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beeratexit2011The things each of you say that Confessional is — calling it a lie and a work of fiction, but everything I said about the malicious factions were based upon their own words and some of the things I say. All I did was royally insulted you, and you assholes dish it out — but when one does it a more ruthless with it, the way I say it is a crushing blow. As you assholes libel me by saying I watch my kid sister bathe in the bathtub, in truth and Sherri Gambino made this conclusion. I would never do that. All the things you all say about me is badly researched yellow journalism who on the same level of that vile monster that had me writing the story, Media Darling. The things you bastards say of me — is far worst and damaging than what I said in Confessional, it is not libel — I just hurt your feelings in print. As I never laid a hand on Melany when we were together and that cuntwhore, Karen H. Koehler, had libeled me maliciously about me beating my son. All of you who accuse me of beating woman, are fucking worst than vile on par with with the bitch who was posing as a teenage boy and murdered a teenage girl by hiding behind a keyboard.
       What that vile harpy did — she really needs to be brought to the gallows as it would be a perfect day for a hanging. Confessional isn’t all about the industry if you assholes get the book pulled because you found what I said was unflattering, grow up because you are all public figures — and when public figures go at it, all bets are off. When someone decided to tell the actual truth and actually did their homework, you fucks call it libel because the way I implied it was really snarky –well that withered cunt, Crusty Rail, lies about me all the fucking time and ignored the newspaper that mattered. This book I document the hell of their own making — though my friends would sing of the fire and brimstone pit in the after forever, but the hell I write about is the hell one creates when they imply a stigma. As when they are the tormentors while they hide behind politeness to call someone a retard.
       When someone calls me retard, my blood boils and will prove them wrong. Never tell me that I “can’t” do something because I can and will pull it off. There are things in my publishing career where I still can’t believe it happened or got the dream contributor who had been nothing but cool to me. An informal professional — John Ramsey Campbell, you had insulted a contributor where John had made is story famous and a professional wrestler gave the face to this character. This contributor, you could learn a few thing about interacting with readers and be a little informal once in awhile. The formality, well — it makes me fucking uncomfortable. When I sometimes pick a roster, I sometimes think of them in a way where I would actually hang out with them and drink a beer with them or hang out at a diner at 2 in the morning.
&;nbsp;     Especially since one roster on the anthology, I had personally met before doing the project — and planned the project around a story I got published in the UK with. The project started as a just for fun project but it became something special to me — like the Hollyweird issue of my magazine. That issue to me, is special and might be the most important issue of my publishing career as it actually started in a way that was the roots of my first anthology. A bunch of friends getting together and doing an anthology. Two contributors as they were writers on the magazine, one of them used to be in my homeroom and the other was my first kiss. The latter was a challenge to keep it professional so I wouldn’t be having the old feelings I had for this one as we had dated from middle school into our junior year. I gained a reputation of publishing former classmates, as I really don’t mind because at the core we’re friends first there.
      The way I wrote Confessional is in a tone how I do this blog, meaning, it was like I was talking with my friends and we’re ribbing on each other. I actually rib on one of the Chimeraworld authors in a joke about when I was working at a 7-11 type place and was given my first fuckmag, I was having a little fun with this author as it reminded me a little of his humor. That is the reason why I challenged you tools to do an answer book to Confessional, choose your words wisely and do your actual research on me — meaning go as far back as 1997 as I had been harassed by stalkers and my e-mail been hacked where the monster wrote rape stories sending them to everyone in my address book. This pissed me off because a good number of my contacts, are female. I actually had a good female base growing up and had friends who were rather diverse with their racial backgrounds. So those of you who libel me with the fucking racist remark, I just refuted you there as I don’t care about the color of the skin or national origin of the writer — just as long the story is good.
       Those who were claiming I was twisting around your words on facebook.com and said I am a liar, my whole history online — I don’t lie about myself. I’ve been upfront about myself since year one I had emerged, I am exactly the way I am online as I am in real life so what I say here. I will actually say it in person and when I respond to sites like Encyclopedia Dramatica and people who did their research about me based upon that site–where I think that is where Ramsey Campbell did his research about me too. You bastards were wanting fame and immortality — well the fame I gave you bastards was reserved to David Boyer.
     Any reply that implies I am a retard, you will be removed and your e-mail address will be made public so people can put your address on a she-male hook-up site as your new wife is a fucking lady-boy. Because I came to accept the fact that people hate me for one reason or another, so if you want to attempt to kick my ass — step in line.