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This is something I need to reblog because this holds true with what I had been putting up with as this. I think this something everyone who goes it themselves need to read for themselves. Especially when trolls like Brian Keene and Mike Brendan keep flooding my comments like a broken record. This includes Ramsey Campbell as he is a little old to be a troll. I am going to pull out something I wrote in 2011 about what I went through with one asshole from Finland; and I am hoping that the one site sees this one and links it back. I have another one where I am dealing with AngryInIllinois accusing me of various hideous acts and had libeled me on huge level — coming up with a lie about a loan that never existed and going around stealing my work and plagiarized me as a form of bullying. And with Amazon.com I am dealing with them doing faux journalism saying that is their reliable sources. I took a hit from a rival editor who had a following entirely from trolls. I had to put up with this on tumblr.com with this fucking blog.

Self-Published Authors Helping Other Authors

You know, that sounds like the title for one of those B-movie horror films that are played at three in the morning. When Trolls Attack! “Don’t cross that bridge. You may not like who wants you to pay the toll!”

But all kidding aside, internet trolls are a hot topic as of late. With the anonymity of the internet to protect them, trolls go skulking around the forums and the discussion groups and the blogs and Twitter, using threats, name-calling, false reviews, and a plethora of other despicable tools at their fingertips for just one purpose: to hurt the targets of their e-bile. Authors seem to be a special target for these trolls. Get on the wrong side of one and they will take great pleasure in trying to bring down the rating of your books or leave hurtful comments on your blog.

And the world has not let this…

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