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The way I use my pinterest account— it’s my bibliography and a vehicle to display some of the writers who were published with me over the years with Lake Fossil Press either in Tabloid Purposes; The Ethereal Gazette, or my namesakes.  Some who are former classmates– one of them with the books worth reading is kind of a very sick joke. I am guessing she hardly has a single book written by a living author in the current era.  Well up to this point — I was reading and still read Richard Matheson then have a few of his titles on mypinterest.com as inspirations and influences.
      This is my version of books worth reading and I have pinterest’d some of my spotify playlists and key entries on my blogs and articles too so you can go check those out too. My heavy metal board gets follows too and this is very cool — as I find heavy metal videos and performances to share as well as what I find on reverbnation. I am known for listening to really obscure heavy metal bands. I try not to do the same pin twice.
      “All these people you speak about — professionals; I care about the Gospel,” she writes. I am sure some if you will be pissed at the combined linked with the site News For Christians mixed with the dark explicit subject matter. A Preacher’s Second Chance might be more this one’s speed but of the rest of you who want in on this; keep reading and use the links to click along. Some of you are a portrait of an American Family — so yeah some of your legalism; don’t mean a fuck to me as I emerged in 1997 as this would been 16 years ago with a website and it was on Poe’s Wedding Anniversary turned out my site was born.
      How can you not give a damn about the entertainment industry? Do you realize when you encourage people to pirate films — you are hurting the writers,” I am looking at the screen with a bit of anger then when she said of what she would do in her tweet to my rival authors as in willing to spend money on their titles. You wonder why I am that hostile to this classmate — well I pulled something out in a way where you experience my work like you never did before with my picks from Myspace.com and with Spotify.com.
      My tumblr.com blog gave me the idea how to do this as the tumblr.com I became even more interactive with my readers.  So what you see with this as I linked this up with my more in depth blog entries (my blogs are showing up in the 2400-4000 word range often too which is really damn cool. So I give you guys a presentation of The Cabbie Homicide where you can discuss this story on my public facebook profile.)
     So think about this some of you — who tossed me out of the 20 year reunion group. You should think about the path you gone down before you stifle someone who truly is a creative because you may never know you stifled Edgar Allan Poe if he was alive. When I invited some of you to be a part of my project — I am giving you the chance to experience what I did when I became published for the first time onmy 28th birthday; working on a story called Legend Keeper — some of you are going to get screwed in the process of that one. Your lastnames are not named in the story and some the last names are changed — my boy scout troop; the second troop I was with is fictionalized  and the Legend Keeper rendition the Three Rivers Council was in 1988.I want to write a story for Boy’s Life because I grew up reading those magazines; but I doubt they will have an Edgar Allan Poe within those pages as that is what I am like when I wroteThe Cabbie Homicide.
      I am giving the Christians who are born between 1973-1979 a vehicle to submit their testimonies if they graduated between 1991-1997; and I will have a 1963-1971 do the introduction of us as they seen us as kids. Then a 1988-1993 do the synopsis as they’ve seen us as adults — I have special guidelines for each aspect of this one as I have no set deadline with this one. But if C.W. LeStart is so willing
to stifle something as this — then why should we contribute to herbooze and Mary Sangiovanni’s cheap $2 makeup? This project
is not an entirely a Christian anthology or a horror anthology as there are aspects of this project are a sliver — I have detailed notes on each part of this anthology; and if Brian Keene stifles something like this then what kind of man is he really?
editor’s choice I will give them a guest video blog spot on tumblr.com;  creative nonfiction editor’s choice will be invited to do a guest blog on here. Also with a graphic created of their bio and their spotify.com playlist featured if it’s a hard rock playlist — as long the playlist isn’t radio friendly
     No man will be turned away from a publication based upon their reputation,” as one publisher wrote speaking of me — I knew it was talking about me in that line. If you submit something that dishonors my moral convictions, you will be turned away — as I have turned away homoerotic content without prejudice.  As in I will not allow this kind of thing in my publications — but if you wonder about what I have in mind,  I did a writeup for a larger group to see if I can get interest going.  I am not going to quit as a publisher what so ever — if you tell me to do so;  you will see me saying a few choice words at you.
