I had a talk with some of the alumni about Melany and what she is attempting to do when she is wanting to be an author. Lifting the most celebrated titles of my catalog, how is she supposed to be taken seriously if she is going to accuse me of beating her when we were together. I never laid a single hand on her — she insulted the curator of the Poe Museum as he called me an updated version of Poe when he read my short story in the anthology. She doesn’t want our son going to Richmond when he turns 18 — in truth, she wants him to be a backward hick just like her. If she sees this article from 2011, from the Joliet branch of the Sun Times she would be a little pissed off. As she had no culture in her life, that was the reason I wanted to raise our son in Illinois. I wanted him to have the gift of culture as I had when I was a teenager. A doctor I saw in Iowa, for my physical health said I have a cultured accent.
      That is something Brian Keene’s catalog lacks — he writes fucking zombie novels. I am producing art with my style of horror where I use poetic interludes and character narratives to tell the story. As for the bullies who hide behind Christianity and insult my intelligence — I am far smarter than what you pass me off as and you contribute to the damn stigma of people who were in special education classes. When I talk my adoptive hometowm, I talk about the city where all my photography is taken — a good part of it, Joliet, Illinois. The birthplace of Lloyd Phillip Campbell and he grew up in Maywood, Illinois.