This is the truth of her being a fan fiction writer before she self-published her first book, and she was self-publishing all along though she had denied it. This backs up my argument too, K.H. Koehler on Nationmaster.com. She has a history of stalking real life friends of rival authors to get dirt about them, that is where I wrote in Confessional.

“Your work, your time, your potential money, is much too valuable to throw away because of a little ego-feeding from an Internet snake-oil salesman who wants to take from you without giving back”

I am going to give this site to Charlie to write in his introduction. K.H, Koehler — can you refute what Nationmaster.com says about you. This was my source for when I wrote the part in Confessional, the reason you went by K.H. Koehler is people wanted to lynch you for your bullying.
       Your fame is in your harassment. Can you back these claims up, this was based on my experience with your cuntface bullshit — those Wicca “Gods” can’t save you. Those child-fuckers who are saying I was the one who wrote that, I am going on the record and say I didn’t. The people who did this really did their homework because she was stalking my best friend from college on MySpace.com and a former friend — this is public record. She lied about me submitting to The Blackest Death because I wasn’t aware of either books existence until I became a publisher myself.