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fuckyouzealotbastardI am not at the liberty to speak of this 2014 story I am working on here but it is in response of a zealot saying I will never write a dark story again, and I am revisiting the place I went to since I was 18-20 years old when I was working at Remcor. I figured I would have a little fun with this guy in the process as he will not be willing to talk literature. Those of you who go posting my work without permission, saying it is under “fair use” — no fair use is actually used for a presentation when you find a video and do a detailed rebuttal to someone who says you will never write a dark tale again. Also for those who are assuming that they are my “fans” I will say something here, they will never call me “Nicky” or call Trouble a “glam metal” band when they are doom metal.
      Someone like that can’t tell Glam, Thrash or doom metal apart well the latter two are fusing here in Chicago and the UK. I will never own a single glam metal album in my collection, and mocked hair metal types when I was in school. I mocked their materialistic nature. Also those of you say I was lying about going to the Edgar Allan Poe Museum and my books not being there then claiming I forced mine upon him — in truth I do everything as an afterthought, as when I asked Ray Nelson to join me with Issue 12, so I don’t appreciate Brian Keene creating a fake account impersonating him and going on as GameOverPacione with twitter as I do find acts like that disgusting because I refuse to impersonate people or do really disgusting things to their pictures (ahem the cunts drawing eyeballs on my covers.)
      Also throwing the “St. Joe’s” crap — or saying I will never leave my families home, well I am just biding my time for my next public appearance. The Poe Museum appearance was a surprise and only the curator knew I was coming but I didn’t know exactly when I was going to go but finally went in October of 2012 on the anniversary. I wanted a friend from school to bring a camera with her to video tape because I wanted a person from the hometown see me do this as I got the first namesake in the public library in Roselle too, which is pretty damn cool they did this. So writing the story I am writing set in Carol Stream, Illinois, I am giving a glimpse at my stomping grounds from age 18-20 years old. Those of you who say I am without the career to begin with, I am not the one jacking off to pictures of Mary Sangiovanni posing naked in a seedy hotel room.
      You’re sources are a little one sided here and I don’t lie about slipping my books in the hands of heavy metal bands because I don’t do this forcefully, I casually give it to them during their meet and greets. Or when I host a show and sign books I do it during the meet and greet if I have the right venue. When I thought if introducing Issue 12 and my Darkened Horizons: Issue 3 TOC mates — it would be cool to do it as a birthday present to a friend in the scene here in Chicago, so Gabrielle S. Faust, I didn’t have to do that and you still think I am mean. I am showing you what Chicago sees when they see me, not as a joke but someone who is rather selfless and looks out for their cousins. This project I am working on I am hoping to see a best friend and family dynamic as IV had something written by two brothers. Faust I am not going to explode at you because we do have too many friends in common, three I know in real life and been friends with for a decade. Also I am giving you an open invitation to give me an in depth interview meaning I am granting you a 20 page interview with me on your magazine if you’re up to it — still think I am an asshole?
      I am selective who I give interviews to because of the bullies and hate when they come in unprepared to interview me — the small town paper in 2011 didn’t read a single page of the anthology and just quoted what I said, and the Joliet paper was in depth but didn’t realize I was writing much longer than college. The classes I withdrew from were Speech and Math (Speech was always my worst subject. Math in high school was my best subject, college they had me doing calculus equations and I suck at equations.) The reason I got a C in Philosophy is because I missed two classes because of my health, if I didn’t miss those classes I would had gotten an A in the class. Addressing a prolapsed rectum and a mallcore pussy like Drew of The Silent Order here — I have written Collectives In A Forsaken Landscape in a program called Yeah Write, a journal program where I did everything in the first book as a journal you have to read the stories like a journal as it was nothing like the shit on LiveJournal.com as that place cheapens a writer.
      Places like Diary-X and Codexed.com is where you can get noticed or discovered if you have the right vehicle and venue to time it. The place appealed to me because I can do the raw HTML to present the place as it was like during the days when they were Diary-X.com — seeing them back in business was like seeing an old friend, knowing they were the team that Diary-X was returning in 2011 felt right to me and introducing Dead Child’s Prayer and 21 Days which are the two that are creating the buzz and found an old article I wrote and made that live on AuthorsDen.com. The new story is 9,500 words and my invitation to my hometown to take part in this project I am executive producing. As for that amoral bitch Christine Morgan, saying I can’t write — I invited my enemies because I want them to put their money where their mouth is. Seeing stories by two publishers who became friends over the controversy two authors they had in common causing a lot of drama and costing one their anthology. Authors who do this and their current publisher is rotting in the ground, their career needs to rot with them.
      Those of you who think I can’t write and born between 1973-1979, the invitation to my friends is there for the enemies too as long you don’t call me a fucking snail oil salesman or accuse me of beating my kid and ex-fiancee. Koehler you are not invited as you threatened my career on a number of occasions, but those little faggots who called me a fan fiction writer — you’re going up against my creative nonfiction and you can’t come up with anything serious if you had a gun pointing to your head. S.D. Hintz got the Tabloid Purpose wrong he wanted to submit to when 3 was published and I was planning Tabloid Purposes IV. Whoever says someone should give up publishing, they need to give up everything connected to the industry all together and get out of the entertainment industry.
      This project I am trying to see if I can produce something that is really diverse in terms of literature meaning not just horror will be the forefront here but something that showcases writers outside of the horror and genre fiction landscape but features writers who were teens during the era of An Eye In Shadows meaning they could easy had gone to school with me in middle school or high school. Saying I am not your peer, think about what you are saying and look in the mirror saying it — especially when you look at our birth year or era we went to high school. Meaning I could had very easy had gone to school with you as well as could had easy gone to school with one of Ramsey Campbell’s oldest son. So those of you who want to join this invitation they are welcome, but call me out of name like calling me “Nicky” or “Retard,” consider that the deal breaker.
      I stop trusting you end of story, looking at me like I can’t be trusted — well you’re talking to someone who is a former Boy Scout and everything I do is on my honor. Some of you don’t realize I am more formidable than some of you think I am and will not let anyone tell me otherwise meaning I am not afraid to engage in a shoving match, and when you call me a retard or insult my intelligence you are going to look for a shoving match. In other words, I might have taken a hit in 2010 but don’t count me out as a writer by pirating my books or violating my copyrights saying it is in “public domain” or “creative commons” — whoever did the “creative commons” bullshit I want to kick them in the balls for doing it. As for Drew of The Silent Order — I heard your music and personally want to throw it under a steam roller, whoever coined you heavy metal was smoking too much crank.