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I am looking around YouTube.com while hitting the 20,870 word mark with my novella and this one was written a little faster than when I wrote either Game Over or The Fandom Writer II. As I have a reader in Romania I figured I would share this documentary I found on Vlad The Impaler, also known as Vlad Dracul – who inspired Bram Stoker to create Dracula. I had mentioned Vlad the Impaler in a story called Barbed Wire Crown; but this is something I would study because with Legend Keeper I had been seen along the lines of Vlad The Impaler. I had a Vlad the Impaler style death in Game Over. When you listen to Iced Earth – you get drawn into the subject of History; The Glorious Burden deal with history as this was his first love. History intrigued me as this story Legend Keeper I am writing with knowledge of world history.
      I am getting to show this to some of you as I hope you all enjoy these findings because I think some of you might enjoy this. This is really fucking disturbing when you think about it and I am using an actual illustration that I found from the era of this historic sick fuck. I am giving those who want to write for my anthology some things to look at for subject matter. The things I find on here; sometimes – I admit I wish I didn’t know where to find this shit. But the industry sees me as a monster – well I am going to give them a fucking monster they are going to unleash in me when this novella is done. I am going to release it in print as a chapbook too. I am thinking I found the artwork to use to release Legend Keeper too and this is some of my color artwork. I am going to take away your teddy bear with this one.
      I think what would be cool is if I release Legend Keeper in English and Italian; I have friends who are fluent in Italian to help me do the translation and thinking I would do an Italian language version of some of my key stories but this isn’t my native tongue though I am third generation born here. To help me write Legend Keeper as this is set in the late 1980s it’s got the Gothic atmospherics that emerged in the 1990s. The story has a vibe that is going to set a tone for Lacuna Coil as she is of our generation – my generation produced Symphoic Metal and Gothic Symphonic Metal. This blog entry of my wordpress.com blog postings is going to be the most Gothic of them because I am pulling out some hellish videos in history and if you look on my private page I have a playlist shared because this attributes to when I first met Grigori 3 and befriended them; as I met them at Lacuna Coil.
      “Why are you doing something this dark Nick?” I could see someone asking, but Carol (now married,) saw this story so far and it’s punishing as hell too. I am trying to set the tone for bands Benedictum and I emerged about the time when G//Z/R did so what I wanted to do heavy metal wise was more like G//Z/R in terms of 1990s aggro thrash metal. I got someone who doesn’t really understand the depth and the darkness that I crank out with this novella; or with my body of work – my dystopian era materail tends to be a little darker than my regular supernatural horror. This novella I am writing – it references other Dysotpian stories as one of those stories I mention in the story is set in Glen Ellyn; and this is the Gothic Horror take on Alternate History with elements of Dystopian Fiction.
      Some wonder where some can draw for evil dystopian characters – you can draw them right from history and from the current events where you can have a dictator like Saddam Hussien who boiled detractors in acid. I think this kind of horror when combined with other aspects in the hands of the Conservative – can be very punishing, very brutal with the mental imagery. When you’re a Conservative/Republican in Illinois, being a Conservative is a rebellion – and when you rebel against tyrants, you know how that is as this was how this country was established. And you know how to the the fight to tyrants – when you seen some George Orwell’s movies like Animal Farm; it makes you wonder where Orwell drew from in sense of his villans. I can have the attitude of someone who can incite an anarchy because the kind of thing when you write dark horror fiction. It’s an anarchy against the industry especially when you write it with something profound to say and challenges someone’s ideas or even having them question their beliefs.
      Well when you’re dealing with someone who writes horror who goes for ideologically sensitive subject matter – that’s going to be an assault on the senses there. So I have those who have tried to demoralize me; I have never done the things that Vlad Dracul or Saddam Hussien had done so I really don’t like being put on par to both. Those of you who want to call Lake Fossil Press a demon; well I have to ask this question – Am I Demon? Watch me become Hyde when Legend Keeper is finished. Some might not seen the other 2004-2006 era material well I am making that shit available again and reissuing it on codexed.com – when I am trying to tie people over until Legend Keeper is finished; this is a monster and it’s diabolical.
      “End the demon that’s Lake Fossil Press,” one writes on his blog.
      This one had me on a warpath when he called my magazine The Ethereal Gayzette – do not call my magazine this; but when you look at these blog entries and ,tags on the blogs. I will tell writers to be ready to unleash the dogs of war; I am not going to let people in the industry tell me what to publish and what not to publish. Everyone’s voices will be heard – we all have something to say.
      This project I am doing; their voices will. I am trying to get everyone in gear and motivated because the thing everyone deals with is procrastination with this thing and I am patient because I know everything when together will look cool. I am waiting for everyone to get on a word processor. Where I am looking to see writers who will challenge the Liberal Regime as they will mirror the death of mankind and do things that will make Vlad Dracul look like a saint. The Dems – well if you gave them more power to kill they’d be trying to stick a Republican through a stake up their ass and the end of the stake will be sticking out of their mouth because what we say. Aborrance the liberal way; when you see this kind of video a about Vlad Dracul –- you think about the things happening in the 2010s. Twenty years ago is what we adored and that being violence.

      You’re sure the fuck aren’t going to see Wizard of Oz being played or in my fucking DVD collection. So I am showing you some notorious historical figures before the dawn of the information age. I am not going to really have many movies that are lightweight in my library even the lightweight films have dark subject matter for me. My mother can’t watch really macabre stuff these days and she’s got a hard time reading horror these days. Well, when you look at this one you are going to look at Vlad and say, “what kind of fucking psycho are you; you were raised on Thou Shall Not Kill….” Vlad would been what Iron Maiden and Testament sang of being a Powerslave; time – well hasn’t been kind to him and history in other parts of the world he would been a monster. But to Romania; he would their George Washington. A very malevolent figure when one thinks about it there but when you look at someone this makes one really wonder though.