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Some classmates never understood the whole thing about attending high school with a publisher or an artist — they either want to hang out with for the wrong reasons, but the classmates who are in Heavy Metal Crossroads. I think it’s cool that they are coming to check this out. The reason it’s cool they are intermingling with my extended family and some of my high profile friends too; some of them connected up with Neutral Red and one of them connected with Daemon from the band. I am going to pull out an old era photograph to speak of my friends and family joining me on my new co-admin positition and I think it rocks that I am in a group where my friends and family are also hanging out with me too. Listen to underground metal, read horror stories watch a horror or science movie or two.
     This will allow me to do my plan if I can time it right. What I want to do — if I can get in touch with the North, South and West Class of 1994s,  I think I can get something on wheels and do something I want to do is get it off the ground; do this in a way where it’s fucking crazy. I think I am the only asshole became became the literary emissary for the heavy metal underground. I have my buddy DieTrich Trall’s Mp3’s going and he got a very good outlet going for his creative streak — now I know who the brains of The Marazene Machine is. I am curious about the next move will be, and an idea if I can get this off the ground; I think I might see I can get DieTrich with Beauty in the Suffering play a show with 300 of his closest friends. I think with the connections I am starting to make with Heavy Metal Crossroads, this might be a possibility but the hard part is locking the venue in as the rest of his band mates are with American Head Charge and Skinlab.
     I am still trying to get this project going and doing a video campaign too to get interest as I hate going on webcam doing this I’d rather be using a real video camera. This way I can be away from home and draw the crazy damned stalkers away from the house — I am a public figure, but I am a private person; hate when someone gets access to my family’s private residence without my permission. As my former classmate Sherri Parker associates with a plagiarist; being he accused me of beating my ex-fiancee along with Emma Audsley who vowed to ruin my career. I am going to show something to the masses that will prove me right on this one.
     “You don’t look stable,” a friend told me. When I told him what I had to put up with — stalkers and all that bullshit; when one assumes to be one of your “fans.” Fans won’t go smearing you; or go harassing your friends to get dirt on you — I lost quite a few friends in this business.  Good ones at that. But what looking to get together are sister projects — one being a true ghost story anthology, then the concept project. (Trying to get everyone’s asses in gear with this. What makes me mad when I am trying to get a project off the ground is every one is on a fucking cell phone. Come on and get back on your word processor — quit playing on failbook and get back to work damn it.)
     Well speaking of writing oriented shit — I have pulled out a story from the 2007 era; that was from the rejection letters. Couldn’t hurt to make this this one available as a freebie as this one is fairly controversial — and pulled out youtube.com video to go with it; I found a child dying from a hand of a Christian faith healer — as a Christian I am pissed about this because these healers are taking advantage of people who need the medicine for their health.  I had too many mental pictures when I wrote The Pattern Of Diagnosis of people throwing these the waste bucket at the pews. This older story well took on a personality all it’s own when I saw these videos about faith healers; how they abandon modern medicine back into word of superstition. Even Benny Hinn showed he’s human and wanted to flat out sock someone! Well I had pulled out a story where I would have bleeped the title; this is known as Our World Is Fucked. I am going to provide three fonts for all of you to download so you can read these things the way I have presented them. I have the address to the group public and now trying to get the word going with others within my generation if they want to give this project a shot. I got something really nasty playing with it — get to see a murder at the hands of a superstitious faith healer, paired up by a song by Evil Chuck when he was alive. This story was really nasty before — now you see a multi-media assault on the senses. This is the last act of heresy I’ve done in years; then took a noble act of willful heresy to prove that the earth is behind what they young earth creationists say. Those of you who are faith based that might object to Our World Is Fucked.
     This one combined with the article I wrote in January of this year — it gives the piece fucking nasty effect. From being thrown out of my class reunion group to co-running a very large facebook group; this the third time I co-ran something — the first time I was second in command was Web of Horror, but when that closed I went back to running my own message board again. This group I can show my classmates how talented my friends in Chicago are — and abroad too; as we will joke about our knowing some very talented people as I also do. There is something about our circles that draw in some very talented individuals all around. Those of you who want to see the entries how I originally intended them to look, use the fonts Yank, F25 Executive and for this particular blog entry Bitwise. This is the first blog entry I wrote in AbiWord; this thing does save in hypertext markup language and uses .xhtml format, and css style sheets so I need to try to be careful not to screw up some other codings when I do this one when I tweak it in notepad.
     I know that C.W. LeStart and K.H. Koehler are both throwing the snake oil salesman thing at me but I co-run a group that’s much larger than she runs now; and the opportunity opened to get the main owner of the group a vehicle where she can promote heavy metal bands, allow performers to tell their own stories and allow me to promote my roster who some do play heavy metal. This large group is not only some of my long time friends hang out but some of my extended family hang out there. I had came up with the rule that gets an instant ban of slandering my family on the group. Honor you mother and father — as the owner’s mother is also in the group too. Though I had to deal with families of shit mongers — like the one who lives in Evansville, Indianna, where when I tried to pull him aside his momma tried to be a shit monger, and that is when trolling runs in the family. I co-admin a group almost as large as the Anointed Writers Group on facebook.com; but one place I had to deal with flamewars because I said something that’s not exactly pollitically correct. I also have something I said that some caught onto — Friends don’t let friends listen to Nickelback.
