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And Ramsey, the way we did this when I got permission was our e-mail correspondence was the contract to publish the story. I wish I cc’d it to one of my other inboxes but I still remember this quite well about how he gave me the greenlight to go for it. Emma, if you’re vowing to screw me over — go drink a pint of cyanide laced vodka and leave me the fuck alone you leftist bitch. If anyone who needs out of the business is a glass bottom boat like you. As for Ramsey Campbell, I am done with you for being in Christine Morgan’s piece of shit anthology — as we say in Glendale Heights, fuck yo mamma. You vertical smiles saying I stole his story, that is entirely bullshit and you are opening wounds that nearly ended my publishing career. You bastards are so fucking bent on ending someone’s career, end Mary Sangiovanni’s career and make her work on the street corner at the red light district where she can be a fucktoy for the next John looking to give her 20 dollars to dump a load in her as she gets a hot beef injection.
      If you bastards want to open up a can of worms, on my tumblr I opened a can of worms on Ramsey Cambpell. He might deny having a book on Lulu.com, but he needs to stop throwing stones in glass houses because I am two years older than his own kids here — what he said to me when I told him I was more talented than Poppy Z. Brite had his blood boiling then he praised an author that is deserving of poverty and be scorned for the rest of her days and even beyond the grave for it. The reason I got at Mary as hardcore as I do is because she degrades people who are learning disabled, the thing a lot of people hate doing when it comes to me is my work requires a ton of back reading. If people actually looked into the movies I reference in my stories and actually buy the movie — then I think it is bad ass because I am always in a movie theater when I am in the city. Emma, when I got that story for Issue 12 he had been more than cool to me so when you bastards are making these accusations of me — it’s disgusting because it is saying it of someone I greatly respect as an author and as a human being. You bastards like The Rusty Nail if you’re going to be glass bottom boats, go to video and say it you cowards.
      The direction An Eye In Shadows took when I wrote the book finally came when Donna was getting bullied and I was drawing the fire from my publishers at the time. Saying that Misty apologized for publishing Apt. #2W you assholes need to stop harassing every person who is willing to publish my work or spread lies about people I’ve published. Brian Keene, you are bragging how you ended my career as an author years ago — how? How did you end my career? I had my career in my own hands from the very beginning — no agents representing me or anyone managing me, I am my own manager and do my own bookings. Sometimes a bloodline relative or two comes on as guests with photography submissions and have a family dynamic like Donna did with her daughter when Naked Snake Press was in their prime. Tabloid Purposes IV was special because I saw a family dynamic, a writing team of two brothers — I actually thought that was really damn cool I got a submission like that. I don’t always get collaborations for my publications but issue one of my magazine I saw a collaboration. What is it worth to you Keene what I pay authors, I pay them out of my own pocket — saying I need to get a job in fast food, you’re the one who never attended college not me.
      As cool as it is seeing former classmates intermingling with my rosters and publishers, it’s also my nightmare when one becomes fast friends with my rivals in the business then vows to fuck me over like them. I hate to treat those people like them because I knew them for a long time and can be one of their worst nightmares doing it. I made a revelation to Sangiovanni that is going to scare her, and this will make people like her think twice when she talks down on people who were fatherless because her son had his father leave him too — what she says of me, she may as well had said that to her own kid.