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I have someone trying to silence me with what I say addressing this smelly fish-ordered twat on here, she’s has to realize she’s a public figure. Well I spoke about the Blood Moon Eclipse on my tumblr.com blog, that blog entry is the second 4000 word plus entry I’ve done. Well, some weird shit I’ve seen on here; I got someone going on as McCarthy from the 1950s as @RedScarBot on Twitter.com. (If you live in North Korea, you are blocked from my public pages. I am tired you assholes treating the industry like it’s North Korea.) Where I am getting flack because I am a Republican and listen to heavy metal — I don’t listen to hair metal and working on a new novella that someone is slapping their fucking name on the cover and name of it. I am 14,500 words into this story and Emma Audsley pulled her crusty panties down and took a ripe one on Issue 12 without reading it. I am thinking the person who came came up with that lie about me stealong Ray’s story was her who came up with it. And Brian Keene ran with it; well I submitted to a market where I had to do a handling fee which is small but I think it would be cool that I got in this one. I was turned down from Shock Totem; thinking the story was too controversial for them. I have a few invites floating around twitter.com and some might be floating around wondering where they came from. The first was for the infidels and the other is for the saints. I want people to go on video to say I am a fake when I haven’t faked my photos or shown I was real on video. The ones who say I should give up publishing are the ones who need to give up themselves.
      As for Mike Brendan — this project is not about money for me but trying to bring a generation of short story writers in general together as you are too much of a materilistic fuck to realize that. Mike you are the one who needs to give up as a writer because you only have one fucking credit to your name and you’re screwing me out of submissions — I took a huge hit in 2010 with S.E. Cox and you’re contributing to it too. You call yourself a Christian — then don’t stifle me as a writer because everytime you stifle a Christian, that’s money in a socialists pocket. If any author deserves to be in poverty it’s Mary Sangiovanni, and if she is begging for money in the street I will keep walking because what she said to me. I have my guidelines up for my magazine because of my situation changed — and I appreciate that you keep the commentary of my immediate family off this blog because I don’t want them in the line of fire when I say something controversial. That’s why I don’t blog about them. My extended family will be joining me on this project as I am working with them one on one to get them up to what I do personally as a memoirist. So shut the fuck up and let me get my submissions.I am not the one playing with RPG figurines here; my toys online are html tags and hard coding. Twitter when I joined tumblr.com — just became more fun.
      Sometimes you have think out of the box to get a project like this off the ground and get everyone’s ass in gear to make it happen. I noticed they are celebrating that metrosexual, Kealan Patrick Burke, but scorning an author who can hit harder than him on a good day. I don’t appreciate you jagoffs threatening authors who worked with me over the years because what you’re doing is weak. Saying that the only video you will do is a karate demonstatin — you’re a coward. I am not the one who is talking down on someone with their short name with a “y” at the end. So if I saw you in the street and you said that; I would punch you in the head if you are male calling you a cunt. When you are friends with someone who access me of beating them when I never would hit a woman; you’re a lowlife as she is. As in you’re running around with someone who tried to trap me into having a kid with her; I wasn’t ready. When you’re 22 years old and male, that’s like a 16 and female. I was still a kid myself at the time — when you’re a young 20 Something you want to do things you’ve haven’t done before.
      When I was 24 I traveled to our northern neighbors in Canada and spent three weeks there; I was planning this trip the night I got stabbed. I went down to New Orleans too then Baltimore within three years of the day I was stabbed. I am dealing with someone who never took journalism in college but a fucking number cruncher. I am not an idiot when I write horror; and doing the first namesake — I was trying to figure out what stories I wanted to publish of the public domain counterparts that are obscure of them. Lewis Unknown pirated this book and would plagiarize my ideas — stealing my concepts like a drunken cuntbag; as The Silent Order are a bunch of faggots too on this one. I would have no problem running their CDS through a fucking steamroller for the shit they pulled on twitter with me — also I have no problem decking one of them on camera. When I saw the video with Danzig getting punched, I think he was blindsided and wasn’t ready for it because he has studied Jeet Kun Do (Bruce Lee’s Martial Art.)
      I’ve been writing horror almost as long as Paul had been with Novembers Doom; he started when I was in Middle School with his band — so when I heard a band like his, it allowed me to do something like Collectives In A Forsaken Landscape. A book like Collectives, if you’re reading that book like a novel — you’re reading that one wrong. It’s a journal as that was it is; and you assholes are not letting me get a legit readership in print as you harassed publishers to drop me — or had harassed a publisher to re-issue the book without my story in it. I am published but you assholes liked it better that I was unpublished and never got published at all. Especially when you became friends with someone who caught me just when I was in the transition from web published to print published. As being published in print almost happened in 2002 with Among Shadows as did becoming a publisher that almost happened too but the technology had yet caught up with me at the time. I was published alongside Kevin Lucia, and I had a hand in discovering him. So Kevin you owe me there; you have no idea what a public school is like and the fucking cruelty places like that have.
