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Up Yours

This anthology will explore the darker side of genre fandom. IF you need help looking up ideas for this one, got to wikipedia.org and look up real person fandom as well as study the psychology of the fan fiction writing counterparts to us in the horror genre. There will be a team of five editors on this anthology where I am the executive producer of the project.

My second attempt to give More Frightening Than Fiction a proper sequel. This one has the test story written and will be the lead spot. This will be the first anthology I am editing where I will be the lead author. I am looking for very dark tinged Christian testimonies, true paranormal accounts, NDE’s, close calls with death, and hospital scares to begin with — I want the stories to have a horror voice to them, but written like a memoir. This book when finished will be a sister book to both my testimony and my memoir..
Untitled Horror Anthology

I am writing the test story as both my own name and as Lloyd Phillip Campbell. The submissions here require a little people watching on http://www.vampirefreaks.com for the characters. One detail I am going to add with this one, I will be playing Rod Serling’s role in introducing the stories. My anthologies Tabloid Purposes IV and A Library Of Unknown Horrors then Issue 10 will be available to writers interested in submitting but they are not allowed to pass the publications to anyone.

If you comment going on degrading me, insult my intelligence, calling me Nicky, and telling people not to submit to my anthologies I will remove your comment. Comment only if you are serious about wanting to submit to the anthologies. I have the right to remove comments with fake e-mail addresses.