She’s been doing this for a decade — I’ve been at this for two decades plus four; this bitch has said things about the learning disabled and mentality ill that are career ending. She stifled my publishing career and took a shit on as Derleth’s memory; I have those connections and where she fucks over my roster — one of them is a friend of hers and this pisses me off. It pisses me off more because she pissed on people who did it themselves for years, and she turns around and works with Createspace.com. She underestimates her contemporaries especially when they can do creative nonfiction darker than her fictional counterparts– the female authors on my roster are relentless and her small town mentality is going leave her really hated in Glendale Heights. Mary Sangiovanni is hated in Chicago — and I published a lot of authors who could been in middle school with us if she lived in Glendale Heights. Before I became published — I was already writing as long as writers twice my age. This is a a fucking “fluff” piece — this is where she gets spayed like a ‘figa.”
      I have metafictional horror stories that really harness what I am capable of doing. She calls my characters cardboard — how can they be cardboard when I know them in real life as some are based upon my best friends and sometimes extended family. Wandering in Darkness is my most complex short story I’ve done. Two Ton Anvil hates her because what she said; and when you see an anthology of yours in The Edgar Allan Poe Museum library that originally didn’t anything about. This anthology — along with Tabloid Purposes IV and key issues of my magazine, I remember my friends from the neighborhood and open the doors for them. What has Mary done for her old neighborhood besides giving a fist pumping juicehead some head. I have a fucking learning disability and she treats people like this like shit around me — fuck her, any of her titles for that alone; throw them in a wastebucket at a book store and give the readers to my closers on Tabloid Purposes IV and namesake one as they’re female too. Fuck her and her porn career there — never feature an author whose idea of a promotional shot is a selfie behind a webcam. That’s fucking tacky there pal. I proved myself in Science Fiction, creative nonfiction and horror — I can carry an opus at 21,000 plus and my new story is a monster that plays off dark philosophical ideas and concepts. Of when someone can’t handle a controversy; don’t fucking cause it.
      The thing with my covers — one of them has origins in being fan art for me; you may never know when you will have a cover from fan art and you will see cool things you get hooked up with if you’re a reader or a member of my roster. You will get the DVDS I watch personally or see my spotify playlists. With Mary — what she said of me saying decades of therapy and of my far off friendship of April Derleth; that’s a controversy that’s going to really bury her and can’t handle the backlash that goes with it. I look out for my roster; and I published my classmates — I have even published my first girlfriend but her little cult harassed my friends, and my classmate who treats me like a fuck goes around running with her. Rockaway, New Joisey are bunch of village idiots when it comes to Italian-Americans — New Jersey had too many negative stereotypes of Italian-Americans; an what Mary is is rather manufactured like a Boy Band. The female authors from Lake Fossil Press can do science fiction and horror seamlessly and also can take on traits of their TOC mates.
      You want a strong female author check out the closing author on namesake one — her pen name is D. Wolfe and her story is called Eve Of All Shadows. If you deny me; you denied the history of the horror genre — with Mary, she has her name deleted from the Book of Life. She’s the industry’s favorite fucktoy. Her promotional shots — she looks like a dime store whore who was left on the Sunset Strip. I do have her mailing address if you want to really punk this poser — find an I.O.U. shirt from 1989 and mail it to her. She is not that well liked in all truth — I have more people connected with me on my private page than she does on her public page. Facebook really does need a don’t like button with Sangiovanni. If you want to ostracize a village, ostracize Rockaway New Jersey because your least favorite citizen’s grandfather is the Jersey Devil. I pulled out an excerpt from my memoir; and Ramsey you still want to slam the door on my face. I kick them down. And that door you slam, I am going to forcefully kick that fucker down.

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Mary SanGiovanni has been writing fiction for over a decade. She has a Masters degree in Writing Popular Fiction from Seton Hill University in Pittsburgh, where she studied under Gary Braunbeck and Tom Monteleone, two longtime favorites here in October Country. Like all writers, she’s juggling a number of projects, but was kind enough to take a little time to talk with us about her craft and career.

OC: Horror is a genre that has long been dominated by the male voice – have you encountered any particular barriers as a woman writing horror, or is it your experience that gender doesn’t matter as long as the talent is there?

MSG: I think the situation for women writers has improved in the decade or so that I’ve been writing. Initially, women were up against the mistaken belief that all horror written by them is really troped-up romance, that it isn’t scary…

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