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Being I’ve published a host of science fiction writers in Lake Fossil Press roster, I found this for the guys on the roster as Gary Starta and Ray R. Wise are known for science fiction — as Ray has his novel as a trade paperback. I am going to share this for his fanbase. This movie was the time would been the equal to both Megotholis or Cyber:Terror:Machine — it deals with elements of dystopia and I am going to play this for the guys of Iced Earth too. This version has speech added having traits of an audiobook. My home county of DuPage County is a metopolis and then room mates had tis movie too. I am going to share the photo of the man behind this movie too — as my friends play cyber-metal, I could them playing with ideas from Metropolish.
       I wonder if Ray got the idea for the song Megotholis when he saw this movie — his story is set 170 years in the future. I could never go that far into the future myself as I like to make science fiction more plausible. This is more common with Cyber:Terror:Machine because my novella is set in 2029. Three years after Metropolis; I didn’t write a sequel to Metropolis when I penned Cyber:Terror:Machine but these two stories line up. Italian-American genere fiction taking on traits of a style that was out when Richard Matheson was a baby. This movie gives Tabloid Purposes: Book Five a scary trait — we all explored Dystopia; and Tabloid Purposes IV had a story which was set in 2052. So doing Tabloid Purposes: Book Five — this gave me the idea to explore dystopian fiction. This project I am working on — I want this for the anthology as Carol from my magazine does Dystopia Magazine. I was born one day after Fritz Lang died — so I have a feeling without realizing I did, when I did my novella in Tabloid Purposes: Book Five. I gave a nod to Fritz Lang; but the difference between me and Fritz is I had a working knowledge of 1990s tech and in 2029 with my story — 1990s tech survived and resurrected dead technology.
      My nickname — The Maven, I immediately thought Fritz Lang because when I look back on Cyber:Terror:Machine — I didn’t realize I had traits of Fritz when I wrote this one. I penned a dark snow covered relative of Blade Runner that I didn’t realize what I had on my hands — where I had a story that could be my sister’s 34th birthday present; as I was then 33 turning 34 when I wrote this novella. I was exploring complex themes with this novella — and had to invent a future that reflected the corruption that was the Chicago Democratic Machine as this mirrored the corruption with the cold darkness I illustrated with the permafrost in Chicago in middle of September. This novella would had put me the same age as my mother as she’s 53 years old now; when I was watching Bladerunner — I needed a caculator because it had me figuring out the ages of the characters and when he was born in the story. My Gothic Horror traits take from film noir elements — as dystopian films also lend from film noir.
      This movie was the grandfather of this genre before it was all the movies and stories like I Am Legend or what Richard Matheson does — I think Fritz Lang could have influenced Richard Matheson when he did I Am Legend, The Creeping Terror, Steel, and Dance of the Dead. Fritz Lang immigrated to the Stars and Stripes at the height of World War I — so I am guessing H. P. Lovecraft might had seen this movie too. Legend Keeper set in 1988-1989 speaks of future history (now our present,) with traits of dystopia in alternate history. Lake Fossil had these dystopia alternate history traits — someone caught onto my alternate history traits as a science fiction writer. I can say I am also alternate history too — as this was something hardly anyone caught onto because I write horror and horror you have room to do a lot of period stories. I was inspired by the transition era of sceience fiction and New Wave Science Fiction. Science fiction writers you need to be able to invent history — future history, this is something Richard Matheson did often when he did horror and science fiction.
      I am going to take an educated guess on this one but I am wondering if Fritz Lang referred to the Book of Genesis 11:6 when he wrote the screenplay — I am going to pull this verse out for those who want to check this out in reference. My novella references the rebuilding of the New World Trade Center; hence what is Freedom Tower. Where some would look at me as being misgonystic but that’s far from true but I also do something that’s an act of willful heresy — as in I found a site that proved what I knew all along about an older earth too. The young earth creationists will be mad at me about this but I do agree with those who proved the old earth and there’s strong facts in this scientific facts in this; and my former classmate who is a young earth creationist might look at this as a willful act of heresy as embracing actual literature and horror fiction as an artform. Living Sacrifice said, “Art is art.” Dystopian fiction — there is a real artform in this style and Fritz Lang being a devote Roman Catholic did something strong with this. If Virgina Creeper is reading this — I am suggesting he studies this movie closely with the verses he’s implying because Fritz when he was alive was ahead of his time as Richard Matheson was when he was alive too. I get flack from the more devote when I am photographed with actual literature,but I am going to say something that will piss them off — please unloosen your fucking ties. Your legalism makes me rather uncomfortable..
