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baupader plagiarism caught part oneJust because you assholes go snubbing a $40.00 edition’s choice payment for fiction, think how Kevin Lucia and I both emerged in our published author careers as you assholes try to force me back to Ellis Island here. I want to show you jokers something and you might think plagiarism is a huge joke to you here. I don’t find it amusing, and those who think it is funny like that bitch known vas Stinky Cat or the fascist cocksucker who spit on the military after the fact he served as he gives Coward Sperm head in the men’s stall. Look you are going to allow people to plagiarize me and get away with it. I am going public with all the information I have. And going to sell the download for $2 here too when I have it ready, and Deviantart.com is associated to bullying because of this asshole. Stephen King wrote a horror story about plagiarism with Secret Window, I addressed the subject more than once here. So how do you losers say I am a scam publisher when i have a different payment vehicle than I used to — the kind of payment changed because life happened. Those of you who endorse Robert Baupader plagiarizing me here are doing so by being assholes on my blog and call me out of name here.
     You assholes have the mentality of “fuck the indie” and with one of them here making fun of this payment method — your mocking contest anthologies because Editor’s Choice is kind of like prize money. I submit to contests because that is how I got published. And you think plagiarism of my work is a joke to you, saying I don’t have a career here. I created my careers from the ground up and with very little money I have. You assholes who have just one fucking sale here — and you snub on me because I don’t do professional rates here, well you snub on every market that is the token payment system as a lot of magazines like that don’t use contracts either. Naked Snake Press and I it was a series of e-mail exchanges and said I was the most hands on she ever worked with. That’s my style as a publisher — I am hands on in every aspect of this. When I did my first namesake, I designed it for my Stars and Stripes debut of Ghosts In The Tornado. So you assholes snub on the namesakes — you’re snubbing on the history of the genre that is what the Poe Museum called this one when the Joliet Herald News did the front page story on me here. You assholes snub on lulu,com because you’re not intelligent to learn how to work with them. There is a learning curve with them and if you know how to make an ePub, they will get you on iTunes here as they have iBookstore. I wish lulu.com promotes the one with the handwritten synopsis more than the 6 x 9 version because the handwritten synopsis version is the most personal project I ever did.
     Fuck the indie you say, no it’s just “fuck you” there pal because you’re stealing food from our table here. Musicians are now having the means to get noticed by going independent here, and you assholes praising the jagoffs who took a bowel movement on self-publishing ten years ago and praising the fact they still do this. My namesakes have a better layout than A Darkling Plain, as it looks like they didn’t take the time and ran the though Open Office or Libre Office and had a program like a .pdf blender. Emanations brought me back to Createspace.com but I am coming to bring more children of the indie into the Promised Land here as that Promised Land is Lulu.com.
     Lulu.com allows you to do multiple .pdfs with it and you can do .pdfs with roman numeral pages as you can also start the body of the book with page one. International Authors is an outfit of 13 editors here, and I had to get past all 13 to be published then they had to curb some of the realism and the more ruthless traits of my short story. I have been reunited with a story I wrote in 2010 called Jesus Freak, and this is Kenneth E. Hagin’s nightmare because if he had a grandson who became an Ice Devil or openly blasted Metallica he be rolling in his grave right now. Jesus Freak was a return form with me as it showed where I really got that dark edge as an author yet still able to keep my faith in God here. I wrote that story before penning, The Midnight Diner. That story has my coolest ending — Dave couldn’t get the approach called a Fade to Black. I am going to explain what this means. It takes from Metallica’s Fade to Black as it starts out mellow then gets really dark and brutal at the end. So with this project, give me a creeping death.