     When you have friends who have a lot of ink; and some of the roster is known for their ink too something like what Sherri Parker judging those who have ink will piss me off all the more. The story I wrote a little more than seven years ago that I decided to make available for free; has the 2014 penned article The Pastor’s Spouse linked to this because I think these two pieces compliment each other. You mean to tell me I also admin the owner’s fan page? I am going to change where I am posting and liking as my own name so people don’t think I am her; and I going to do some proofreading of her fan page so it looks a little more streamlined. I am activing working on bringing people back to MySpace.com because I am still connected with quite a few on there. You might not see Cinderella in my playlist or Poison — but you will see Let it Loose by Metallica; this was an early track by them and I didn’t think Metallica would make this one available either. I made my public again; and someone bitching that I am still going on there. It tells the real from the fake; as you are dealing with a fake on twitter and someone who isn’t a fan claiming they are. The fanbase know not to call me by my short name at the end — my family don’t even call me that, and only one who can get away with it is my sister when she was younger. Look if you’re a fan you would respect my copyrighted material and not leak things that are not yet published. There are things I make available for free then the ones I have exclusively as print material — keep the the print exclusives print exclusives instead of trying to pirate the damn things. There is no such thing for Spotify for writers. This is a 3300 word article I made available for free called Am I Making This Up? this project I am doing the deadline is when filled but everyone wanted to see me give up. Especially Jeani Rector — Rector I want you to go on video and say I need to give up. I haven’t e-mailed you since you said not for me to e-mail you; but you stifle me from doing projects that’s not cool as Marc Lyth who is another like this. I am going to pull something from the archive where I spoke of Joel Osteen and I keep thinking The Phantom Of The Opera Ghost by Iced Earth. Where he leads people into the catacombs; and leaving them in damnation as they refuse to ask him what’s behind the mask. The piece I speak of is Faith in the Unsound calls ot mind when I speak of Joel Osteen. This when I see the television preachers goung at it — we’re reached th bastard states, and we can always turn to our families and close friends.
     So if you’re hanging out with us on Heavy Metal Crossroads; I have a 8800 word address I wrote to the group which I wrote when I was having to reset my computer — and this only available for the group to download. I am having to get my hands on an upgraded version of Paperport (I used an outdated version) — where I can buy it as a download. I need to wait until I get paid in a few days until I pull this off. I have something announced that the owner will be the propieter of that publication where some might be turned off by very dark subject matter or get scared of The Ethereal Gazette or the Lake Fossil Press catalog. Something where those in the heavy metal spectrum can tell their own stories — in their own words, relating about their favorite movies, books, and things about their life that got them listening to heavy metal. Those of you who got more into the mainstream radio stuff — the commercial bullshit like Nickelback or some of the *Metal; as one website calls them “Shit Metal” or “Yawn Metal.”
     I liked their cracks for it so I am also running with it. If you have older cousins or step-family who listen to the underground shit; you will know where to find it. Think of me as that one who is pulling out the underground heavy metal and showing you what it can be. As I do hang out on Twitter, and my blogs are rigged to both places — where I see my roster promoting their roster mates; it makes me smile especially a few of them do play heavy metal. I am blown away at how talented my friends are; and always looking for creative outlets. Well this project I am working on as an executive producer it’s not just to the heavy metal community I am reaching to for writers as I am followed by all walks of life. I do think think the About.com Heavy Metal twitter is following me on here too; which my mission of getting those who listen to heavy metal reading books might become a lot bigger now. That’s what I think the guys of Black Veil Brides did when they cite Gothic Literature as an influence; and one of their tumblr.com fanbases saw my writeup of Jet’s video interview of them — that was Jet’s biggest interview on video. So I decided to do this blog being it is close to my anniversary when I released Writings From The Grave; the site is not dead — but the domain fizzled out; and resurrected my other vehicle, that is my admin gig, where I own this one outright and introduced Gruesome Cargo II. This story I made for free because TOR.com told me this story was too sick for them, but told me keep sending them stuff — I think I will have something for them too.
     “Nick, I see what you are doing but my grammar sucks ass,” one of my classmates said to me. I will work with you one to one to get you sounding like a writer whose been doing this a decade. Jeff Skinner didn’t get noticed until latter in life like Terry Vinson did, so it’s not always too late to become a writer and become published for it. The guys who came up with the “Shit Metal” tag — would be these guys. I think I couldn’t had came up with a funnier tag for Nickelback myself — but getting my friends who are having that band recommended if those enjoyed The Vow; I think that’s an insult to my friends because they’re a much better band. I have done a post on my tumblr.com blog about another aspect I am doing and this makes me nervous because I don’t want to misrepresent someone. I am always dealing with Fuckhead #1 and Fuckhead #2 who use heavy metal as their toilet; so I am going to have this on blog posting get especially crawling under their skin as I pulled out Iced Earth with Benny Hinn showing he’s human. I had to deal with one fuckhead because of a former classmate shoving white haired Jimmy Swaggard types down my fucking throat. I will call the one Fuckhead #1 because he said I’d never write a dark story again when I have a novella done and one in progress; then produced a dark fucking article which is very cynical in nature. When you listen to heavy metal; especially the cynical content — it will produce ideas that will challenge either politicians or hypocritical televangalists alike. I can face down hardcore Satanists as well who I had called their “God” a pussy.