When I publish my anthologies, my solo titles or my magazine — I have method that I use and createspace.com this method doesn’t work. This method I use, it is designed for lulu.com and no matter how these authors say their createspace.com titles look cool — it is shit where they just employ one word process for everything. If you work with Lulu.com the thing is with them is they have a learning curve, when I started out — I just had one word processor. Smashwords.com, they are almost the same fucking way because they want you to upload your manuscript as a MS Word file. They don’t exactly honor the fonts that you installed on the word processor as you bring it to the print shop. If you are going to join Lulu.com, drop me an e-mail and I will walk you through the publishing process. I taught Donna how to use Open Office as she was trying to learn how to use this program at the time, I’ve been using it for a year at that point.
      Open Office is the most instrumental part of the process if you are going to work the guys at Lulu.com though I might not agree with one book they released, but over the nine years I’ve been with them and continue to work with them as both Lake Fossil Press and as Broken Mindframe Books. I am working on three sets of guidelines for the one sister anthology I am editing as I am taking different things but they all have one thing in common, they are creative nonfiction and the stories are going to dark as hell. Createspace.com — the layouts for some titles, they look like utter shit. The thing when I do titles with Lulu.com, I always make them look so damned cool. Tabloid Purposes IV when it first launched — I had a blacklight edition of the book, that was where the background pages are black and the text being light gray. I am going to say this of Lulu.com — if you are going to actually do anthologies or run a magazine, you can’t go wrong with them. Be sure though, that you actually have a paypal account to be paid. Colbert’s book looks like it never left the manuscript stage because it’s still fucking double spaced and not streamlined.