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I was reading what one of your native sons read about me and why I want to work with female models. That’s what is wrong with some factions of the community. I guess they are not ready for what Chicago has in store for the community where they are willing to invite those who are at home behind a word processor — where we told kids to stay in school and not use drugs. You wonder why we looked for books and literature when everyone else was out in the corner on the Sunset Strip. When the model gets paid it after the book comes out so she has the flesh and bloods of the publication and I said no nudity either; I mean that. I think what the writer of The Stoned Age was showing us was kind of an idea what heavy metal was like when it was young, and how headbangers back then were about partying, getting drunk underage and finding how many women they can bag in one night. My reasons for showing this movie, I was telling the masses, “This is what not to do when you listen to heavy metal. We stayed in school and kept creative — chemical influence kept it from being pure and genuine. Get that degree if you can or if you can do one better the honorary doctorate.” This movie has some goofs in there — and I think if he did Lake Fossil; he would this one animated to get an accurate DuPage County in 1993. Wikipedia.org talks of the goofs — on of is the Blue Oyster Cult song; as this came out when I was five years old. This came out when I was in basic training but went to cable sometime in 1995-1996 I would been about 19-20 years old when this was on cable.
     This is not a fucking skin mag or an erotica publication. Look if you want to play Jerky Boys with me — I was doing this long before they were doing it. This is more or less the blogger version of being a Jerky Boy; so kinda go back and wash off the makeup and go back to school pal. When you piss off Chicago — if you’re a band; forget about getting booked because we will remember what you said especially when you’re dealing with one like the faggots of The Silent Order which are mallcore pussies in my eyes.
     “The reason you want females to only work with is so you can masturbate to them,” this guy said.
     I beg to differ there jagoff. The reason I want to work with female models and have them do PG-13 rated dark photos is because it will soften the blows of the harder R-rated and NR rated stories in a project. I don’t publish nudity or sexually suggestive pictures so if you think I do that — you flat out libeled me asshole. You pulled your pants down and took a bowel movement on my integrity. So you saying I am the one being called out; this presentation with the movie with my argument is calling you out butthead.   
     I have female authors and a good number of them recently got married; that’s a disgusting accusation one to make because I am not a damn misogynist. I am going to show a movie on this blog too show people what not to do — and you guys haven’t learned this from watching The Stoned Age; my generation learned them and watching a movie like that. It convinced us to stay in school and not be like this. My publishing career never died and I am trying to start a career for a few longtime friends if they want it. That kind of accusation; pisses me off — and if you saw the statement I made both on my company page and my public page on facebook. I don’t use bing that often to help me speak in my family’s native tongue in Italian.
     You might have dropped out after the 10th grade there — so I am guessing the thing with Ohio you hardly had intelligent people except for Ripper who was smart; and Horns who became an author too. Your native sons — insulted what Chicago is about when he said those things, Chicago we’re about culture and very culturally diverse; trying to reach out to our counterparts too as what I am attempting to do with this. In Chicago and Milwaukee; you can’t really pigeonhole these two scenes and thrash metal you can’t pigeonhole either. In Chicago — thrash metal was very young but Chicago did it on levels I couldn’t even believe.
     What we learned from what Los Angeles did and what Norway did — that’s what we opted what no to do; even the band that Two Ton Anvil calls FFM can laugh at themselves. A band like Avarice didn’t last because of they were in a town where the gigs were limited of what they were able to do; they were good but they didn’t believe in their full abilities and played it too much like a hobby. What I was offering made them nervous because it would had upped their game on par to either Bloodstream Parade or Jungle Rot.
     What happened to Jani — thinking about this and what Akron in the 1980s; did they have access to libraries or museums growing up? They might be a two million population, but damn — I need to see this from an outsider’s perspective. What we had in Glendale Heights — heavy metal wise; the radio was one thing but when you had access to the underground the kind of things that were not on the radio. When I did my assignment where I played a heavy metal DJ — it was uncensored and added the swearing. I got someone who is checking me out when he did a blog saying re-thinking Warrant. Well when I say they need to re-think what heavy metal is about it would be the rest of Akron because they didn’t really see what Chicago did or what the two coasts did when they sped things up.
