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That kind of heavy metal that Ratt and Cinderalla did… insults my intelligence. I was going to make fun of Kip via e-mail but when I learned his wife passed away — I am not going to add insult to injury but if he wants to do a Dark/Doom/Gothic Metal style direction — I will offer to write the lyrics as he has the abilies working wth Alice Cooper to be dark but he should concentrate more on playing his bass than dancing around. I also play bass some myself and I will slight of hand tricks being I will play with all four fingers then slide a pick into my thumbs to do faster parts. Much like what Geezer did when he does G//Z/R as he played with a pick on Drive Boy, Shooting (if you haven’t heard Plastic Planet; this is on my Spotify, and I had Horns checking this out saying, “No wonder you fucking challenge people when you have this kind of heavy metal when you turned 19 years old. You’re going to be quite punishing.” My pick style bass playing is influenced by G//Z/R. My vocal style when I do the harsher vocals tend to be more like Burton C. Bell. My guitar style is something I learned to do directly from watching Piggy of VOIVOD as I can do solos that sound like a UFO landing when I finger tap combined with a Pantera squeal.)The reason I got angry when people shoved hair metal down my throat is that was not the kind of heavy metal that got me listening to heavymetal – well the shallow stuff that was being forcefed on MTVat the time.
      Dokken was the exception to the rule because they wrote some very in depth lyrics for the kind of heavy metal they are, and for them to usher Metallica onto the stage I will say I have to commend them for introducing the masses to their then labelmates. (Others in ths circuit were scared of Metallica, I wish I was able to go on The Monsters of Rock in 1988 because that first introduced Metallica. I also liked Kingdom Come because they were similar to Led Zepelin.)With my magazine I do invite those from that background to take part;and this is the reason – I want them to prove me wrong like what Michael Sweet did with Dave Mustaine. I will not feature a lighter weight west coast heavy metal band but what got my respect is W.A.S.P. because they did explicit lyrics and played a heavier style compared to their L.A. based peers – a song like Mean Man related to me more than Shake Me did. I am going to feature a photo of one of my readers with link on her wall she had shared of one of my more notorious stories; though I am not comfortable with being called “Dark Lord” though because I do believe God had sent his son for me. I would like to see readers completely thrashed out wearing the battle vests, leather jackets, black or dark colored Levi’s — high top basketball shoes or construction boots (if you’re from the root metal background.) This reader is about two years older than my baby sister; I don’t expect my sister to have the extreme metal look herself but at least have a photo wearing an Trouble shirt as our family is connected to members of Trouble and The Skull.

this one does have a lot of followers and nearly 5000 connected with her.      “Come on my short name with a ‘y’ at the end, you’re a closet hair metal fan,” I’ve seen one person say to me. I will not even own the shallow squeaky clean heavy metal that was in MTV daytime rotation; if you hang out on my Myspace.com Radio you will see things that Freak hasn’t even ran when he was with 103.5 The Blaze or with 105.5 The Kat; he did a good thing before stepping down and he told me to say hello to Scott and Ron for him so guys Freak sends you his regards. I am going to share his photo on here too as his friends have been connecting with me too and I want to say welcome to them. I invite Freak to thumb around my Spotify too to see what he sees interesting too as I was part of Joliet Hard Rock/Heavy Metal history as I was eaten alive by some jackholes who were not intelligent on 96.7 Will Rock over the phones and Vlaz interrupted me every other line; so I am inviteing those who want to thumb around a presentation I did for Sarah Jezebel Deva on tumblr.com; check this out. I am going share one of Freak’s very cool photographs here — I am jealous he got to hang out with James Hetfield of Metallica; I think it would be cool to celebrate our birthday together. Some in heavy metal circles had caught onto I share a birthday with Hetfield — the quip that I laugh with is I got called his belated 13th birthday present. A horror author influenced by H.P. Lovecraft because he was listening to Metallica born on his 13th Birthday — I didn’t realize I had shared Hetfield’s birthday until I was rebooting Tabloid Purposes IV so I decided to include that in my editor’s bio when I rebooted the back cover.

