experiences, Close calls with death, Hospital Horror stories, to overcoming drug addiction and escaping from homosexuality and the occult. I am looking for stories of people who had to deal with the horrors of bullying, and the extent that some went through with the bullies — from harassing phone calls, harassing mail, and fliers accusing you of being a child rapist.
     As a horror writer, some people wonder where I got the ideas for horror stories. I am relating some of this when I am writing my Christian testimony out for Broken Mindframe Books, and I talked with Jordan Bobe in private about where I got the idea for Damnation Observes. I was the only writer on the anthology who took the story from a dialog I had with a former classmate. I am even challenging my most famous critic Ramsey Campbell to try to write a horror take on creative nonfiction. I don’t think he can capture his horror in a true story. In the small press the only people who managed to this was my More Frightening Than Fiction anthology. I am looking to repeat the results on a bigger scale. I am looking for stories with no sexual content because in creative nonfiction it would be porn. This is the anthology that I designed Lake Fossil Press for. Victoria Taylor Murray’s story in Tabloid Purposes One was true.
      I mixed it up with Quakes And Storms by including nonfiction submissions in the anthology. This is the trait that made my company unique to the small press for a long time, Tales of the Talisman broke me out as a nonfiction writer first. Misty and Cinsearae were next to break me out. Apt. #2W was the first creative nonfiction story that captured my horror fiction magic. Pattern of Diagnosis was something I called my most mature of the creative nonfiction catalog. Dirty Black Winter carries some of my creative nonfiction stories, the longest and most personal one shows up in here where for the first time I wrote about the loss of faith. So I am looking for writers who can do the same here, capture the magic of their horror stories in the territory of creative nonfiction. I get jackholes who claim I can’t write, but the publishers who ran me over the years will tell them otherwise. I am giving them an open challenge to try what I do with creative nonfiction, because I seriously doubt they can. Misty said my voice was in creative nonfiction and the more I do it. I am beginning to agree. It was since 2002 I introduced my creative nonfiction to AuthorsDen.com, and horror writers who reviewed it were going “DAMN! He can do this with true stories like he can with his fictional ones.”
      I am presenting this gauntlet to Mike Brendan since he is trying to tell the damn world I can’t write when the contributors who saw my work and will say otherwise. I sent one of my unpublished Creative nonfiction stories to Joe via e-mail and in a message on facebook he blurbed me saying I know how to capture the reader. I was trying to pitch an anthology of dark Christian testimonies via facebook but there was not enough interest. I am trying to see if the naysayers will take me up on my challenge here as writing creative nonfiction stories that are actually scary. Misty wanted to keep the original voice of Apt. 2W when she published it. She didn’t publish the story for people to laugh at. A lot of people didn’t know her reasons, I did. She suggested that Blood Contender was a chapter of a much longer novel because I had a huge host of characters and a detailed back story for the main character.
      When I sent Misty “The Room Mate” for Withersin she replied laughing “Hell no, I know who you made the joke about.” This story is the one where she knew the back story about what went into it. I was swiping at Crazy Michelle because she made it impossible for me to get cable again because she failed to return the cable box to Comcast leaving me with a $500 bill. I remember Ray Wise’s reaction to The Room Mate, and when we were at The Blind And The Dead premiere in 2008 he was still laughing about it because the person who it was about was head of their street team in Chicago. That was why I did the video talking about The Room Mate on video and was laughing when I did it. I am also looking for stories about Roommates From Hell for this anthology. I can relate two stories about having room mates from hell. the first room mate from hell was named Chris. He locked me out of the duplex stealing my TV I bought when I Was 16, my VCR and the boom box I got for Christmas when I was discharged from basic training. When I returned to Illinois in November of 1999 I returned with just the clothes on my back. The breakup from Melany was a few months old. A year later she tried putting my e-mail address on gay.com then would say I suck as a writer when she said I was really good.
