I wouldn’t go out of my way and getting authors in the hands of high profile friends in Chicago or correspondents when they go on the road. My records with the short story were with my old e-mail address on AOL but I wished I used the new private e-mail address that isn’t congested I don’t really appreciate you dicks trying to pass around a story that is copyrighted when did that 30,000 word write up and submission call. Some of you wouldn’t have the smarts how to do the fancy drop caps or other fun shit I know how to do with both word and open office, I choose to work with Lulu.com because my system is intricate in how I edit and arrange books, some of you wouldn’t know how to configure a TOC to make it look cool. My TOCs are some of the cooler looking in the small press as I have an attention to detail in formatting the Scott Colbert’s book likes like I wiped my ass with the pages and slapped a cover on the thing.
     You are talking to someone who proved they can get published with a single entry online journal in 2001-2006 when I was with the guys of Diary-X.com, I think it is quite cool they are back as codexed.com — hoping I could get with them and team up on an anthology featuring the writers who used diary-x the way I did, and made waves doing so. How dare you aborted wastes of worm shit accuse me of something that I would never do, that is something S.E. Cox would do when she was in the business except she was done as a publisher by age 27. As for Eric Enck, in my eyes asshole your career is done before it started as you treated your previous publishers like your toilet. Don’t badmouth your past publishers unless they were Createspace.com as all they did is change their fucking name — they are still the piece of shit that is booksurge or as I called them “Amazon.com Press” in a derogatory manner as I joined the guys of Lulu.com. Lulu.com allowed me to pull things off where bigger New York publishing houses are not that creative enough to do — in turn I chose to be independent of a major publisher though if they are willing to take on really heavy subject matter and have the balls to do it then allow me to work with lulu.com in cooperation with their publishing company, fine I will go with it.
     Some are saying books are dead in the print form, I disagree because I will publish in hardcover when doing a project. I actually want to do an anthology where it is a UK size and a hardcover in US size. I use UK sizes because of the way it prints and with the hand drawn artwork submitted when they use pencil or charcoal, it really pops. Accusations of stealing manuscripts almost ended my publishing career in 2010, as for Brian Keene and the assholes who vandalize the truth I told about getting permission for a story, asking for permission actually came as an afterthought — I didn’t think I would get the permission and I actually got his blessing on February/March 2010 meaning I took six months to edit Issue 12 and was working on Issue 11 at the same time. So you douche nozzles who are saying I was stealing manuscripts all over again, you bastards were stealing my manuscripts by leaking my books and stories that were not exactly ready or going on as my titles and characters to bully me on Lulu.com. I am not going on as your titles or stealing your pen names. Just shut up and let me do my anthologies because that is what keeps me sane, as some anthologies I edit — are sometimes just for fun like my first namesake originally was done for. I didn’t think it would end up being quite special to me years later, but this one is the only anthology where I had actually handwritten my synopsis out of frustration of mistyping the synopsis in a program that doesn’t have spell check. (FxFoto.com a program I employed to do my covers since 2005, being it responds to HTML commands so I can actually design a book cover as I was developing a website.)