     Time to wake up Akron; time to see what Chicago sees — when you have a heavy metal landscape like Chicago; it’s kind like a mirror of the sounds of the world in heavy metal. They looked to Chicago when every other place was falling apart — heavy metal became more literate in Chicago and I think if Jani would had came to Chicago in the 1990s; he still might be around. So think about this — why did Chicago survive when Los Angeles and parts of new Nu-Metal had failed? Where Chicago had birthed social workers, nurses, authors, film makers, and classical musicians — that where Chicago had succeeded guys.
     One heavy metal band the founding member is a small town transplant who knows how to work with a computer and took music composition in college — he taught me what heavy metal can be and he goes by this. Heavy Metal as art. The sky is the limit with us — and I wanted to pass what I learned onto the rest of the generation so who ever is telling me to give up; they are the bastards who live with their parents. When you are dealing with someone who really is the angry young man; and publish a lot of angry young men and women. Changing the social windmills of the literary world and publishing is what I am about — and I am not done with this either.
     Those of you from Akron, sit down and listen what Chicago is going to teach you bastards — most of Akron really hasn’t gone to college there when it came to heavy metal. Illinois, we have kids who are writing a college thesis on these kind of things and they got into heavy metal the reasons I got into it when I was 10-14 years old. I was discovering the intelligence of thrash metal when I was 12-13 years old when I butted heads with those who listen to House Music. Chicago likes to have a drink every now and then — but we can joke about that when you have a heavy metal band where his last name is Vomit and a band which I can’t say the name without asking, “What the fuck were they thinking? I can’t believed you booked these jokers — but yeah I can see where we can laugh at ourselves a bit there.”
     Akron — if you’re key figure idea is going into Karaoke Bars and video taping it; if I am going to go on video to read something I wrote it would be at Red Lion Pub. Reading it with a friend who plays in a heavy metal band and his band plays along as I read as the performance is unplugged — but they would need to put my mic a little louder so they could hear me when I am reading The Pattern of Diagnosis. When we do creative nonfiction in Chicago. It’s likened to extreme metal. I would rather choke on video with something I wrote myself when I didn’t test it out first than sing something which isn’t mine, butchering it when looking at the lyrics meaning if you’re going to sing on video and be a lead vocalist use your own lyrics.
     What Tyler said — there’s a lot that will take to really piss me off. But you what you said, congratulations what you fucking said pissed me off and it is on par to what Mike Davis said to me and I called him a hippie cocksucker who would spit on veterans. You seen my reading patterns and seen what I have as far as books — my friends in Chicago will tell you stories about my book collections as a few of them are signed. You are the one discouraging those who listen heavy metal and not be well read then you deserve to be called a fucking poser — if your heaviest band you have in your collection is Steelheart.
     You show up at a Jungle Rot show with a shirt like that. You’re begging for a “kick me” sign on your back for that one. That party after the show attitude is all well and good for a time but what happens after the crowds are gone and no longer want to see you ever. You guys who are saying I am genre bashing — no I am not but that attitudes with that attitude attributed to a very high drop out rate. Meaning they didn’t go to college and you see them working at McDonald’s at 37 years old or living with their parents at 38 years old.
     Where some of us do live with aging relatives but we’re doing what we are wanting to do. If you stifle a career like that if you listen to things that equate to easy listening to the rest of the underground. When you have connections to the industry — you might have the high friend counts and high amount of followers but no connections who will get people discovered.. You see you friends get on WGN; they’re going to eventually get the word out about you and people are going to make waves about it. I got noticed for keeping a promise that even the band thought it was impossible for me to keep.
     Horns noticed, “What you do — you represent the underground, the attitude and hardcore nature of you writing. It mirrors the underground.”
     He was right with this one — I can really make the mainstream look good or really fuck them over. Legend Keeper is going to screw the mainstream’s idea of the 1980s completely over there as they like to mainline the Aqua Net. I am going into a depth that I touched the iceberg with when I wrote An Eye In Shadows. The attitude of the underground in the 1980s and heavy metal — that is my attitude too; and when you see things like Steelheart on the radio. I will hate to say it but your intelligence was insulted.
