Going around pirating someone’s book and posting passages of the fucking thing when it is not quite ready to be published — it is extremely disrespectful. I am not going around posting passages of your books that are not ready to be published, so kindly quit acting like a prolapsed rectum and posting passages of a book that is waiting for the artwork and the introduction. I’ve seen people do this with GAME OVER and it is not fucking cool. Going around passing around someone’s barely finished title and threatening to have it pulled when it is published — I don’t go around getting books pulled unless someone wrote it hijacking my pen name.
      Going around saying that I was shoveling around Confessional to everyone, I am going refute that to the leftist feminazi that is K.H. Koehler, if it was coming from either Mancow Muller or Anne Coulter it might piss her off all the more. I was never a racist and threatening to e-mail my family — leave them out of this, I mention none of the by name except for my sister by first name only. Confessional is a subcultural version of The Way Things Ought To Be. I talk about how I first came open about being a Conservative, all the issues that Conservatives speak about like pro-life, touched home to me because I am a teen pregnancy. Those of you who are calling Confessional a gross display of libel — you can all go fuck a dog. It is something I needed to get out there so I can take my publishing and writing careers to another level. I talk about my first author vs. musician feud, that would be with Caustic. Where I went at it with Poppy Z. Brite, I’ve been a Neo-Conservative for about a year. Now here I am ten years a Republican and a Conservative. I was never politically correct so that pisses people off too — especially where my humor stems from the political incorrectness that I’ve been known for.