      I am not going to play the public school politcs with someone’s career unless they really pissed off. The ones I will not publish are the ones who are full of themselves meaning; leave the ego at the fucking door. All of you who are authors now — forgot the people who grew up with you; and I am opening the door for them if you’re going the slam the door on me. I would rather usher in a publisher who has no experience or never worked as a publisher before than work with one who is corrupt. I am sick of my generation snubbing me; Kealan Patrick Burke it’s about time you acknowledged someone where you met your match — and just did checkmate on you. What I pulled on you was knight takes king — checkmate. These are my pdfs for the invitation of my generation as I wrote two versions of this would be the red pill and blue pill; those of you who think I have no idea what it takes to write a short story. I’ve been published and sold for them, not high paying markets but have sold my work. Those of you sayin my work is not in a museum; it’s there — unless you bastards stole from the museum and burnt it. You wouldn’t steal from a museum now would you.
      They were going to let me in for free, but I insisted on paying because I believe in what they do. If we publish with Lulu.com, let us make our money with them and the thing when everyone who works with us on anthology projects — we’re not going to steal from them. They retain their original copyrights with the short story or with a magazine some of use have magazines we operate there. If you work with them, you have to do all your own pavement pounding to get your work out there and sold because you hardly get media support. Meaning if you want to get the word out with you will have to chipin with the pounding payment to get this out there and don’t try to fuck your TOC mates over because they are your neighbors. She forgot the golden rule; and this is where she is a flat out fool.The one who said I should give up and on a public level — I want her to go on video and say that because I doubt she has the heart to say that to someone with a learning disability to their face. I think what she said is rather heartless; I have no room for people who are going to tell someone to give up. I want her to go on video and say it — that’s a vow to never buy a book of hers again; as in what she gave me is the only book I own and she plagiarized history. She didn’t plagiarize other writers, but plagiarized history becaue none of her ideas are set in the present and she couldn’t keep up with the cyberpunk vibe I was trying to do with Book Five. So if you want to boycott someone — boycott her and if you’re on the roster who was interviewed by her. Ask her the question why is she so driven to fuck her second short form publisher over where she lied about her story in issue 3 being a reprint.
      The bottom line when I say of her is she flat out lied — where I published my shorter Apt. #2W it was because I was in limbo of a street date. I wanted to show people the version that I originally wrote before they saw the expanded version. When I saw this story on the newstand; I was smiling when I realized they used “N.A. Pacione” because I haven’t used that name since basic training and been billed as that once before when Staci Layne Wilson interviewed me. I hit a lot harder than that potato breath who is an ex-patriot, fucking traitor to your country they should put you in front of a firing squad for treason. You’re dealing with someone who’s family been in this country for a little more than a century and when I unleash controversy on a rival author — they can’t fucking handle it because when I do it it’s the size of DuPage County.
      I am getting the same shit that Orson Scott Card is getting, and I am on the different side of the political spectrum when I say this. I got this flack from a faggot who said I was similar Westburo Baptist Church. I am nothing like what Phelps is. I was going to invite them to play with AngryInIllinois for a little while when even them can serve a purpose. They’re good for real life trolling that is what they’re known for — as much as I think Fredrick Phelps is a jagoff; he makes the rest of us look bad. I don’t say the things I say out of hatred, it is out of vocal disagreement. Where I want to punch his oldest is because he invoked Respect for American Fallen Heros Act. All of his children are fucking imbred cunts. There are some things I don’t agree with, like issue of homosexuality but I will go into detail why I don’t agree with it as I will use science to help me with my arguments on that one. I get the full flack from the feminazis since I also believe men are men and women are women. I am going to speak up the actress who took a stand on this in a roll and there’s a twitter inquisition about this.
       Anyone one who speaks up for this too, I will have their back on this one. The thing I will say with the industy is that it is quite divided here, as divided as my home state of Illinois is as the history of Illinois in the 20th Cenutry starting with Prohibition is that’s deeply rooted in corruption. Corruption is the dark history of Illinois the 20th Century and we have Governors who are fucking jailbirds. So if you wonder why Illinois Residents are jaded with Liberal Politics — we’re seen the fucking corruption that’s the Chicago Democratic Machine. If you are deeply offended by what someone says — you can always change the channel if you’re watching television. If you are offended by what someone says on a blog; just go to another blog or another website — if you are offended by this blog, there’s always the fag rag The Advocate. I would piss off Boy George because I take what Ted Nugent does to another level as I am known for a razor wire mouth — that’s what my critics would notice that I have a mouth on me. I am just a smart mouthed kid from the Western Suburbs of Chicago; if you get offended by something I say — you’re a pussy who cried because I hurt you widdle feelings. Suck it up princess.
      That’s what you pick up from Basic Training — you learn how to trash talk like a drill instructor. I can’t say the word “faggot” because I would be talking about Andrew Wolter there because he is an abomination. The thing with Lake Fossil Press about five of us have used faggot and cocksucker, as Issue 12 for the first time I had dropped the word “cocksucker.” I get flack from the faith communities where they are the white haired, blue suit types because I am an independent thinker as well. The ones who tend to follow those types usually don’t attend college and just their idea of higher learning is in the pews. I know that is going to sound like a heretic speaking there; but you need to see things from a more informed perspective. Unloosen your ties please when you approach my blog — as I love listening to heavy metal and read books too. I will also speak of faith oriented issues with my blog, but that’s entire thing of my tumblr.com blog. I don’t want to see Christians as two dimensional because we’re not two dimensional. That’s why I will share public domain horror films and will offer movies that are available as youtube.com rentals or own outright that they can buy them for themselves to enjoy too.