Open Office actually looks up slang terms and offensive words in the thesaurus as well as wanting to sound like a religious fanatic. In other words if you want to write like something where you’re going to unleash your inner asshole, it’s a perfect program to unleash your inner prick. Get out of the fucking stone ages and break free of the suits that are Microsoft and Createspace.com — Lulu.com told us to get Open Office for the best results on our projects. I’ve been using them my whole career as a magazine and learning new design tricks with them as I wrote my five year memoir with them and have Atlantis Ocean Mind for the TOC templates. I think you bastards who work with Createspace.com and hire someone to format your books for you are too dumb to learn how to do it yourself — I can do what a team of four can do just with Open Office and Lulu.com combined. Open Office is the secret of my lethality as a publisher and the willing to learn tricks from other publishers how to do it — now I am teaching other publishers and authors how to use Open Office if they agree to join Lulu.com, I sell templates for a TOC and they custom TOCs for just $10.00 — I design other books for people at the rate of $65-$90 if they agree to work with Lulu.com and get Open Office. When they pay me to design the book, I will also teach them how to do it too. My company is a junior college for other writers who want to go onto become publishers in their own right. As some of the alumni also became editors in their own right; I also study other titles published with Lulu.com wondering how they did it — and seeing if I can make them look a little cooler with my own titles. Saying I am not competent, studying other books seeing how it’s done then applying some of the techniques to my own efforts and make them look really slick in the process on some titles. Issue 5 of my magazine is distinct because I used a typewriter font with the magazine. The cover is quite minimalist in the way I did it. Issue 6 was the model for future issues as the title on the magazine are not alike as no Pacione story is alike from each other or no Tabloid Purposes are alike. I can do some cool and fancy shit with doing a literary journal then publish in an unusual size for an American publication meaning I use a UK trade paperback size because the high resolution visuals will pop on the publication in print.