If you are going to be an asshole about my submission calls, do it on your own blog. I want to keep the comments open for those who are actually interested in submitting to the projects. As for the pen name I am making some progress as the project — I am writing out the main characters Christian testimony and that is going to be a huge part of the novella. Then it will have character narratives and the narrator interjecting. It is going to be a good sized novella. I am not at the liberty to give the title out of this at this time because I don’t want that asshole AngryInIllinois creating a fake cover and putting a fake name on the byline. I am doing the guidelines for the next few anthologies and privately giving them out to people via e-mail and social network messages. I have the e-mail address set up for the submissions for this anthology and I am very strict in what I am seeking for the guidelines here.
       I am addressing Colbert, Zombie Diva, Mike Brendan and the other assholes who snub on editor’s choice paying markets. That is how Kevin Lucia got his start. I am adopting the editor’s choice payment for the three anthologies I am putting out with my website, Lake Fossil Press and Broken Mindframe Books.