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“Everyone will hate you because you are committed to me. But the person who endures to the end will be saved. “When you see the disgusting thing that will cause destruction standing where it should not (let the reader take note), those of you in Judea should flee to the mountains. Those who are on the roof should not come down to get anything out of their houses.”

— Mark 13:13-15 (NOG Bible)

publications_era2006-2007The thing about Brian Keene saying my anthologies are not in the museum is poor research on his part as well as the faceless harlot named Stinky Cat who is vandalizing my page on shelfari.com. Saying I stole Ray Nelson’s story when I bought the thing for $30.00 — Ramsey Campbell is also guilty of bad research too here as he decided to zero in on me because he figured out I was the author who told Poppy Z. Brite off. I will not let people blackball me by doing bad research and using the bad research to smear and bully me out of the publishing business, this almost happened in 2010 with S.E. Cox and you pricks are pulling out the can of worms again ahem @thesilentorder I am addressing here when I write this. Calling me a heavy metal groupie when you bastards are hardly a band. You’re Local H wannabes. I am challenging the bastards who are saying I am not a writer who are born between 1973-1979 to put their money where their mouth is and submit a story for my project as the readheaded landwhale had posted my submission guidelines without my consent and permission, don’t they realize there is a copyrighted story in that thing.
       You bastards have 2400-8800 words to play with here and OpenOffice.org to use for this — you assholes shoving Shrunk and Whites down my throat and flooding my comments like a fucking broken record. Put your money where your mouth is and show me what you can do. My e-mail is nickolauspacione@aim.com or illinoishorrorman@gmx.com, if you’re going to be bastards — if you claim you can write better than me, show me you can and I will be the one to decide or not if you’re good or if you suck. Roger Martinez of Vengeance Rising was too limited as a screenwriter to do maximum results as an author, he had no practice writing short stories. The difference between me and Brian Keene is I am actually a short story writer and this is something I try to get into more markets doing and some giving me crap for being a dark dealer. Some of you don’t realize I can actually illustrate my own work occasionally and able to combine my photography talents with this as well — as for horrorezine.com, she needs to quit ripping off history for subject matter. Where she says I should give up publishing, she needs to give up writing all together for screwing her old publishers over. I am not you fucking toy to destroy as my career is not something for you to play God with — as one heavy metal from Joliet sang, I will break free of the bad research and everyone’s lies especially “StinkyCat” who uses her bad research as a way to fuck me over and a plagiarist like Robert Baupader who puts his fucking byline on my work — calling himself a Christian doing this, that’s fucking disgusting when Christians are willing to plagiarize.
       I don’t appreciate the accusations of stealing four years later and I dare you bastards to make the accusations on video like that faggot A.R. Braun who said The Ethereal Gazette was fake, and was too greedy when he wanted more than my editor’s choice. He started a fight with me on youtube.com when he was called out — well I am calling him a cunt and a poser as he doesn’t have the intelligence to realize he had a chance of a lifetime to be in a TOC that might not had happened again. SomethingAwful.com use bad research to bully people and people with “fan” sites where they call Ray Garton or Brian Keene my “roster” I will never publish Keene if someone paid me to publish him — Sangiovanni will never see publication if she submitted to me because her attitude kills the deal. She’s too much of a fucking snob — I have no tolerance for snobs and I kick the shit out of males who are snobs. If you want the source about the person, go right to the person who is the source — the actual person. Journalists are responsible for their words, Brian Keene and StinkyCat are not.
       Editor's Lounge Photo From 2008Some people need to realize that bad research is as bad as yellow journalism and just as damaging as libel. Where some of you are lying and passing it off as true — people had died because of that. Christine Morgan editor of that piece of shit on smashwords.com is a Myspace Mom waiting to happen. She encouraged her kids to hate someone with a disability — they’re better off orphans if she is encouraging them to do that. I gave voice to Bullycide and didn’t realize I actually did when writing Media Darling in the pages of Emanations. All of you who are doing the vandalizing of my pages if you’re going to be a dick do it on your own wordpress blogs and use your real names and show your actual face.
        My career is not your fucking toy to play with; and the argument that I don’t have a career to fuck with doesn’t fly here because you assholes pretend it doesn’t exist. Mike Brendan pretends to be an author because he’s got one fucking credit to his name, whoopeefuckingdoo. Bad research and copyright violations should be off the fucking table to bully someone, as Mike Brendan’s weapon of bullying is discrediting. I am giving him a chance to put his money where his mouth is and show me he is the real deal — when I did creative nonfiction, I was showing that I am the real deal when I write dark subject matter. Brian Keene practices psychological manipulation by doing his fake interview with H.P. Lovecraft with me — he can fuck himself with that one and fuck his mother some more in the process.