      Theyeven shoved Nickelback down my throat too – friends don’t let friends listen to Nickelback. As I am writing Legend Keeper and setting a tone for the 2000s of traditional metal and thrash metal. When you are fed up with the shit they were shovingdown one’s throat on what heavy metal is on the radio you’re going to show them what heavy metal really is; and what got me listening to it. The guys of Thrash Eaters on tumblr.com had been watching the New Wave Of Thrash Metal as I have too. The new story is a monster too and I am loving every minute of writing this one too. I am looking to inspire a New Wave of Thrash Metal as an author – if I think one of these new bands took on a story like String of Nerves or A Mind Of Illness and do it as a 8 minute opus track. That would be a cool thing to see.
      WhenI see a band like Avarice emerging out of a tiny village of Coal City; I am giving them some encouragement because there are thrash metal bands who emerged that have a 16 year head start over them. They need to invest in a double bass drum kit if they want to really play this style of heavy metal – when I was trying to form aheavy metal band, I told the drummer a double bass drum kit was manditory because I needed the blast beat drumming for my melodicvocals. I have a lower range Led Zepelin style vocal I can do thelower range of Robert Plant’s vocals akin to what Eric Wagner doescombined with a dark bluesy vocal like Danzig and TV Crimes style Dio Vocals.
      I use this range when I do slower more melodic tracks; but when I have the thrash vocals it sounds like Hetfield (Dyers Eve and The Thing That Should Not Be,) Meliah Rage (Solitary Solitude.) Blitz (Just Like You) and Phil from Pantera (Mouth For War.) I wanted to combine the elements of Gothic, Industrial, Doom and Progressive Metal into thrash metal – Burn The Ship told me they were a metalcore band but if I joined them they would had morphed into a progressive outfit because I wrote epic level lyrics. I would had pushed them to doing tracks over seven minutes in parts because what I did lyrically had an epic range with how dark it got – I am sometimes quite fond of chess imagery because you can play of dark traits like the movie with the knight playing a game of chess with Death.
      Hair Metal – where is the depth? Do they venture into a book store or hang out in a movie theater where the storyline makes them really think about the human condition…. I do understand the hard work they have honing their craft and all of that. They do need to understand that the masses who got pissed at them in the heavy metal community were the ones who looked for the books that inspired the bands that they got into. The heart and soul of the heavy metal community is extremely intelligent; and instead of making fun of hair metallers like I used to. I am buying books for them and inviting them around my tumblr.com and wordpress.com to watch a few movies and read my anthologies.
      When I am running a large group – some were more into the much more shallow version of heavy metal, and I call this a parody of itself. I am going to pull out my Spotify.com playlists and show them what kind of heavy I had grown up on. The heavier and faster – sometimes a little darker in nature too; I would been the most impossible to reach in the early 1990s because I am intelligent and . That was part of the reason that taking Philosophy in college had appeared to me. I pissed off a former classmate with one of my jokes that I was looking for a Kill Bon Jovi sticker to put on my black B.C. Rich Warlock. I would tell a band like Limp Bizkit to “Eat Fuck.”
      When you write like I do that shallow stuff isn’t going to cut it – and some nu-metal; well does work with what I do a little bit but if it’s Coal Chamber. I am known for the dark themes that heavy metal does – more so thrash metal and Black Sabbath’s subject matter. The new story owes itself to Black Sabbath and Danzig, with being I had been prone to listen to The Doors. I saw some nods to the modern heavy metal that’s emerging where the real stuff is emerging once again – I am playing up my darkest traits with this novella as this is almost 20,000 words now. The ones who listen to the hair metal stuff might not get what I do. I might scare these particular groups as I write horror that will scare your parents and it compliments the heavy metal that you got in your collection. I will know what go means when a thrash metal band shouts it – that means get the fucking pit going.