      My mother taught me at a young age to expand my horizons and I think doing a blog which I do on WordPress.com as this blog entry I am doing here is going to present this, where my tumblr.com blog I do presentations in depth there too and can do more than I can here. Being knowledgable is an act of willful heresy in the eyes of young earth creationists; as supersitition is something they are bringing back to the world as this is the birth of the new dark ages there. I am showing this for the group who is on facebook who run Being Christian too so they might be more knowledgable and able to approach those who are educated and will read books, enjoy watching movies — especially those that are R-Rated; as I enjoy watching movies that are Rated R. I will challenge the idea about the faith based being less intelligent because I was an Athiest; and the older earth proof appeals to me because my mother was implying this when Ryan was trying to witness to her. Just something about taking Philosophy appealed to my thought-provoking nature as John Milton was also a philosopher. Stygian Dealer revisited my old Philosophy paper when I was in college — as this is something I like to challenge often and when you listen to heavy metal like G//Z/R and Iced Earth, you’re going to challenge people as much as Metallica did when they put out Master of Puppets. When you write things like String of Nerves — there is an element where you will really challenge the status quo where organized religion is the thing that’s for sale — God is not for sale. The kind of style I do as a creative nonfiction writer — there is no one else who does this, and this is where I stand alone.
Fuck you, you fucking fake saint!  People like you Hovind -- I want to blatantly give you the highway salute.  You fucking brainswashed people way too long -- look where it got you, Al Capone's sentence as you almost dodge a near million in unpaid taxes.      String of Nerves I was telling the ex-youth pastor in my nightmare — that when I cussed him out in the narrative; I stood alone. When I coined Storm Menace and playing with genre fusions; I was looking back at how genre fiction was written in the 1920s to see how I could apply this to 1990s knowledge and modern logic. Quite a few of my roster over the years — as blistering as they are with horror fiction, or as thought-provoking they get with science fiction — at the end of the day, they sincerely believe that God had came down in form of man and died upon the cross 2000 plus years ago. My story — Legend Keeper, I reference Black Saturday and I am not a progressive when I say this as I am a Conservative and will say homosexuality is morally wrong. This story has traits of Orsen Scott Card; and I am going to stick knives in the brains of those who had fed superstition into everyone’s mind for too long — the act of willful heresy, in the face of tyrants creates something bigger than they are. I deal with those who are generate the ignorance — I will call Jimmy Swaggard a liar to his face when it comes to the young earth creationists as they are fucking liars and deceiving people through old 19th century superstition.
      They are the ones who have brainswashed us for years; and the assholes who say I wil burn in hell for String of Nerves what would they say of the man behind Metropolis or authors who create dystopian stories. Look at the motherfucker who is advocating this — his ass is in prison for what caught Al Capone, as he would say of me that I live among the damned. I am not going to do what they say — as I wonder what they say of those who have science minded souls; where they came very close to abandoning the faith all together. Let me point something out on this and if you want to argue this — there is more proof to older earth than you think; and this ministry I found is an old earth creationist what I found with the links I did on wikipedia does line up with this; Old Earth Ministries. If this church was in Chicago and I was living in Justice, I would be in this church because they’re scientific like C.S. Lewis was as he believes in the older earth — there’s no conflict between science and faith; as there is one with the young earth liars. Lake Fossil I mention The Monkey Trial — and the young earth creationists are starting up the monkey trial all over again; those who want to think evolution is a lie — the old earth proves creation through evolution. This is know as Gap Theory — I didn’t think there was a name for this too; but this subject — it is more suitable for college than high school because it’s controversial. I believe God created the world but we’ve been this world for very short period of time as there’s eras before us hence the fossil record. This is so much in having traits that are flat out heresy; and let’s commit heresy….together. I would drive someone like Kent Hovind (excuse me while I fling some fecal matter in his eye as that’s what some primates would do) crazy as would this site I found and liked on facebook. I have something from their wall is pretty damned funny; and sadly enough it is quite true with what you see in the south and with around Wheaton College too.
