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“In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

— George Orwell

This kind of project — especially what I am looking for is Cold War fiction as Cyber:Terror:Machine I wrote about a new cold war; as I got insight from someone who is from Iran, he told me the people of Iran want the freedom we have; so a book like Tabloid Purposes: Book Five will scare the shit out of the dictators behind Iran. This kind of project is designed for something very akin to Red Dawn. And whose seen this movie and remember it; okay think something like that because I don’t get enough of these kind of stories either as an anthology publisher or with the magazine — so if you write alternate history; this is the good vehicle for you to give this a shot. My story Legend Keeper might be Anti-Socialist propaganda. Those two things seem to go hand in hand. If any kind of writer who can do these kind of stories justice and make a really dark piece out of it; is a Conservative. Richard Matheson wrote a lot of what happens during World War III. My novella — World War III hasn’t happened yet so give me a story where World War III takes place.
      To tell everyone the truth, I really don’t get enough of the dark tinged dystopian Cold War Fiction — if you’re a kid from the 1980s you saw the still beating heart of the Cold War and when it ended. It took a Republican to end the Cold War, but Obama is going to end up starting another cold war the path he takes.
      I have a lot of leftist and politically correct types trying to stifle what I do and say every book someone buys of mine they are contributing to my alcohol addiction when I rarely drink. Those of you who are born between 1973-1974 you would remember the more detailed aspects more than the rest of us will; this project is designed for this bracket as much as the 1976-1978 bracket even more so than the 1975s and 1979s. This kind of project when one thinks about this — it’s kind of a history book in many ways; as we’re telling our stories for the generations who are turning 18-24 years old (this would fall within my younger members of the roster.) When you think about it like this; what they’ve been reading about in high school and middle school — that was our world. When you think about it that way, it gets you thinking because it’s a frightening realization. I was thinking about this when I was doing Tabloid Purposes: Book Five; knowing that some of my roster had served in the United States Military during the era of the Cold War. There was a movie that came out when some of us had turned 20 or on the verge of turning 20 years old called Flame. Where were you when you seen the Berlin Wall get knocked down.
      During the era when we were kids; some of our siblings were not born yet — as some of you have siblings who do have brothers and sisters who are ten years younger than you. We were kids when we saw the disaster movie get a movie-of-the-week treatment; as I did post on my other blog about one of those movie-of-the-week Horror films that came out in 1972. I am looking for stories that are set in the 1980s-1990s for this with a few in the 2000s-2010s; I have written The Ward as it was being told in 2011 as I was in Oak Park thinking about the events of what happened duritng that time and the horror that unfolded during the era I was first developing Lake Fossil Press. I am looking for a few stories set in 1989-1990; as in this will be during the events of 1989-1990 of my memoir so think about the era when you were a teenager in that time frame that will help you do something like this. It really invokes some concepts that are truly thought-provoking as the 1980s tried to keep the subject matter that was highly provocative and though provoking out of the hands of the young. My new novella will look like it will overlap The Butterfly Effect in the year it’s set in parts when this movie is in part set too.
      Those of you who were becoming a teenager in 1988 This is your playground to monkey with too there — every part of this project fleshed out in a way where I have notes and very complex notes on every aspect of this one. This project I am planning; I did the most homework on but the hard part is getting everyone’s asses in gear to make this happen and all of you who are online; please get behind a word processor get off your iPhone or Windows Phone to get going on this. The deadline is when I fill it but I want to get this going in a huge way. So there is 400 plus following me on here; and I am sure some of you are told by the facsist dictator to trail me as you think I am some kind of trainwreck. Those of you who are brainwashed by that cult leader; and I do call him a cult leader because of the masses who harass me does what he says when says — as in when he says, “Simon Says,”the masses who harass me in his name are sheep who know how do one thing and bleat like a sheep. This is like Animal Farm kind of shit when you really think about it. Yesterday would been known as two days — those who are Pagans would know this particular day as Beltane aka May Day; and the Christians it is the National Day of Prayer. But this might be the realities of George Orwell when you think Obama trying to silence the ones who speak up for God and for Country so when you look at this kind of subject matter, if you are a Christian and a kid from the 1980s and teenager in the 1990s. You might see a dystopia unfold from a Utopian Society as Dystopia is more a realistic way of seeing the world — when you stare in the eyes of reality and it’s the reflection that Utopia you once knew had died in the world around us.