Creating Gothic Horror using Conservative ideals is not easy, especially when one of them is an anti-abortion tale. When I wrote I.O.W.A. in 2008 I was thinking how to do a Conservative horror story by studying what Lloyd Phillip Campbell did with The Thing At The Truck Stop a year before. I thought of having the ghosts being aborted fetuses and having the abortion doctor finding God then with the guilt he was haunted by he hangs himself in the abortion clinic’s office. Some people might find that a little controversial if they are reading it from a pro-choice point of view. I am pro-life because I was a teen pregnancy during the time of Roe Vs. Wade. I was wanting to do a story like this for a long time but found it too hard. I wanted to co-write a story with my mother where the fetus had powers like Carrie White in Stephen King’s Carrie.
     I.O.W.A. was almost lost in 2008 when my computer crashed, so I finished the story in 2009. I had a hard time finding a place that would be brave enough to run this story so I decided it would have a home in the 11th Issue of The Ethereal Gazette. I showed this story to Mike Ault when it was a work in progress and he said, “This reminds me of Edgar Allan Poe.” I was recycling an idea I had in 1997 where I drew an abortion tree. A tree with aborted babies hanging from the branches. I was thinking what if I was to write a story with this.