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George W. Bush was much better when it came to foreign policies and we were always right about him on this front. I am not a racist but I do sincerely think someone who is a community organizer is not fully equipped to handle the subject of war. I want to thank the owner of the then Rightly Conservative for the hat tip on this one. I needed to share this one for those who called me an asshole who said he’s a disgrace of my state. Blitz and Dave Mustaine have a better idea how to run this country than NoBama. And you wonder why everyone calls him NoBama. My cousin in 2009 called NoBama a socialist — this is classic socialism at work here. So Stars and Stripes — wake up with this one. You voted for him in 2008, I didn’t. So you want to see me as something of a racist — I am not but seeing what my statesman done, I am not too pleased because he undeminds what Bush did. This is almost like what you imagine in a world of dystopia — when freedo of speech is about to be raped. You voted for the guy — the bed had been made, now you lay in it. I went thumbing for my blog entry I did on my mother’s birthday; she called Obama a clown and did a word press search for the ideal picture to present with this and if you want the website this image came from just do a copy image. The blog entry I was looking for is Illinois: Home of the Slave. This blog entry — well it’s seen some traffic on the Conservative facebook group, and been doing other blogs too. My blogs are as long as some of my shorter end short stories; the 2100-3400 range more often too.


In a rough month of a rough year of a rough second term for Barack Obama’s foreign policy, Thursday was a particularly rough day.

It began with dour news from the Middle East. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared that he won’t negotiate with a unified Palestinian government that includes both moderate Fatah and radical Gaza-based Hamas. Shorter version: the already-gasping Middle East peace process is likely dead for the remainder of Obama’s presidency.

The day ended with Secretary of State John Kerry’s angry speech accusing Russia of violating the diplomatic agreement Kerry co-signed a week ago in Geneva, supposedly stabilizing the crisis in eastern Ukraine. But things seem to be getting worse in Ukraine, more U.S. sanctions against Moscow appear likely, and Vladimir Putin may be gearing up for military action.

President Obama was in Japan as these things happened — part of his effort to sell the…

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