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psychosmileIf someone was a con artist would one be trying to get the publication in the hands of their high profile friends, Brian Keene takes a shit on your face on every whim. I am not a fucking con artist you glass bottom boat. I am not going to approve your comments if you’re going around acting like a prolapsed rectum. Keene, just because I refuse to kiss your puckerhole, that doesn’t give you the reason to try to make an attempt to end someone’s publishing career because that makes you look like a cocksucker in my eyes. You’re a billy no-mates.
     Saying I am fucking con man — If I was a con man, I wouldn’t be going the extra mile to promote them or get them in the hands of high profile readers. And Ramsey Campbell, what would you say if your kids walked in the house with Tabloid Purposes 3 or An Eye In Shadows knowing you support an author who said something that could be said to her own son because he is fatherless? You’re nothing bot a codger, if you know what that means you can insult me with every fucking slur you can throw at an Italian because I heard them all. I am not exactly a Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey, and I have called my imprint Angry Guinea Books as I was making fun of myself a little bit there as I am an angry guinea.
     I guess Ramsey Campbell zeroed in on me because some wop kid from Glendale Heights, Illinois, insulted Poppy Z. Brite using a very ghoulish storm humored joke at her expense. Get the fuck over it you damned codger and I don’t appreciate you assholes trying to cock-up my career as an author either as you bastards are going the indie routes yourselves and publishing with a prolapsed rectum like createspace.com so you can make fun of lulu.com. If you bastards knew what I am capable of doing on a word processor like Open Office, as an editor and a writer. I want to see you assholes go through lulu.com and publish an anthology using all the tools I use on a meager budget. I don’t have the lavish budgets that New York has but I can produce something looking so much cooler than new york. AngryinIllinois, making fun of my write up. I doubt you know how to drop text and do a few fancy things with the layouts as well as typesetting and editing. Mike Brendan you cock, let’s see you edit an anthology using Open Office, Atlantis Ocean Mind, Word and AbiWord — one word processor doesn’t fit all.
     I don’t appreciate some munter like Emma going around raping my little business and maliciously reviewing my memoir without reading the thing like a “c” put two letters between a “t” and sounds like hunt. Both you and Sangiovanni both act like you are constantly on the rag; you degrading how I do things because the way I do the is driven by my integrity and sticking to my principles meaning not allowing certain things because it’s not cool, but taking personal responsibility. Brian Keene is nothing but a wigger in my eyes who actually copied me with the heavy metal shirt in a promotional photo because I actually did this first in the summer of 2003 and been photographed with a sweatshirt from local heavy metal band on a number of occasions then always photographed with an Iced Earth shirt. I have had the “garlic eating wop” thrown at me in high school by some prick wearing an IOU sweatshirt and Z-Caverici’s. I am guessing Mary Sangiovanni might had a few of those goddamned I.O.U. sweatshirts in school — I got made fun of by people like that because I wore Levis and cheap skater shoes or $40 Converse (personally I miss having a pair of Leather Cons,) but you prolapsed rectums pick on every little thing I do like assholes. Hiding behind formality doing to it too and makes me sick. You call me out of name as in calling me “Nicky” I am not going to approve your comment you fucking cubicle snob.