      So I am looking for horrors of hardship and poverty. I am a struggling author and publisher, I pay authors out of my own pocket with my disability check. I started Lake Fossil Press to keep me sane. I started Broken Mindframe Books in 2007 to house my memoir. I am doing this submission call for Broken Mindframe Books’ first anthology. I am doing this anthology call as a gauntlet to the naysayers who say I can’t write, but homosexuals are not allowed. The house rules of Lake Fossil Press also apply for Broken Mindframe Books. I am going to have my anthology and magazine alumni give the anthology a title when I have the body of the anthology. Then will enlist an oil painter to do the cover for it. In the 9 years as a publisher, I refused to look at a homosexual submission — that is because of my convictions with my faith. There are people who want my blood for banning gay submissions, they are screaming “homophobic asshole” when they refer to me because I say no to them. Angry yaoi writers got pissed and got me thrown off Deviantart.com because I said in the comment homosexual writers need not apply.
      Kody Boye was the first writer who made the statement of me being “homophobic” on a message board. He almost fagged up Tabloid Purposes IV. When I saw his story in Dark Gothic Resurrected I Was thanking God above he wasn’t included because he broke a lot of my house rules when it comes to submissions. I get some complaints because the rules are strict. I want quality stories and have the writer do their best work with the guidelines given, being if they were up to the challenge of the submission call. This submission call for horror takes on creative nonfiction is an open challenge to the writers who claim I can’t write. They can’t capture the horror they do with fiction in the territory of creative nonfiction. “The Ward” is one that captures my psychological horror style from 2000 when I wrote Anathema plus the darkness I captured on 21 Days. If you are going to submit this is the following requirements.

  • 3000-6000 Words
  • Single space paragraphs, use the ruler to indent paragraphs. Don’t indent first paragraph. Book Antiqua, font 10 pt.
  • Send three attachments: .doc or .odt (Open Office Document Text) for the manuscript, .doc for third person bio, and .jpg for author photo (location portrait)
  • Submission e-mail address is nickolauspacione@aim.com subject line “Creative Nonfictional Horror”
  • Writers must use either their real names or a pen name that sounds like a real name
  • All writers will get a .pdf contributors copy of the anthology when it is finished.
  • Artwork submissions, artists will see the body of the anthology before they even start doing the artwork. When they see the anthology they have a full range of creativity to work with.
  • If you are associated with that jackhole “AngryInIllinois” putting your bylines on my titles with the bogus covers that are made public then you are not welcome to submit to this. “AngryInIllinois” does not own Lake Fossil Press, The Ethereal Gazette or Broken Mindframe Books. I don’t have a title for this anthology yet but when I get the submissions and the body of the anthology. I am going to send the body to some of the more trusted alumni on the roster to pick the title for it after they read the stories. I am going to be writing the introduction to this anthology when I get the body of the book. The deadline of the anthology is when filled. I am inviting fellow magazines and publication peers to submit to this. The peers of the publishing company will also be looking at the writers too to see who they want to take a look at for their respective publications.
          Include a website where your books are available, facebook fan page, or an e-mail address where readers can contact you directly. This is the first anthology I am editing using the laptop. I am currently editing a book written by an alumni of The Ethereal Gazette who started editing anthologies with Static Movement. I saw the attachment the book was originally done with so I am breaking the book up into segments for him to upload onto lulu.com. I am treating the book as I would when I did my own books and anthologies. This is the first book I edited for another author in nine years. The first book I edited for Lulu.com for another writer was my ex-girlfriend Serena Carrington. I edited the book using two word processors. I would edit the stories in word then paste them to Open Office then format the stories and do the typesetting on the title and bylines. Static Movement editors are invited to submit for this anthology if they want to give their anthologies more exposure, I am extending the invitation to the owner of Static Movement to submit to this anthology because she was a Tabloid Purposes 6 hopeful. I am planning to do some more sequels for Tabloid Purposes. I haven’t stopped with Tabloid Purposes, just the guidelines got too hard for the latter books. I am encouraging peers of Tabloid Purposes IV to submit to this one.