     What I am thinking with some of the submissions. Think on par to The Cabbie Homicide as I was only 25-26 years old when I wrote that; and they still talk about this one as I came at a pace stronger than Poe when he was 40 years old.
      If I can hammer out 3400 word blog entries on a regular basis — and working on a novella that’s now 26,000 words in less than a month then what is 2800-6800 words to some of you?  Think about that as you’re reading this blog that some of you say I take less than 500-1000 word submissions because I “can’t read,” you insult my intelligence there — I am inviting Mandy “Babygurl” Raines and Susan Hallman to state their positions of how I am mad?  When they realize our classmate is in a prison in a neighboring town where I grew up because he pulled the “I admit the deed” in an anonymous phone call to the
police.  Where where you they broke this story?
      This project — I want to get with Kristov Kemp’s family and with Elmer Aleman’s family; what I want to run past them is they would both buy up the hostel in the Loyola Campus as this was my second home for years when I came to the city. Set up two of the dorms to look like their respective rooms and the area where all the guests hang out in the main area and watch DVDS or BluRay. Set it up where it has the two respective areas where it would be their favorite films picked by the surviving friends. I had Tabloid Purposes IV in this hostel where visitors can read this for free and the staff of this place and I were talking about the book candidlyvabout how the ideas came to be with Passenger.
     I don’t beg people to like my page like Heavey Metal Anna does — if they come and like the page; it’s on their own accord but if you do like something and click like (The Cabbie Homicide has this;  and you can like it on facebook.)  One thing I noticed and the star of Friday the 13th is doing is a movie called Tales of Poe; I am trying to see if she is selling this on Youtube.com because I will buy it on there and watch it so I can watch this from a hostel or from a friends who has access to Internet TV and has youtube.com rigged up Then access to a keyboard and mouse so I can use the TV like the days when WebTV was around– that movie she’s doing; they should do it as a Cable in the Classroom feature.  What Heavey Metal Anna did was equate me to the subject of my true crime work; The Cabbie Homicide and the third time I returned to writing true crime was when I wrote Revisiting The Loss Of Blood.
      I am going to use Youtube.com to show you some what the subject of The Cabbie Homicide sees and I did a presentation under fair use of copyright where I wrote additional notes for this one.  The first time I took people a lot further into the dark heart of this one — as when you will see these things together it makes a story like The Cabbie Homicide frightening but very sad because there are two victims — the family of the murderer and the family of the murder victim.  So if you had a friend who is getting locked up for years or had spent time yourself incarcerated — if you were a convict who was released and born between the era of 1973-1979 and read The Cabbie Homicide ;I do want you guys to submit for the project too as I am going to have a feature where you can query about how I want this done too.
      Also if you’re a fan you will not be doctoring up my photographs that I take of my publications to put rival author’s books in place of them because that’s tacky. So if you are from the hip-hop community I did my own address to you guys too for this invitation too and if you are able to help me get the word out with this one to others in our generation.  Good luck — I have no funding outside what I can do when I try to do an indiegogo stimulus as Nicholas Grabowsky did this rather well but Brian Keene stifled me when I tried to do this before. Then when I did the chipin.com I had too many assholes sending me penny payments — I pissed off the pastor’s wife by sending her $2 via paypal.com.
       I was telling her something vicious when I did that, “Go buy yourself a personality.”
      The subject of The Cabbie Homicide was there during the time they executed John Wayne Gacy (the sick fucking pervert. I would loved to go to where they executed him so I cant take a mango sized shit on Gacy’s grave.) During the time I wrote The Cabbie Homicide; my uncle — the oldest had this movie laying around on a VHS format. The movie called To Catch A Killer this very shocking when you realized the producing company normally producing Power Rangers had this out there.  I was saying, really? They did this — why wasn’t this easy to find? I am kind of grossed out when I think about the shit they did at The Music Box Theater — sitting there jacking off to two faggots going at it on the screen. This documentary that I am featuring is kind of sick that they are willing trying to channel this sick fuck — leave him to burn in hell.
