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I am writing this to address @cmpriest and the faux journalist behind that blog.Those of you dicks who are saying who is my roster, they are not my roster because I heard from one of them and they e-mailed me. The other one I did a writeup for on AuthorsDen.com that’s 3500 words speaking more about the first namesake and second namesake. Ramsey, I am not going to ask you to keep my e-mails to you off the record and making them public — I am telling you if I am going to make those public, I will do it myself. Lewis Unknown is plagiarizing my work and stealing my concepts for stories then trying to disassociate them with my titles. Ray Garton is too much of a fat fuck and an asshole to be part of my imprint because I have no room for assholes or people who steal my titles — as in people who go plagiarizing my work that is not yet published or released or swiping my titles as a form of bullying. So Ramsey — all your friends said I sassed you before, when I didn’t yet. Now I did so feck you arsehole. My story, The Ward is something that will play off the controversy one of my contempories caused with her infamous statement, and those who want to be published and not take it for granted. I have room for those have large egos here; I hate large egos here because I never had the ego growing up.
     I have several projects in development as an editor for 2014 here and some going into 2015 here — but this would be an indepth version of my submission guidelines. I am looking for guys who are more worthy of that readership than Mary Sangiovanni or Kealan Patrick Burke, leaving behind the small town mentalities or from the small town who wants to be read in city based publications. My novella, Stygian Dealer is done and it doesn’t have anything to do with unicorns here so whoever is putting that fucking cover with a cat with a unicorn horn — what does have have to do with a story like Stygian Dealer. I am sick of these assholes leaking my work and violating my intellectual properties as a form of bullying. Saying I am the one who is doing the bullying here. Go look in the fucking mirror all of you here before you say something like that turn the video camera upon yourself when you do it and upload the fucking thing to youtube.com cocksucker.
     I don’t appreciate the faux journalism used as reliable sources on me; who the fuck are you getting your bullshit information from about me? Journalist I am tired of being treated like the minotaur here so you assholes are going to be seeing the horror drawn upon you, and it’s called controversy. If you pricks from the small towns can’t Suburban sized controversy, don’t say something that will cause it because some people can handle controversy better than you can. I had a lot of practice at doing damage control when it came to Quakes and Storms: A Natural Disaster Anthology; and when I cleared things up there I changed the cover and every cover after that became my own work for the most part here.
     My new stories are going to spark a shitload of controversy and I am ready to stir a little controversy because I take very controversial stands. Speaking up for Conservative values is a controversial stand in Illinois. I am getting mail from Illinois Family Institute because I believe in what they are doing — as this state is so fucked up with peversion it’s not even funny. As much I call Illinois my home, it’s forgetting that Illinois was the state that freed the slaves. I am critical of homechooling because they need human interaction. For the project I am working on for my friend — I want to hear from writers who are from The Tea Party Patroits here because I think what they are doing is keeping Washington on their toes. Alice Cooper and Dave Mustaine are Republicans, I am in good company here. I choose life but I wrote about death and demise — I use death to examine life here, and my submission guidelines with the magazine have a lot of depth and you need to be really intelligent to be part of this.
     I really don’t appreciate when people come to this blog and call me out of name — using my short name with a “y” at the end. Do don’t that with me, not even my family does that. Brian Keene dumbs down the audience with the way he writes, and it’s the same damage that Justin Bieber had caused with the generation who are teenagers in the 2010s, and those who are the 20somethings and late teens, my project I am executive producing is for them as some are becoming writers and publishers too in their own right here. Gov. Quinn contributed to this brain damage and I am also addressing those of Iowa too who played into the liberal hands here as Obama sort of turned his back on The Bible here when it is of this issue. Authors who go against my convictions and undermind my causes, will not be part of my roster — if you are willing to see a project with the proceeds are tithed to the AuthorsDen.com Foundation, then be willing to remain for the long haul. Then welcome aboard.
