Disclaimer for Confessional is made public for those who want to see what I have to say to all those who responded with bruised egos. Those who are threatening to have the book pulled the moment it is published, there had been books like it in the passed and they remained. I am going to be in good company with all these challenged books. Some aspects of Confessional was paraphrased from my dialogs on facebook.com. When everything is put together it will make sense and everyone will get a bigger picture.
      If what I say really pisses you off, it means I actually cut to the heart with what I was saying. Even from my early years I’ve been know for telling the truth, no matter how much it would piss people off. If you are going to respond to Confessional ahem K.H. Koehler — just put together an anthology with all your friends in the business who want to string me up by the testicles and sell the fucking though with the prolapsed rectum called CreateSpace.com. I am sure you can get about 17 friends of yours who hate my guts, I can count on my fingers who want to crucify me in the small press. It is the same 15 people who were talking shit on the message board The Other Dark Place during the time I was writing An Eye In Shadows and getting Tabloid Purposes IV together. K.H. Koehler is the fucking thought police.
       If I was a racist, I wouldn’t have five African American contributors on the roster — my best friend is African-American. So I have a very strong ethnic base for friends because I was also friends with people who are Arabic as they are Saudi Arabian decent and a few who were from the Middle East region One of my early friends in the heavy metal circuit, she was from Tel Aviv. The industry is pissed, let them get pissed off. The child-fuckers don’t the actual truth told.