      I think Wheaton College should sit down and watch Metropolis because this has some Biblical traits because he got inspiration from Genesis in some ways with this — and those who are intelligent and listen to Metallica, they got some of their ideas from Earnest Hemmingway. I want to see if he wrote short stories. Well just my luck I had found a story called Soldier’s Home; and getting noticed in Hemmingway’s boyhood home for my true ghost story means a lot because I spent a lot of time in Oak Park when I was in my early 20s as well as in my late 20s. I am sharing this version of Metropolis as they did this a fan project; and I am not going to make money off this so I say what harm there is in willing to share this with my now three hundred followers on twitter and over thousand plus who remained with me through the changes on myspace.com. The reason I pulled out Metropolis is for the main instigator of Beauty In The Suffering and his track is on my bandcamp profile if you want to check this out; check out what Blabbermouth.net of him — this is pretty damn cool. He needed something for his outlet since Kristov died so this movie well it is something I presented for Kristov’s family.
      I wonder if they thought about exploring this for him. I think they could get the hostel that is on the Loyola Campus in the north side and make it someting in his memory. One of the dorms in the hostel looking like his place in Chicago and the movies in the collection would be all of our favorite movies within our circle. This movie would be a choice by the Marazene guys because their sound calls to mind Metropolis. DieTrech Trall turns out to be the brains behind both bands — while Nikk and Kristov were collaborators, Nikk was the vocals and also composed a lot of Marazene tracks so what will happen when he’s unleashed upon Dope’s fanbase.. Those of you who see this blog from my google+ and I have this one interlinked with tumblr.com. (Well, sometimes I sincerly wished didn’t link them up because I have much more indepth blogs on tumblr.com and having everything makes it too damned busy.) Those of you who are stubborn shitheads out there; I hope you can sit down and relax — enjoy the movie because you might learn something about our society today in the sense of what the man who did this movie back in the era when H.P. Lovecraft was writing horror — when he was published in Weird Tales, this movie was in theaters. If you are saying that Christians shouldn’t be writing Gothic Horror — either if you’re a young earth creationist or someone who is on the far left, you don’t have to live in this country. If you are a professed Athiest, it takes more faith to be an Athiest than to believe in God. But I am getting people who are jacking my thread when I did my submission call, and one of the people jacking it is this guy Joakim Ziegler. (Looking at his photo, I think he’s got the earring in the wrong ear.)
      I will quote his comment, ” I was interested until you used the term ‘feminazi,’ then lost all desire to have anything to do with you or your publication.” Let the inquisition begin — and I guess I am wondering what his world is like if he is living outside of this county. He had thrown this at me too, Tautology well he had called The Bible misgonystic. He hasn’t read The Book of Esther or of Ruth; and I saw the flack that Ms. Dunst for taking a stand too on this. I am vocal about this — and this would put me in the era where I might had gotten along really well with Richard Matheson in this sense. Where like him used heterosexual couples exclusively in his work for the most part. If you’re going to say something that’s one sided and not allow me to speak up for myself — a scam publisher would not hook people up with cool stuff or do presentations that are indepth; or buy them an album they own on bandcamp. Think about it like that — who does that for people? If someone really is an internet crank, sit down and talk with them in person — some people are exactly who they are online, where they will say exactly what they say online in real life. As I am that kind of person in real life. If you don’t believe me, just talk to my guys on roster as some had spoke with me on the phone and offline. If you’re going to say someting hostile to me online, grow a pair and jump on YouTube.com. I am really a nice guy but just someone you really don’t want to get on their bad side there — will all that addressed; I sincerely hope you all do enjoy the movie. All what I pulled up with the found footage is under fair use with the presentation and used for educational purposes — that is my original intention with this.