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This little #chomo had really sent me into a place where I am going to reach through my computer screen and rip out his vocal box. This is from a little plane rammer on facebook who said my career was done; the one who I would make the rape jokes to are the ones who accuse me of beating my son and my ex-fiancee. Who are you assholes getting your information from — if you want to be a cocksucker and pick a fight with me with your little tweet campaign to have me shut down; take your schism to Youtube.com if you’re going to accuse me of stealing or say that I did vile things to my grandmother’s open casket or my own sister. This isn’t about book sales anymore; as this became personal. The ones who accuse me of threatening to rape them; I would never rape a woman — nor will I hit a woman or a child to harm them. If anything; they should sever ties with a Chomo like you. I am not going to do this to my facebook or tumblr.com because I want to only say this once; I am trying go sell stories or get submissions for my publications and what you assholes are attempting to do is end a career once and for all. Let me ask this question, the only way to end my career — are you willing to take the gun in your hand and pull the trigger at point blank range? I have a little contact form on here for you bastards who seen these two child molesters on twitter who are picking a fight with me on twitter. Brian Keene had made malicious claims before of me and encouraged some malicious shit on me with trying to end my career as a publisher — if anything he’s the one wearing the KKK robes.
      Here’s to taking a ripe mango sized shit on Mike Brendan’s grave when he dies. So this is the last straw with Mike Brendan; the fucking slanderous chomo who I think needs to have all his fingers, his nuts and his dick chopped off. For some of the claims this little chomo makes of me. You want to cut ties with someone; cut ties with him — I am just trying to make my money as an author and a publisher; someone like Mike Brendan I want to kick square in the nuts with a steel toe boot; especially when someone like this is the real man-child as he plays with RPG miniatures and does everything in the dark ages as a writer. The Dark Ages if you’re a writer is before the invention of Open Office and The Cyberspace. Because of Cyberspace I am a published author and a publisher — so where is his fucking career as an editor, dead with Janrae Frank.