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If you take a shit on my name and my career with your “fan” page and deface my covers with googley -eyes. The namesake’s first cover is the third time I got fan art and this was a cool one too — so you little bastards who are going around doing that photoshop bullshit getting your source material and research from Encyclopedia Dramatica for me you are not fans. Brian Keene gets his source material from that site and then brag about pirating my work. Keene it is not about book sales anymore because you insulted my integrity and intelligence as well with your fucking accusation, an accusation almost ending Lake Fossil Press four years ago. I am not putting my name on titles you written or stealing titles out from under you just to bully you, you have no integrity and if Anthrax caught wind of what you are doing — they’d throw you book in the garbage because they don’t like the fact the fact someone is pushing someone around. I will make under 6800 word stories free, the one story is not a free preview because of the presentation — unlike that Bog Irish ex-patriot whose fanbase are whoever thinks the good heavy metal is sold at Hot Topic, and most or his clothing are I.O.U. sweatshirts left in the resale shops from those who were ashamed to have them. That’s it they’er pissed at this one and want throw stones at the long hair greaseball.
       You’re an ugly waste of clay in my eyes and I vow to ruin your career for good and destroy your legacy after your dead — meaning I am going to ruin your life and death. As the same goes with Mary Sangiovanni (puttana) here too for her infamous “Decades of therapy” comment. You not the voice of the majority but a fucking minority — it is not like I called Mary a really offensive Irish word. I almost called this to Kealan Patrick Burke when he snubbed me off because he called me a retard without saying it — Burke and I have too many real life friends in common to be enemies because if I used a real offensive slur. My real life friends would be angry about it — I’ve designing my own titles for nine years. Calling my cover art “stock” when it came from my own viewfinder. The camera I used for three of my videos didn’t have a microphone on it. I could very easy pirate out Kealan Patrick’s “You In?” or “Cobwebs” but I won’t because I would be stooping to Brian Keene’s level — I will let people spend the money on his story. Brian Keene will put his name on my titles as he pirates the fucking thing as Amy Grech is egging him on. Grech — that 31,000 word .pdf I wrote was none of your fucking business. You take a swipe at my mental illness, I have no problem calling you a plagiarist over that one.
      I am tired of you bastards ramming planes into my career and S.E. Cox rammed a plane into my company in 2010 — around the the when ralan stopped listing my magazine. Gayest Uncommon Denominator pirated Blood Contender and called my magazine a ripoff of theirs — GUD is a fucking ghost town and my website is active in new forms now meaning I splintered Writings From The Grave into my Den site, Wattpad, Smashwords.com, tumblr.com, codexed.com, and Lulu.com — meaning Writings From The Grave became a new entity then when I relaunch it’s main site, it will be entirely HTML based. Not this wordpress.com shit writers use for their official website. The way I design a cover is like I develop websites as the program response to raw HTML coding and I like using codexed.com because it uses raw HTML coding and I took my blurty.com skeleton to tweak it up for Codexed.com. Welcome back guys — I wish I joined in 2008 because I didn’t know you guys were the diary-x crew, feels good to reunite with an old friend as them because they helped me prove that one can get published from having a single entry journal. My nightmares are often the writing sample for magazines can check me out before I submit to them — I try to keep them between 2100-6600 words at most for freebies, the 8000-13,000 range will be smashwords.com exclusives if they are too weird for a publication. The reason I made the one short story available for free is because I was happy it returned in the hands of the rightful owner. My greatest weapon in my arsenal as a publisher against my rival publishers — I will outlast them, meaning they are dead and I still remain pissing on their graves.
      You are saying I have a career because you allow me to have the illusion of having one. Why don’t you grow some balls and go to video and say that. The computer I have now will not honor my memory cards so I can’t use my video camera here and when I go to video — I will do it when I go to the city and have friends who will let me borrow their movie maker program so it doesn’t look like someone jumping on a damn webcam or their smart phone camera to take a picture behind their drivers side seat. That’s a fucking trend that pisses me off like people wearing an I.O.U. sweatshirts or those who try to indie after they were snubbing on indies from the beginning — as in they are hypocrites who took a crap on self-publishing when they were with Leisure Publishing (the cocksuckers know who they are here. Don’t shit where you eat.) This project I am doing as an executive producer where I am looking for editors born 1970-1972 as the writers would fall in the era of An Eye In Shadows and Wandering In Darkness.
