I didn’t steal the lead story with Issue 12 as some of you losers who like to open old wounds for the accusations stealing manuscripts. I had to go back to my manuscript trading to get the stories for Issue 10 and Issue 12. I didn’t think I would get the permission to publish this, in face I thought it was impossible to get the reprint rights for this. Ray is very gracious and quite cool to let me do this, I was hoping he’d do the honors and illustrate his own story as some of my guys in the magazine can actually illustrate their own work. Ray wasn’t the only high profile author on the roster, I also got permission to republish Conjurella by T. Casey Brendan. I tried very hard to keep Ray Nelson’s appearance a surprise but I don’t know how the trolls found out so Issue 12 was time sensitive so when I got the roster — I was looking for an artist for the front cover artist and a friend in the industry who knew me since I first joined AuthorsDen.com actually nailed what I wanted with Welcome From Hollyweird. Hollywierd is mentioned in my memoir as I got the subtitle from An Eye In Shadows and Carol Sullivan had a horror short where she teamed up with my front cover designer on Colletives In A Forsaken Landscape. 2010 for the first time I released on a Holiday — as I always wanted to publish someone on their birthday and on a Holiday.
     Casey Gordan from Tabloid Purposes IV and my middle school sweetheart are the highest paid authors on the roster, the latter sadly wasn’t serious about her craft. Old Beatnik was happy with getting $30.00 for his story, being he’s the highest paid reprint — this is normally my editor’s choice payment. I lost Robert Essig because of the copyright theft accusation scandal. I just wish he stayed around for Hollyweird because I think it would been cool if he was able to join on as he had an opus, so Josh “J. Fraim” Fraim joined on in his place. What you bastards are saying of what I did of Issue 12 is quite hurtful because all of us within that issue had been friends for many years. The rest of Issue 12 was an ensemble and seeing my former classmates intermingling with my roster — when they did that, they fully accepted me too there as the roster is a part of my most interesting life and took me to places I didn’t think I would go. I will not support a piece of shit where someone did the book to smear me, so Christine Morgan, your kids are better off orphans than have a 40something who picks on the learning disabled and her current publisher is a fucking buddy system who was part of a hostile takeover of a publishing outfit where the owner is a friend from AuthorsDen.com who actually gave me a very funny review of The Cabbie Homicide which actually contributed to that story’s legend.