      You look at heavy metal in the way of partying and debauchery – that mentaliy had died years ago; and those of you shoving this kind of crap down my throat, it’s time to show the real embodiment of heavy metal and the attitude that introduced. Something with a very strong level of supernatural intelligence where it is either be it the Devil or be it in Him. I am getting noticed in Romania – holy shit; so when I see people insulting my readers or my fanbase I do get mad because one of them has 759 followers on facebook . I do think it’s cool she’s checking my work out; and those who are from the hair metal spectrum reading this blog and get insulted by what I say – I am not saying this out of anger, but the thing thathair metal and *metal had done in the 2000s where those who listen to Nickelback. (I have to deliver my roster from this one – as I am going to turn them onto the darker stuff and have them checking out Believer, Empyrean Sky, Trouble, Novembers Doom, and the 1980s
metal that the radio and MTV refused to touch. As in I am pulling out Hirax for them. Nickelback, let my people go.) Some of my readers are about a few years older than my sister is; and I am trying to get my sister listening to more heavier stuff because she’s got access to the heavier bands – as our uncle has access to Iron Maiden and Metallica. I have access to heavy metal that’s not signed; and looking to share some of them on this posting.
      So those of you who are listening to hair metal on my watch – I amgoing to get you some heavier stuff and have you listening to my Spotify; you’re going to listen to heavier stuff kicking and screaming. When you have friends who have worked with a Fear Factory alumni on the second album – those who wrote them off as Marilyn Manson clones had gave them a second take when they heardTenchological Signularity. I guess its time I had unleashed my fear campaign upon the world; and writing Legend Keeper – this is just what this decade needs when I have this done, a modern nasty story where heavy metal had set the tone for my work. Theunderground 1980s metal and 2010s heavy metal is going to be referenced in lyrics but you need to be really smart to catch onto the references though. I rarely written anything set in the 1980s except for The Statue and parts of The Midnight Diner along with my first novella length effort. Spotify.com gives what I do a new dimension meaning you get to hear the heavy metal music I mention in the stories; and then some that are implied – Ghosts In The Tornado; I pulled out Bastard Nation by Overkill. So those of you who abuse the moose and have the spandex as your idea of heavy
metal – time for your lobotomy and it is one that is much needed as you need to be brought up to the modern decades of heavy metal and what survived the demise of hair metal. When you see a band like Fear Factory – Industrial Metal, you see some big guys playing this as this is something you saw with Paul with Novembers Doom in the 2000s (you see a photo of him now you barely recognize him and that’s a good thing. He’s healthier too for it.) But the WCW when they were around gave Fear Factory some recognition.
I am going to show some of you a video where one of the members of Fear Factory playing Fear Campaign.

      When you hear something like Fear Factory – when you grew up on Master of Puppets; the bar had been raised and taken to a whole new level where they are including electronics with the extreme metal guitars and blastbeat drumming. I write horror where it does have the social-political commentary with philosophical themes. The hair metal crap doesn’t quite cut it with what I do and I need to up the game of everyone involved when I do my magazine – I want everyone to up their game with the re-launch. With this project I am trying to get off the ground I am trying to reach to the hardcore rap community too. I have readers who are rooted in this and would like to see some writers who came out of the darker side of the hip-hop community. The ones who are saying that heavy metal is juvenile really haven’t checked into Chicago’s homegrown where it gave extreme metal it’s real depth. Compared to Edgar Allan Poe and H.P. Lovecraft. My style is more mechanized Cyber:Terror:Machine also set me apart from my influences as I took on George Orwell traits. Heavy metal became more mechanized compared to the hair metal counterparts; and I am playing with these more mechanized traits with Legend Keeper.
      As Steven sang in Slauter Xstroyas that Metal is not a Sin; but what I see with heavy metal as I am a cyberpunk crossover. I became a mechanized style of horror author, and Legend Keeper is an alternate history story where I have the mechanized traits. With this project – I want to see the science fiction writers get more mechanzied than I did with Cyber:Terror:Machine. Legend Keeper is the size of The
Fandom Writer II: The Horror Writer’s Curse
, Norwood’s
and Cyber:Terror:Machine.