      I played the memoir up like Mellick as a sign of respect and my former classmate is doing a book on him, I am asking him to let me mention the moment called “Blood and Anal Butter” — Mellick would know this one because of his really gross anal butter comment and I still laugh ab out this because it reminds me of the stunts I pulled in my twenties when I got into flamewars. The blog replaced the chatroom for flamewars here, but if you’re going around doctoring my pictures and defacing artwork stop calling yourself a fan and if don’t know the meaning why I called my fanbase the collective in 2004. It’s not because of Star Trek: The Next Generation either, it goes back to a novel I read in high school by Ayn Rand called Anthem as Cyber:Terror:Machine had traits of Anthem as I sometimes will say of what I write is a sin to write them. We were the twenty somethings Richard Matheson wrote about in Dance of the Dead, we were the generation that Ultimate World wrote about as being the future world leaders. This generation — Generation X in the literature front, is the most fucking divided of the generation. It is very like in my book, An Eye In Shadows, meaning they have their fucking cliques and take a shit on me and treat me like I was never in the mainstream. Bullying me almost as much as I was in the DLP classes — I do want to publish other authors who emerged from special education classes too here as they might say we have broken chromosomes here.
      Look Mike, you’re contributing to the stigma too by insulting my intelligence because everything I did since 1997 is self-taught — I taught myself with Open Office how to do things to give the dog-eat-dog traditional publishing world in New York City a run for its money. The publishing is a privilege tie is dead though my cousin claims books are dead too, well lulu.com and I are proudly producing books that look really fucking cool. This project is putting my desktop publishing background in full display. I want to project all our fan bases want — they want to see a project where all of us are sharing a TOC together. Where no one is a star overall but an ensemble line up featuring writers across the board from different territories as short story writers. Everyone seems to be on the novel bandwagon when it comes to writers, no one is getting noticed as a short story writer these days. Doing short stories is my territory My mentality is not stuck in high school — it’s stuck in junior college, Brendan you don’t understand why I withdrew from Speech and you’re going around digging up dirt on me.
      Calling yourself a “better” — prove it then without shoving Shrunk and White down my fucking gullet, put a story up for this project and submit the fucking thing to let me decide if you are good or you suck. Are you wiling to go the distance with me here? My e-mail address is here nickolauspacione@aim.com and this is not a Lake Fossil Press anthology or with my other imprint but the imprint is volunteer owned, peer edited and peer published — it’s a vehicle they are running under my supervision as I am teaching them how to do it. Where they were high school newspaper editors or worked on the yearbook; giving them my knowledge and abilities as a ten year running publisher turning 38 years old. I almost became a publisher in 2002 but all my toys I use to publish were not realized yet so I couldn’t do this to the ability I do this now.
      If someone shows up at a signing I am doing with a Mary Sangiovanni title — I will introduce it to my friend, Mr. Zippo, and do it in a way where her son will be watching too because I am doing it for everyone who is fatherless. I refuse to support an author who degrades the learning disabled and the mentally ill — and blasted a governor who speaks up for the Conservative standard, meaning if her governor ran for President. Richard Christy will have my vote because he is a Conservative who speaks up for the everyman — Sangiovanni represents a moment of history where I am ashamed of my motherland a little bit but I am looking to publish this project in Italian and English. Sangiovanni represents that fascist tie — if you have a story going into a magazine, I will simul-release in this project. Have the magazine e-mail me and we will work on a way to jointly promote it. This hasn’t been done in the small press in quite some time, but I want to do this for another writer if they have a story that’s going in an online magazine — use that for the preview to promote this project.
      In other words, if you are a part of this generation — don’t count me out and exclude me or cheat me out of legit fan base in the new decade. Those of you who use The Collective as my fans names and not knowing why I call my fans The Collective, it is not because of The Borg on Star Trek because it came from something much older. The story I am writing as some now know. I have to recommend those to read God: The Invisible King by H.G. Wells so you all so I am not going completely over your heads because it’s a complex novella so far. Alex Rivera saw this novella and called it atmospheric and this is my most atmospheric in the tone here. This story is not for the simpleton aka my ex-fiancee I am writing of here and Dan Mowrer became a new character as I introduced a cast of new characters with this here — none of the rival authors are mentioned here, as for the ones claiming I sang glam metal I don’t own a single glam metal album in my collection. This new one like Lovecraft before me, every literary influence came to together with this as this is my first meta-fictional opus. Kealan Patrick Burke’s fans are little wigger bastards who listen to Limp Bizkit — my fans on the other hand introduce me to heavy metal from around the world. I turned my contributors onto the Chicago scene. We call Fred Durst in Chicago, “Lemon Nuts” because someone pelted a lemon at his nuts at 100 mph thinking it was done by a Chicago White Sox pitcher — someone invite Durst so a first pitch so we can repeat the 2003 pelting of him with lemons.