       Kevin Lucia and Gabrielle S. Faust doesn’t understand my love/hate relationship with the industry because they are relative newcomers here but I invite Gabrielle S. Faust to read An Eye In Shadows (those of you who sat down and said it was a bitchfest, you really didn’t read the book or took the time and bought thing. Dan Mowwrer never really accepted my friends during the Tabloid Purposes 3 era, and friends who emerged during the era of the stories within Dirty Black Winter as I wrote about 1996 and 1997 are intermingling with my current era friends. I find that pretty damn cool they are doing this. As well as 1994 era friends intermingling with the Ghosts In The Tornado and Pattern of Diagnosis era; along with them intermingling with my correspondents — that has to be the coolest thing to see.)
       I knew when I took controversial stands I will make enemies in this business, when you have enemies it means you spoke up for something unpopular and what I write in horror is an unpopular message and some of the subject matter I chose will make Christians crawl under their skin because I am addressing bullying and mental illness. I might piss off mainstream Christians because I do use strong language and not afraid to swear at a pastor’s wife if frustrated with pragmatic legalism, shoving zealots who never picked up a book outside of the Bible to read as in actual literature like Charles Dickens or Ray Bradbury. If you also want to talk about faith with me, be prepared to talk about actual literature and movies too because I love going to the movies and will share public domain horror movies on tumblr.com or short films made off famous works. I shared an audio book on youtube.com of Call of the Cthulhu. If you are going to be a Christian and pursue being an author, read everything you can — actual literature too. You may realize you might have a favorite classic author that you will find, Cyber:Terror:Machine, in Tabloid Purposes: Book Five has a quote from Jules Verne in there and this is my science fiction influences. If you want to check out Edgar Allan Poe and others like Jules Verne, visit a site like Gutenburg.org, and take a look around — as for Jason Hink saying I thought my science fiction influence’s short story was in public domain; getting permission to publish this story. I hardly believe it myself that I actually got the green light to do it.
       I also don’t appreciate you bastards insulting my mentors either as I learned how to be a publisher from them; S.E. Cox wasn’t humble enough to ask people to teach her how to use Lulu.com and screwed people out of a staff to design her books and they look half ass as well looking like something I used to wipe myself with then slapped a fucking cover on it (ahem Scott Colbert I presume. Learn how to use Open Source programs and a pdf blender then attempt to do a book on createspace.com if you don’t know how to do a fucking wraparound work with who I work with. I use methods that are designed for publishing with Lulu.com and publish in hardcover format. His book looks like it never left the manuscript stage — one word processor doesn’t fit all. Mary Sangiovanni and Brian Keene both vehemently went against self-publication early in their careers are now casting stones in glass houses because I’ve been independent since the beginning because I wanted full creative control and can do what a staff of eight can do with a few programs in my possession. StinkyCat saying my layouts suck — the brown mark doesn’t know anything about desktop publishing.) Everything I learned as a book designer is self-taught as when I learned how to develop websites, the program I use for designing covers is photo collage program and now can design covers in Open Office to make them even more slick. Especially since I use Paperport to do this. PaperPort had been a constant tool in my repertoire since my early web site design days to convert to .jpgs to upload to the web. I use codexed.com for a single entry journal is I can design and develop this with raw html in parts. I still know how how to do websites with raw HTML.
       The reason my AuthorsDen.com site is remembered all these years is because I knew how do do hard coding and actually sneaked in a lot of raw HTML to their templates to make my site on Den become my second official website when my domain expired it became my official website along with my lulu.com hub. I am critical of authors who just employ wordpress.com because it doesn’t make it easy for freebie works to be showcased — i am used to having a page by itself for freebies and that was why I am drawn to places like codexed.com. Someone noticed this from 2000-2003 as I got discovered when my narratives were hitting the 2900 word range more often; just recently I found something I wrote when I was 23 years old — the first time hitting 2900 words. When one is a web developer and web master by trade and crossing over into publishing, you’re going to bring in traits knowing how to do certain things as a web master being able to carry over the DIY aspect. As my family always did things themselves as teaching themselves how to do things, writing horror — Shrunk and White’s doesn’t teach you a damned thing about that. You want to learn how to write horror it’s Dance Macabre by Stephen King. My five year memoir plays up like The Chocolate War and Dance Macabre. So if you bastards are going to do anything like write my biography on a website — do your actual fucking research damn it, don’t be like this asshole who steals my photos and tries to act dumb when I call them out. Someone like that is not a fan, when I did the photo with Tabloid Purposes doing a highway salute, and sticking out my tongue — I was screwing around. Some of you saying I need my washed out with soap for dropping “fuck” well you degenerates might understand that word a little better, especially when you use bad research to bully me.