     Another factor with my roster is you have to be able to get along with your TOC mates and also be willing to interact with my extended family too here as well as longtime friends. Will I be able to take you guys to The Exit or see my friends in Chicago — meaning you have to be able to interact with my friends too as you guys will be noticed by them too here. I am not into rap here but I will say what Eminem said in 2000 — I am what I say I am; and those who can’t stand the fact I do take unpopular stands in this business meaning I am not part of that Gay, Lesbian and Straight Alliance here; I am sick of G.L.A.A.D. whining when someone says something that isn’t politically correct. I am not discriminatory here, but I say when people are trying to say that is a race and saying they are looking for civil rights for something that goes against God. But the issue I speak up for, bullying, is universal though. I ask people who contribute to my publications to honor my wishes in not glorifying homosexuality because I openly disagree with this in any form. There is a difference between homophobia and open disagreement. In 2002, I made my stances very clear and caused a controversey when I did it; I am not going to apologize for these controversies because I remained true to myself here in this business an it is not popular in Illinois to have these kind of stances. One of the places I support and had been supporting since 2002 before I reaffirmed is the American Family Association here, and I began to get noticed in Conservative circles because of my stances as I write for an audience for those who have long hair and black clothing, and will publish writers from heavy metal, Gothic, and hardcore rap subcultures (not talking that clean rap that came in the early 1990s. The kind of rap that gave African-American youth an attitude similar to us when we discovered heavy metal. It gave them the same effect thrash metal gave on me — as my dark subject matter does overlap hardcore rap being it is rooted in reality and this kind of stuff does overlap heavy metal. Horrorcore types will do quite well in The Ethereal Gazette if they can do short stories. When someone saw me do an open mic — they asked me if I did horrorcore rap, if I played up my Edgar Allan Poe traits with the spoken parts where they are not rapped they would sound like Ice-T with the track The Guntower.) In truth I can care less of the politics of the writer, just as long they respect my beliefs and political stances when taking into consideration of submitting with my magazine.
      Be understanding of other subcultures if you are going to submit as the magazine is a subculture based magazine that happens to be owned by a Christian and a Republican who is well versed in speculative fiction and enjoys underground hard metal across the board. I have a perspective on my faith where it is an informed and freethinking approach too here as I like to engage people on an intellectual level. If you’re going to write a story for the magazine, controversial subject matter is not a must but if you are able to tackle controversial subject matter — and do it with approach where it can be akin to something during the years Pantera was doing the kind heavy metal I remember them as. Those of you who are emerging from that hair metal movement and doing a literary direction, prove to me that you can be thought provoking because normally you’re late for school because you were up too late at a party. And if you been to my apartment in Justice, you know my then room mate’s parties as they are like that. You have about 50 people in and out almost like a damned clown bus.
     Well with this new story I am writing as I announced the title on Spotify — it’s about 8,400 words right now and I will allow comments on tumblr.com if they are reasonable with me and not call me out of name or shove fucking Village people down my fucking throat here as that is not my style or the style of the Core members of The Collective. Also those who are trying to use faux journalism to slander me and saying those are their reliable sources on me — you don’t do your damned research or your homework. Everything I learned with doing website design too is also done while my family were in Europe for a month and my best friend bought an HTML book where he wanted to build a website. If you had Internet Explorer 3.0 your tags got deleted and you had to write up your tags all over again. We did have this book, blasting Soundgarden, and raided my step-father’s stash of Icehouse. When you’re looking at an HTML book and drinking some beer in you, a site like ,mine will launch.
     All these jagoffs who gave me shit, they carried their bullshit from LiveJournal.com because overblown livejournal bullshit — and I almost left on my own in 2002. The anthology I am doing for the friend is going to be almost akin to what I almost did in 2002 but having traits of my respective projects I’ve done on Lake Fossil Press but also the influences of my industry friends as well as my mentors in the business. My mentor is responsible ror launching Michael Boatman’s career. When you take a shit on my career as an author and publisher, you also took one on the people who taught me how to do it. So when I see a tumblr that says they are a “fan” and calls me by my short name with a “y” at the end — you are not a fan.
     I know my readers and fanbase, you are not a fan or a reader if you go stealing from family’s facebook walls or ex-family members. I am not stealing your pictures or shit like that so give me the same fucking decency. I never stole your pictures or would put my name on your titles nor will I insult some of your readers like some of you had with me. Also those who name people like Timothy Willard as someone on Lake Fossil Press, he is not a part of my roster — nor he ever will be either because he accuses me or beating my son as does the plagiarist known as Robert L. Baupader who accused me of stealing from an author I respect greatly here. So Cherie M. Priest as you refuse to work with me — I want to know the reason, especially when I knew you from your early days. I am not your enemy here; I never considered you one but as far as Sangiovanni on the other hand — she and I are going to be rivals for the rest of our days. As for Kealan Patrick Burke — this is a competition of book designers here, as he works with a shithole like Createspace.com; the only thing I don’t know how to do is do a full wraparound cover and if I had that down to a science then I will be doing more with it.
     Mike Brendan you are saying $40.00 for 800 words — sorry what the hell do you think I am? I never published flash fiction even during the first year of running Lake Fossil Press and those who have the best bet for the magazine ideal size of word counts will be 4800-6800 words though I do publish 10,000 and up to 18,000 words in their entirely. I noticed with my blog posting of you’re not a fan that I got 60 comments but is by a lot of people who hide behind fake names and no e-mail addresses. Tumblr.com I can block people from commenting and have their real e-mail addresses in the comment so I can blacklist people who start shit. I don’t appreciate the assholes like Sonja Jutter going on my blog calling me Nicky and mocking me because I delete her because she had loser tattooed on her face. If you’re going to be a loser do it on your own damn blog or go over to the assholes on Stupid Free on LiveJournal.com and bitch. I have a reputation for going at it with trolls because they are the ones passing around the faux information like it was as viabile source.