This one I am working on is the largest of my metafictional output where it crosses Gothic Horror, Alternate History, Supernatural Horror, Cyberpunk, and Creative Nonfiction. It ties my Gothic Horror, cyberpunk and creative nonfiction together – the date in the story of the one character you will catch it if you read The Cabbie Homicide. Legend Keeper has elements of my Storm Menace delivery too – I am implying the events of Plainfield one year before it happens. You can’t do Storm Menace if you listen to Cinderella or Britney Fox; you need something a lot stronger and a faster horse. I was blasting Ice Earth when I was watching The Weather Channel’s Storm Stories when I was writing Utica, Illinois. Tornado along with Decending Vortex were the archetype for this delivery.
      The reason I get mad when people shove the shallow crap down my throat is because that was on the radio in Iowa and they didn’t have access to Industrial in Mason City; and when I played Mr. Self Destruct at a dance in Hampton, Iowa. They ran out screaming because they were into
the whole boy band crap; when you saw wiggers who were wearing a Limp Bizkit shirt You just want to up and shake them because when you see this; especially when they crapped on the more extreme styles of heavy metal. Great way to give someone with a Limp Bizkit shirt some punishment is put them in a Biohazard pit as they ripped off Biohazard. I think that the trend of Nu-Metal had went the way that Hair Metal did and you hardly had the intelligence that thrash metal did but you seen a very few heavy metal bands that have this. When
you have seen the converts to Christianity from hair metal – you’re going to be the one having to play the role of educator when you have to show them the heart and soul of heavy metal is it’s intelligence and blackened depths. The philosophical thought patterns of the more extreme styles of heavy metal; I wanted to combine
Gothic Horror atmospheres with Cyber-Metal. When you do a book called Dirty Black Winter – you are not going to be listening to Britney Fox or some of the flavor of the weak that MTV had in their regular rotation.
&nbp;     When you have a pastor’s wife basically saying; and she went to school with you in front of you saying to your rival on twitter, “I would rather spend my money on you…” Then when you have a book like what I did the attitude that I drew directly from underground heavy metal and the more metallic style of heavy metal. You’re going to tell that one who has the holier-than-thou self-righteous hiding behind holiness; take that attitude and walk
where she is the type that offers God for sale at the highest price. Where I will get even angrier is when she looked down upon those who came to faith who have the ink and long hair; I want to challenge those kind of Christians – what the hell does a Christian look like in their fucking eyes?

      This story – when one listens to the heavier 1980s metal that emeged; and you have access to the Chicago homegrown stuff that is
when the polished corporate pop-metal doesn’t cut it. I would had called Tipper Gore a “censoring cunt” for the P.R.M.C
(though I think it’s changed since then – where they have more
resposiblity with this now it’s in Repubican hand
.)thing and I will call that one who called heavy metal a negative stereotype, what’s his name. That’s right his hame is Robert Christgau, a corperate cocksucking faggot.
      I think what he doesn’t understand is heavy metal produced horror authors, genre fiction writers, and publishers so I want to have him challenge this because heavy metal. The more extreme types I will challenge him on but I think his opinion was drawn upon hair metal. Hearing Killed By Death by Motorhead; I was 18 years old and played this for a classmate from Marquardt while he was giving me a ride home from the car stereo joint. I was looking for a good tape deck for my 1979 Buick Regal and wanted to restore this one giving the car a Buick Grand National Engine – painting it black with a hunter green interior. I have compared the Liberals to Facsists because they were the ones who incited an act of censorship. I can forgive Ice-T for Cop Killer as I kind have an idea where that came from because he lives in L.A. and it happened during the events of Rodney King Out of respect of Officer Barlow this is a song I officially retired from my playlists. So when you are looking at this blog and might be offended by the language – I guess some of you realize you had a time bomb upon your hands when you deal with someone who is intelligent and you see something you said that blows up within your face. Those who take a crap on indie heavy metal acts and indie authors; I think they still get their heavy metal explicit content from Wal-Mart. DVDs I have no problem getting there but if you want explicit content — uncensored; get it from CDBaby.com or Bandcamp.com as Lulu.com is ideal for publishing explicit content.