      During the era I was writing about in An Eye In Shadows — the 1993-1994 era of the memoir this is when John Wayne Gacy was put down like a rabiddog.  Chris (The Poe Museum) and I were tossing ideas back and forth before I took the trip there. If Edgar Allan Poe was born in 1973-1979 or 1981-1985, what would he had been writing about in terms of subject matter?  If he wrote True Crime — The Cabbie Homicide would been one of those stories I think; and I am going to feature someone’s artwork with this presentation and blog entry with video.  I can’t believe someone would even give this faggot cruising a place called Bug House Square. I found this painting someone of this sicko and clearly there is a macabre fascination with this asshole; leave him in hell already.  I am taking people a little further into the world of Illinois in 1993-1994 with this blog entry; as you see the artwork and the youtube.com video going with this — if you want part of this project looking at these blogs.  I am giving you a vehicle to write your story or tell your story if you want to tell it.  So you want on after seeing my youtube.com playlist where I have the tag “research,” if you want to thumb around this one — go ahead and be my guest. That’s part
of the reason I have that one as this is a publisher’s channel on YouTube.
      I have figured out how to share twiitter tweets through word process but tumblr.com I can embed heavy metal band’s reverbnatiion profiles and if I share them through twitter they will be featured on wordpress.com too for my followers here too.  So if you want to submit to my magazine I have the magazine linked to this as I am sure Shock Totem will now stifle someone who is learning disabled, if you do that — I have something to say there and it’s not very polite. Go die please because you failed.
     If I can come up with a 2000 plus blog entry then what’s donating a short story that’s 2800-6800 words ideal for a project like this — I am looking to donate to a few charities with the project.  One is a charity that Ronnie James Dio donated to and I learned of it in 2005 too — Children of the Night.org which my friends Deepest Symphony donated too as well.  I want to donate proceeds of Tabloid Purposes IV, namesake one, and Issue 10 to them.  Then if one is willing the stifle someone who is learning disabled let me ask this one — how do you live with yourself; knowing you will steal from the table of the poor doing so as I am sure the pastor’s wife did this when she vowed to screw me over. If you are within the era of my memoir and want to take part in this — I am giving you a vehicle to tell your story;  if you want special guidelines for each part of the project drop me a note on my contact area I just added and I will get back to you.  If you are a paranormal group wanting to write about your scarier ghost hunts — if you are not eligible for the project the magazine is open to you and I am always doing anthologies though Karen H. Koehler has a habit that’s equal to Keene’s in the department of fucking people over.
      Well thinking about this hard to believe I’ve been on twitter since
2009 — finally got on the bandwagon with that one but I wasn’t going to use it for just the one lined tweets as some would engage people with when they get into flamewars and what not.  I just look at the blogs I do using AbiWord and LibreOffice.org and I can save as html format then I would tweak them more in HTML then would make them live.  When you’re dealing with a bunch of tree huggers; pulling some of the invitations I am doing are like pulling teeth because of the accusations quite a few made in the past four years. Other publishers it would had ended their careers.  Mine on the other hand I kept going and got up again — I keep getting up; and this project I want to do I do want to work with my extended family on as well as longtime friends. The reason being it’s a celebration of being in this business for nearly ten years in print and want to get my friends in the fray invite them into my world — what I do for work; sort of showing them around my office so to speak. The story Legend Keeper; it’s going to play off g//Z/R’s lyrics for Drive Boy Shooting as this reflected DuPage County in the late 1980s-early-1990s as in 1988-1989 I was 1990s ready with my attitude — so I am looking for those who were 1990s ready. If you’re from Iowa during the era of An Eye In Shadows — I do want to send you the portable document file to the memoir just as long you promise me not to pass this book around because it’s been pirated already as it is; and seen someone violate my copyrights just for the laughs.
      This story I am doing — I took inspiration from Burn in Hell by Twisted Sister with some of the vibe as I am listening to Black Metal version of this one. I showed parts of this story to a select few in it’s advanced stages and man this one is nasty. So if you know what I am
doing with Legend Keeper if I can do a story that’s 26,000 words and higher in less than a month. So you think I am playing with evil with this one; think about who was fucking with evil when they murder 33 people then used their basement for a cemetery.  So when you have something like that in Illinois; if you were a kid from the 1970s and a twenty-something in the 1980s you were prone to use John Wayne Gacy as your boogeyman about those who run away from home — you might end up sleeping in a shallow grave beneath the faggot’s basement. So think about that some of you who make those disgusting allegations of me — I am just trying to run a company and a magazine as well as sell a few projects;  when you had someone who killed 33 people and buried them still making money off his artwork which I find disgusting that they even allow his art to be promoted.  What about those who are less fortunate and want to get their work out there — you stifle those who are not rich to begin with; threaten to take their house from them and threaten lawyers on them and what not.
