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I decided to post a new freebie, I did a 30,000 word write up for a project proposition for our classmate doing the Glenbard East High School Class Of 1994 20 year reunion — I gained a new reader in a former classmate and two haters. The one is addressed not by name in the narrative but in the graphic she is addressed with my rebuttal where I not only quote the philosopher who said “God is Dead” but pulled out a passage from The Message as she likes to throw scripture every other sentence.
    &nsbp;  I honestly think the woman who became the basis for The Christian Woman in my nightmare stories have a more realistic perspective on Christianity as she said that with her marriage it didn’t feel right in God’s eyes as she was sort of forced into the marriage — the faith based version of an Asian Indian Marriage as I actually called this. Marriages in India were not always about love, and it is usually an arranged marriage. I am inviting her to submit her testimony for this project I am trying to get off the ground. Now that Tabetah Jones bowed out — it is going to be done by a few us us where I am going to patch the stories into the project and found The Ward. I wrote up the GLS and actually writing up invitations privately to others who are interested in submitting. I am going to have my college best friend as part of this one which I think it is going to be cool as hell. The industry is going to see the Nick that Chicago sees with this one.