I consider what that little harpy whore Karen H. Koehler is attempting to do with Confessional and those who are pirating the book an act of Jihad. Those of you who are pirating my book, you are fucking Godless infidels. You by-blow whoresons still think I am not controversial — I have a little present for you little inbred aborted by-blows. That pdf is a stern warning — do not contact my family again you fucking unsportsmanlike pricks. What I actually wrote was not libel – it was based upon the broken record bullshit you inbred whoresons thrown at me, and what you bastards say of me is far more libelous than the hardcore insults I’ve thrown at you. Face it losers — I outclassed you there. I never lifted your pseudonyms doing mock interviews how you stole their fucking identity nor have I posted large passages of your previous unpublished work. What you assholes are doing by threatening to get this book pulled is an act of bullying in the highest regard. You assholes are equal to the pricks who went insane and shot up their high schools.

My response you fucking infidels