     The authors on the namesake anthologies and the magazine deserve the readerships more than Mary Sangiovanni, Kealan Patrick Burke, or Cherie Priest because they take their readers for granted. They treat their contemporaries like shit, and what pisses me off with Cherie is I sincerely respect what she’s done and I told her don’t turn into Mary. As in Mary’s career is pretty much going to be left in smoldering ashes because of a controversy she caused and it is bigger than what she can handle. I hung out with my readers and stayed at their houses when I am traveling because I want to cook my own meals on the road. I had Darren McKeeman’s editing career null and void because of his bullying, has anyone asked Darren why he doesn’t have a job with Gothic.net anymore?
     Sonja I can smell your legs a mile away here, close them because they smell like dead fish — if someone can do an insult like that to a critic and are funny about it. They will have a better chance on the roster which means I can go into a diner with them and my long time friends then clown with the waitresses at the counter. What author provides a free e-mail service for their readers, if one doesn’t treat them like people — they wouldn’t have a hotmail or yahoo alternative and when I get a domain again I want to team up with everyone.net again and provide the free e-mail service because that was a cool thing I did for my early era fans. If I treat my roster like shit, would I go the extra mile to get them some high profile readers on my dime. You assholes in the business are almost like overgrown Glen Ellyn kids who go and get drunk behind the bowling alley on North Avenue. My hometown has high authority — some fear it, and do call it a “ghetto” in some places. We are known for a very strict police force as one of them was my wrestling coach.
     My new stories play off why people fear Glendale Heights — it is a 29,000-31,000 populated Castle Rock, why make up a fictional town when you had a place that weird growing up? Also why would I need to make up fictional towns where the places I write about are real, and have the dark histories to match it — as in they do have a history of dark psychological and supernatural origins so when I am looking for submissions for my magazine. I want stories set in real cities here — don’t make up one like Missing Mile here. I will welcome writers who are from the really small towns as this magazine is created to entertain them the most here — but I will bring these writers into places they would normally wouldn’t have access to. One thing I want to see with writers — I want some that come out of that split personsality in Illinois called Hanover Park (if you know why this is called the split personality it covers two counties. The Du Page Side of Hanover is a little creepier in places as things had gotten stolen from a public pool in the area and where my uncles both lived — sometimes you seen a gang come into the place as I was chased for my $300 mt. bike I had at the time.The town name you mentioned man, shit — that might be an insult to towns smaller than 10,000 people. And that is about right when you’re are dealing with people south of Mason City in Hampton, Iowa, as they really are full of backward hicks.)
     Let me explain something about wanting to write someting for Boy’s Life if they will allow something 4000 words and up — I read that magazine growing up so you faggots really going around assassinating my integrity really need to find a new occupation because working with Createspace.com isn’t doing it for you. It looks like you never left the manscript stage with the book being double spaced in print. It looks like I shaved someone’s cat from its ass and taught it to walk backwards. So when you bastards come here a retard, I will use your career as a toy that I will break. So you bastards who call yourselves fans you are not fans. You are talking to someone who has photographed themselves flipping someone off here so you are saying I am not polite — well I am polite to an extent but you fucks call me out of name and use my short name with a “y” at the end you will get some rather nasty insults. Not calling someone by their short name with a “y” at the end that sounds like the work “dick” — you’re going to make yourself look like a total dick. Especially when your sources of me stealing manuscripts came from a smear site.
      Look you bastards need to mind your own business and let me publish my magazine in peace, you fuckers don’t like the fact I run magazine and imprint start your own fucking imprint and set up your own submission calls. It’s that fucking easy to start an imprint and a moniker — just get your shit covered paws off my company name or titles to do it; in other words get your own. I will show you where you can merge pdfs if you want pawn your soul and work with Createspace.com — go google a damned .pdf blender and sure you can get some patsy to design your covers for you there but I will teach people to work Lulu.com and have the tools so we can collectively laugh at your sorry asses. People take advantage of my generousity here, and that is why I get why I get pissed off when people call themslves “fans” and say that Ray Garton and Brian Keene are members of the roster — those jagoffs will not be on the roster, not now or ever. And Cherie — sit down and have a slice of humble pie because the guys on the magazine and the anthologies have more heart than you have now, so take your conceit and shove it up your ass. Don’t fuck with this…. Cherie M. Priest forgot about one of the people who knew her before I entered the industry and I wasn’t approaching her as a crazed fan, but as someone who spoke to her on phone in 2003 when she said, “I don’t write well with others.” So Cherie my female members can write as punishing as their male counterparts and ladies of Lake Fossil Press are going go come in at ramming speed here like a Greek battle ship with an iron point here. Mike Brendan and John Ramsey Campbell pick your insult because you have it tattooed on your face.