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Those who were jacking my comments on here every time I do a submission call I thought I would do this on youtube.com and will sweart out of frustation and have used “feminazi.” (Feminazis are the feminism that’s post 1960s and ulta-Liberal. The militant types I speak of here, I have no problems with women who are strong though in character — as The Bible has females who are strong.) I came very close to calling this guy who called me a Misgonyist — well he’s got an earring in the wrong ear, isn’t that the gay ear? When I went to webcam to do my submission call — all my frustations with everyone using a mobile to access facebook came out; when you talk with a author or a publisher on facebook. It’s a sign of respect to use a computer or laptop because what if they want to send you something they did if you ask what they do. I did this on video because I got really mad when someone was hijacking my threads and calling me a “fan fiction” writer. One jagoff had pulled up that asshole’s blog me saying it’s a “reliable source” when he dissed the magazine that published me as N. A. Pacione. I am going to address some of those douchebags on this blog entry. This video runs nine minutes and I have a 8 minute video I did as an off record comment; well one classmate parted company — no ill will to her but I guess she can’t keep with public figures on a local level. I am doing this for those who really hate reading or tend to not read a lot — or their reading patterns don’t reflect their age.
       If you have a child’s book as the only book you have is about a frog and a toad, do you have anything that reflects your age? In no disrespect to Mr. Lobel who can also illustrate his own work, as I illustrated The Fandom Writer II which is the first time I did a cover illustration — but a few of my books I had illustrate. My first namesake the back cover is one of my illustrations from the 1998 era. I am not making fun of you if you do but you’re dealing with a guy who read an adult book at the age of ten — the first book I read was Jaws. That book I had learned how to swear quite hard too — I had to read that book on sneak because of the strong language. The movie version they had to tone down some of the crude humor — one of the jokes was referring to an AC/DC where she’s only a DC. My first time I ever swore was when I was in 5th Grade and I know what Palmolive Dishwashing Liquid tastes like. Oh come on you never dropped “fuck” before? The one thing where I will make an exception to the only book you have that’s a children’s boos is Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark which is the coolest one ever done. If you were in my age bracket and remember this book, this kind of submission call is perfect for you because I am seeking retelling of urban legends too as I did this.
       Jaws draws comparsions to Hemmingway and Moby Dick — a 19th Century Gothic Novel that Mastodon did a song off of called Seabeast. The first time Hermin Meville got the heavy metal treatment. You may never know who would end up reading you and if you’re a horror writer — the ultimate sign of making it is having a heavy metal song based on one of your stories. It would be cool to see an old school thrash metal band do something based upon Among Shadows; that will work well with Melodic Black Metal. I have a hard time reading Moby Dick because I have a learning disability; so I found an audio reading of this novel on Spotify.com. If Old Man and The Sea by Ernest Hemmingway is in the public domain, I want to publish this with an introduction reflection how this inspired Jaws — where it references a Mako Shark eating a man’s swordfish. Those of you from Illinois, especially if you’re from Oak Park, Illinois, will realize he’s one of your native sons and Illinois has a very diverse literary heritage — Addison, Illinois, is named for a writer. The second book I read was Charlie and The Chocolate Factory as my step-grandmother caught me reading JAWS when I was ten and said I needed something more age appropriate. I didn’t know that book did have a sequel — and book was published when my cousin was a year old. That’s book is a 175 pages — might be the first lenght novel for kids to read. This author was made famous by Tim Burton; so those who speak of Burton — this author is not too far behind as he’s known for surrealism. This project I am doing, it’s something for those who are not quite ready for a Tabloid Purposes anthology or can’t handle the much darker issues of my magazine.
       I am looking to do something that would be for the crowd who just outgrew him and outgrew Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark. I read a passage of a novel in fifth grade called The House of Dies Drear about the underground railroad, I am looking for a short story inspired by that one but entirely original. The author who wrote this died 11 years ago; two months before I wrote Among Shadows. That story is safe enough for teens and middle school as this has no swearing in it; but it might have controversy because how dark that one is. It got compared to Bram Stoker’s short Dracula’s Guest. Stoker had written more than just Dracula — Lair of the White Worm is his final novel. I was trying to edit this with Jason Hughes, but I stopped because I got mad because of the use of the “n-word.” If you send me something that uses the N-Word, I will edit that out and ask you if you have something else.
       My new novella, Legend Keeper — I am going to traumatize middle schoolers with this one. I am not encouraging females to abandon their jobs as a wife and mother; but I am also looking for writers who are working mothers — someone who can juggle both. a lot of my roster — the really good ones, don’t write full time. I gave them some high profile readers like Martin Atkins who I should been asking for an autograph. Conservative Feminism I do agree with because I do write strong female characters; and they know they’re female — none of this gender confusion crap. How can you be confused with what God had you born a female or God had you born male? Those of you who talk down on me like I don’t have the mental compancity to understand complex works — I thought I had a low IQ originally but when they took my testing to get on disability; they said I have an IQ of two points lower than 100. I have a 98 IQ. I was a B and C student in high school with one F and that’s in Speech. The reason I got a C in the classes I didn’t withdtraw from is because I missed two classes; if I didn’t miss those two days in college — as I was hit by a car and bedridded because of this. So Mike Brendan; think before before you talk down upon me because I am smarter than you think. You judge me on my freebies and my blogs; but you were out of the job as a publisher when Janrae Frank became worm chow. That “anthology” that a drunk is doing would be a bastardization of Lake Fossil — saying that what she’s doing will be the end of Lake Fossil Press. Not the end as I am looking to do more and some are impromptu projects — the impromptu projects will show that I am still spontanious as a publisher and do those that are just for fun. More Frightening Than Fiction and the first namesake; well they started out as just for fun. Just remember when working with me, political correctness is daed — meaning you’re going to see words in our submissions that are not pollitically correct. If you’re being politically correct — I see see that as you’re saying with you words, I am implying you’re a pussy.