      Do you have the heart to tell someone who is learning disabled to give
      I have my cousins saying I should stop listening to heavy metal — when I got Reed of Two Ton Anvil, saying, “Heavy Metal thanx you!”
      I think the latter statement is the reason I am doing this back when I was 21 someone asked me what is the sign of making it or getting a buzz — well it is when you inspire an independent heavy metal band to do a song based upon your short stories. Or when you hand pick the heavy metal band and tell them to take their pick.  You may never know who is watching your blog or reading a short story of yours to think they might be getting an idea from it there. When my cousin is trying to get me singing something from Hanson — I got mad and pulled out Iced Earth’s Cthulhu  I am not asking everyone to write about Cthulhu — if I ask for that I will do this one because I am the only one on the Lake Fossil Press roster aside from Alex Rivera who can do Cthulhu Mythos along with Andrew Ian Dodge or the brothers on Temple of Dagon.com.
      “ You’re stuck in the 1970s and illiterate,” the cousin said to me.
      “If I was illiterate I wouldn’t have 3300 word blog entries,” I scoffed.
      Also if I was a scam publisher — would I provide a way for those who can’t afford word to get free word processors and a way for them to collaborate?  If you have AbiWord and get a free account on the following site so you can collaborate on submissions too — if you collaborate and submit as a pen name that’s one name for both writers; find an artist to do arendition of your pseudonym and you will be in business there too.  This program and website you can co-write in real time — as I am known to take submissions in real time; and I have let authors know when they are accepted in real time.  I am a real time publisher when I publish online in print — working with AIM and sometimes do work with Skype to take submissions too.  So if I can do blog entries that are this detailed; and you have a lot ofreading material to work with there — I am giving you some meat on the bone there for free as these blog entries are not fiction then what is coming up with 2800 words to 6800 words for a submission if I can do that on a word processor.  So I find that you guys using a mobile to access facebook and getting online disrespectful to writers man;  if you’re a publisher this would piss you off too if your friends are on a mobile chatting with you. Those of you who think I shouldn’t celebrate Halloween — I don’t worship the Devil but when you’re a horror writer; you’re like Santa Clause to those how like horror fiction.
      I have a sense of humor about Halloween because of this — as there s so much you can do with writing about Christianity before you’re driven crazy about it so let me ask this question if you’re in a generation who takes a dump on those who grew their hair long to their ass and have ink. You will be spouting Ephesians 5:11-12 at us telling us to cut our hair and burn H.P. Lovecraft books. Those are the Christians I will say, please unloosen your fucking ties already — you make me dreadfully nervous. Like I am the one who is going to hell because I am not the brainwashed replica. I have my own thoughts and ideas but they don’t interfere with my faith — it allows me to be more creative and take my faith into public schools and if you can get your influences where you are. Your creativity will be what is remembered; so if you want to write out your testimony be very creative — if you read The Cabbie Homicide or The Pattern of Diagnosis; Then you will know what I am doing. Stop freaking out each time when someone says some controverisal subject matter and addresses subject matter that might disturb your fucking comfort zone. If you’re legalist — you might get pissed off at the piece known as String of Nerves. If you are uspet — I touched a war nerve with you. As String of Nerves events happened during the week of the trip to Baltimore, Maryland. I found this story as I also read a story by Seabury — one of August Derleth’s and H.P. Lovecraft’s friends; Pledged to the Dead. We have it all for this blog — heavy metal, serial killers, religion and horror. All the fun with my pinterest, tumblr.com and wordpress.com — when you’re rigged to twitter.com this becomes more fun. So get out the absinthe for when Legend Keeper is finished — I am a regular Geraldo Rivera. Those of you who threaten to call the police because I say something controversial; when you say something contoversial — and threaten to treat someone like they belong in a death camp; you need to re-think what you’re doing.