     It’s your option to treat me like a damn monster but if you want a monster made out of me. I will do it myself and when I do it there will be a monster more frightening than me being written. You want to keep people down who had dropped out of college because they can’t retain information; then you deserve to have poverty greeting you as you see a book like Fossil Lake. (A bastardization of Lake Fossil getting out there, and an amoral bitch getting celebrated for trying to destroy Lake Fossil Press. S.E. Cox almost did and Brian Keene along with his child molester friends are doing that but they will fail. I see where they are making fun of me using bing to trash talk but I think if they knew how to use Bing to do some things — it will allow one to break a language barrier. So you bastards — and making this statement public with the staff of heavy metal crossroads; you were mislead by those who convinced you I raped people. I never would do that; that’s disgusting and you did this where my family and friends are active at. So wake up because Akron; a majority of you reflect what’s wrong with the community where you’re idea of heavy metal is getting drunk and partying. It’s like why showed that movie The Stoned Age to the group; you encourage people to drop out — I had to proofread comments made because they were riddled with typos and stuff like that.)
     But a community where I was forced out without a reason to speak up for myself a statement I made in Italian — I am going to go more into that in English on here and on thing is I am going to say; fuck with me — I will let karma do it’s job; but when you fucked with my friends, my roster, and my family. I will become it.
     You ostracize me because I said the truth and you small minded fucks who saying that a false God shall be the judge of me — who are you to say and what I shall do; my career is not a toy for you to break as my life isn’t either If anything I will go the extra mile for my roster or for my longtime friends.
     This project I want to get both longtime friends and extended family joining me on the project because I want them to see what I do for work first hand. Akron, Ohio is almost where heavy metal died in 2004 — but Chicago and the upper Midwest in Milwaukee, we kept it going played heavier, faster, added more intelligence to it, and when I developed Tabloid Purposes IV. I immortalized Pantera in an era where they brought out a thrash metal sound. So you’re insult someone who was willing to do this for Pantera and met Voivod at a very instrumental time when I went from a spoken word poet to writing short stories. You say support local musicians and that I agree with to a certain degree as long you’re not going to kill their liver with the money they make — if they support writers too then I will support them.
     Writers are the fucking backbone for underground heavy metal. What Ripper did was very smart with opening a heavy metal influenced sports bar — I wish they had something like this in Schamburg, Illinois. I would opened a 24 hour pool hall in Roselle or Hanover Park, Illinois. (Cook County side where my uncle and step-grandparents lived about nine blocks apart in the 1980s and 1990s.) I had part of the hall as an open writing office where they can see me blog.
     The visitors hang out while I write novella length efforts and short stories then play pool on video when I had some downtime — then run Lake Fossil Press from the office. At the core I am always going to run Lake Fossil Press and re-claim my status as a publishing mobile; this never ended in 2011 and the second namesake wasn’t the last hurrah of Lake Fossil Press. Though my domain expired in 2012 but my social network took the place of the domains; and tumblr.com is my office blog. With Jeff moving on the West Coast now — Lake Fossil Press needs to open doors for other publishers too in Illinois. I want pick up the slack the editor of the Midnight Diner left when he moved to Texas and left publishing. I will teach people how to be publishers — if one is a scam publisher would they be willing to teach someone how to be a publisher? So you are saying yes to that — jump on video and call some a fake publisher; as someone got mad when I called him out on video.
     I am keeping the artist a surprise for Legend Keeper because I don’t want fake named screen names harassing them as they pose as “journalists.” These “journalists” took a bm on my friend’s memory to and saying they will contribute to the end of my career. Let me ask this; are you willing to pull the trigger on me because that is what is it will take to end my career.
     Meaning you have to be a real scumbag to pull the trigger on someone when they are on stage. Los Angeles and Norway did a lot of fucking damage to heavy metal. The damage came from two extremes; the extreme is the sex and partying and the other is setting churches on fire. Chicago is trying to fix the damage these two scenes caused. Los Angeles the scene you have now. The only good heavy metal bands that came out of that area are Hirax and Vengeance Rising. The rest bunch of liberal socialists who spit on those who served our country and New York brought the attention to those who are or were a P.O.W. and M.I.A.s to light on this — as I say they are not forgotten.
     If you’re going be the kind of person that is not part of the solution, you’re contributing to the problem. The majority of Akron; I really hate to say this but you’re encourage people not to go to college and saying, “Fuck reading — let’s drop out of school and play this music we love.”
