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I am waiting on a new camera and waiting until I go to Chicago again and I refuse to use a web came like a lot of other people (ahem Pugmire here,) but I like to have fun with vlogging by actually taking people with me to the places I eat and hang out at in the city that will allow video cameras. Icon Pictures is one place I don’t videotape or do vlogs at because it’s a movie theater and refuse to do so because I don’t want to be accused of pirating the latest release. The policy I have with guest vlogs is don’t do the thing from home and actually use a video camera along with movie maker — go on location to a diner or a dive bar, show me where you hang out at and show me your world. You all have a 25 minute limit with the video camera, sometimes I would vlog from home but I refuse to do it right infront of the laptop because it’s fucking lazy. This is an old video from 2 years ago — the story is on the other computer, but you think I am incoherent. I am just unscripted when I go on video, this is kind of the example of what I looking for vlogs. This actually thanx the lead author, and joking of drinking a lot of coffee taking about Revisiting The Loss Of Blood and this became the roots of the boogeyman that is my nightmares of writing String of Nerves. I speak about how Derleth and Mercer taught me how to be a magazine publisher and been a publisher at the time I did this video was seven years and now going on ten years.