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Two artists came forward to wanting to illustrate the book, the third is going to be hand picked by me and I will be doing some of the illustration duties. The background of the body of the book is my illustration from 2000. I am finding artwork from the public domain for some parts of the book and taking pictures that were taken by the ex-room mate of me and pictures that were taken as I was going out to Scott Davidson’s birthday bash in 2011 as C. Pacione took the picture of me in the full denim and a leather blazer that my cousin loaned me as I was staying with them in their Ravenswood condo.
  &nsbsp;  I am sending parts of the book to the illustrators as I am looking for artwork that is a balance between Tourniquet and Cradle of Filth with the dark imagery of their music and lyrics portray. This is not going to be an easy project to pull off but I am going to introduce my name logo for this book in this post here so you get to see the ominous nature of the logo for the book. I am working on the title graphics right now as I am doing everything via HTML here. The hard part is getting all the artists in tune with what I am trying to accomplish with this masterpiece. The full length ties together Collectives, Collected, An Eye In Shadows, and Dirty Black Winter — then the anthologies will be tied together. It is the Nickolaus Pacione companion as written by Nickolaus Pacione himself. The book is 244 pages and will have a long time friend who knew the history of me from 2002-2013 do the introduction — as she followed my career in the underground, it will have insight from the memoir, the anthologies, and the collections. As for Melany, you know nothing about my friends in Chicago. Those of you who are going around stealing my catalog for your abominations, that is not the way to become a writer. If you are calling Flying Cigars gay — you haven’t read the story.