     Look at the path that’s going to lead you — if you don’t go back to school; if you have a learning disability like me. If you didn’t at least try to go to college; then what have you accomplished? You are damned at 42 years old asking people do you want fries with that or waiting tables at a place where you hardly get $30 for three hours of tips. Metallica and Anthrax along with Iron Maiden had us reading books and short stories; what has hair metal done for this? My website in the 1990s drew attention from Gothic circles because how dark it is. Jordan told me he didn’t feel comfortable among the Gothic circles because he was really as comedian.
     When I do a heavy metal show — it’s going to encourage moshing and slam dancing; stage diving included. I got thrown out of the Odium for stage diving as they claim — the truth of it was I was tossed over the rail when I was crowd surfing. So I find nothing wrong with moshing, I was the guy starting the mosh pit. But in my age now — I will once in a while get into the pit during No One but I am not light enough to crowd surf like I used to. Iced Earth encouraged moshing at their shows but when Gettysburg is playing don’t mosh because you’re being respectful of history. So Fugazi fuck you there — if you’re going to be at one of my gigs as a host. If a mosh pit is going to happen, it will fucking happen as Mushroomhead will get into the crowd and mosh with you. The place I hosted at was too small for a pit but if I had Logan Square Auditorium for a show. I am not going to encourage it but I am going to egg them on to start moshing to thrash metal. Tabloid Purposes IV is a fucking literary mosh pit of horror and science fiction — you’re going to feel like you were in a mosh pit for 8 hours. I can only mosh at 30 minute intervals now when I was at Corrosion Of Conformity I was in the pit the entire show.
     When I saw Frontline Assembly I seen the a pit unfold where the whole floor saw four different kinds of mosh pits — so those of you who are in Akron. When your key personality on facebook an her boyfriend accused me of raping women. Tyler you seen what I wrote above and when I play this movie called The Stoned Age. I immediately think the majority of Akron — the only one who has the level head on his shoulders is Ripper. Heavy Metal almost died in Akron, Ohio, think about that one before you stifle someone who has a career because of it. If you’re a known heavy metal personality and want to be taken seriously don’t videotape yourself doing a Bon Jovi song; when I was dragged to something like this.
     I wasn’t looking at the lyrics when I belted out Alice In Chains, “Again,” and a guy gave me their card saying they wanted a vocalist. I would rather video tape myself reading my own work and choking because I never read it live before than be video taped signing Bon Jovi. I had a very short time limit to read this in so I was rushed with this one. If I am going to read longer work; I don’t want a time limit to pair up with a heavy metal band to do it. I would need either a death-doom, post-metal, or Gothic Metal band to pull this off because I need the dark atmospherics.
     Hell, Motograter, would be perfect for reading creative nonfiction works live. String of Nerves — that is their era I was writing this one in. If they can do something that’s a 38 minute instrumental track for me to pull that one off; and get a venue like The Metro. I will read The Pattern of Diagnosis at The Metro with a very heavy band paired up with it to build up the atmospherics. I want to not have the band overpower the story or the story overpower the band; I never read this live or have read The Seasons of Black September in it’s entirely. If I do that one, I want the guitarist who had this originally done on audio bring his full band on to help me with this one. The only piece I read live that I wrote on the spot was Hand of the Betrayer.
     Look your citizens in Akron, Ohio, they need to spend more time in museums and movie theaters. I was looking for the artist who was behind the artwork on my book co-designer’s CD and was looking at this with Nikk, DieTrich, Gwen, and Ray.
     I was talking with them and said, “Oh my God, did I find what I think I found? The artwork that John used for his CD — when a heavy metal band is willing to find artwork from a famous artist in the public domain with their band who has a modest budget. Very talented band; it’s clever if one can figure out the artist who did this.”
     If you’re a model working with a publishing imprint; don’t wait to be paid first. Wait for the flesh and blood then get paid with the flesh and bloods too so you have the copies too — if you take part in a literary publication. Don’t just do the covers without reading the stories or had read the stories from publications a writer had a appeared in. That’s why it’s really hard to get models to sign up for a literary publication; because the critics assume you’re going to do naughty things to them in a hotel room — what the hell you losers? I am not Hustler or Playboy.