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I am surprised I actually found this and got some good feedback for it too. One of the people who gave me some really good feedback on this is a high school teacher from Libertyville, Illinois, and he was talking about a few of his own ghost stories when he read it. This is the first time my mother actually saw this one, and looking on and saying I think I got the idea for an anthology spanning across my whole high school district’s class of 1994. You are saying I am incoherent and didn’t pass 5th grade English, you idiots realize I did go to a community college and your nice little paper hanging on the wall for popular fiction writing doesn’t equal to squat unless you had experience in the field. The reason I can write fictional ghost stories in real haunted places is because of my hobby when I was 20 years of age, and those of you taking a ripe crap on my memoir — did you even buy the book and read it? Or did you decide to take a BM on the thing because it just belongs to me?
      Finding this story made me want to do an anthology I always wanted to do — a true paranormal account anthology. The true paranormal accounts played up quite candidly in the narrative and written in a way where it doesn’t sound pompous; or snobbish like Ramsey Campbell (yes Ramsey face it; you are a snob. Go drink your Earl Grey tea with your pinkie in the air. This project is for the generation of your kids as some of them happens to be in the age bracket of some of my guys on the roster. Something that they would enjoy — an anthology of true ghost stories written by people who could had gone to school with them. One of your kids could had been an underclassmen at East. Townies are welcome but please don’t sound like a damned townie with this. The thing with some classmates — the one who threw me out, it is a good chance he still lives with his parents.)
     I am not doing this one for the money, what makes me so dangerous in the industry is I am not in it for the money but it would be good to pay for my hotel or hostel for a week when I am on the road or pay for my CTA pass which it has a debit card like feature now. I am working on another submission call too which I really don’t care for the cash either, the reason you give me a load of crap on shocklines is because I do anthologies just for fun and like Jordan Bobe I also look out for the little guy. Also if a publisher treats their roster like crap, would one actually buy a copy of a DVD they are watching for their authors? The reason I lasted ten years so far is I treat authors like friends — as a few of them actually are longtime friends. This project I am doing — I am inviting the former classmates who stuck by me to actually encourage their friends from the other high schools within the district to also contribute to this. Those of you who are bragging to be my “betters” get on a site like WritersCafe.org and produce a freebie with a sample of you work so I can be the judge of this — as those of you act as I had only a fifth grade education. You are the ones who were on the five year plan. Saying I can’t write when I have been published quite a few times over; you broken records sound like douche nozzles. As for the pastor’s wife, she now has a tumblr.com account because I am a standup guy. I am trying to show the industry what Chicago sees, but the former classmates who are organizing the class reunion are pompous townies who walked the same five blocks their whole life.