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Those of you #cheapscates in the business and saying $40.00 pays for 800 get off your damned high horse with this one. There are people who will be happy with $40 in their pocket if they are working somewhere where they can use a little bit of money they can go out on the town with. Coach used the Editor’s Choice vehicle for Relief Journal and I decided to adopt this vehicle for my own magazine here. I have the guidelines revised and it is more indepth about what I looking for here. Gothic Beauty, Hit Parader, Heaven’s Metal, House of Andromeda, The House of Pain E-Zine, Plots Magazine and Omni were all influences on my magazine as I am looking for a genre fiction aspect from this angle from writers from these subcultures as I always been a subcultural author. I never strayed from those roots here, and I am sure Faust is following me here and sure she knows the invitation for the exclusive stands as I am willing to talk about The Ethereal Gazette and some of the writers who graced the pages of the magazine over the near ten years of operation of it.
      I guess it shocked her who I got the anthology we appeared in in the hands of here; as I gave one copy to my friends as we finally became friends and another who had a hand in keeping a promise Chicago knows me for here. I didn’t have to do what I did to get her story Apartment J read because of the controversy she caused in 2007/2008 when she didn’t know the bigger picture here. My tumblr I had the skinny about most of my contemporaries and the bs they pulled over the years and the story I wrote when she said the controversial comment she can’t handle – she might not realize there would be a backlash on her part and it’s happening in Chicago. Mary is not well liked here because of it. Well I found a site that agrees with me that books are being produced alive and well here — I guess my cousin never saw Wink Books — think they might be having a field day on my Lulu.com here becase we’re still producing books too here. So yeah want to give it a shot with a short story and watn tro be published with it — show me what you have if you have something starting at 2200 words with the magazine, give it go here because what have you really got to lose here?