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josh-moodyI do get an interesting mix of followers on twitter; I find it cool that the new Senior pastor of College Church decided to join me on here too as a follower on twitter. I was banned from Wheaton College from visiting my friends who attended Wheaton College who I was in church with because I was reading H.P. Lovecraft. I am trying to keep the R-Rated language to a minimum here but he can check this blog out too. I noticed he had said bloodied details which made me smile a bit there; so I am guessing Josh isn’t going to pull any punches. Little known fact — early career with my subject matter I had the theological advisor in place. As it is cool to see a pastor who is an author; and written almost as many books as myself. As he hails from London, England, living in Illinois. I wonder what does he think of our small county and working at our county seat — this one has his own wikipedia page too. I am going to share a blog entry that some will find a little shocking too and this will put this all in perspective; I had someone who was on facebook who gave me flack for this too — I am sharing this blog too as it also shows where she’s coming from. I also found this book that I have — if anyone who had read the novel Judgment; this is rather interesting for if those who are Christians wanting to submit to my project or my magazine; I am looking for some dark scenarios only a Christian can imagine and bring to the world. I opened that Pandora’s Box with my career that I don’t want to close because it’s a gateway to one’s imagination. The idea of church without religion is appealing to me but you don’t find that too often south of Chicago or DuPage County; there is one in mind but if I lived closer in I would check them out. If you go to pinterest and click My Books you will see the new one where I needed three disclaimers so it doesn’t get pulled. Brian Keene is enabling plagiarism of my work so if Cherie M. Priest, Kealan Patrick Burke or Mary Sangiovanni are reading this — I am sure they would think about this long and hard because they don’t like getting kicked in the groin. The chapbook has a bonus new story as well called Classmate We Denied and has an introduction talking about Legend Keeper; I mention a classmate’s church inviting both her and her husband to join me on this one project too as I think they would do well with this one. Her marriage as what the journalist will say of me is a study or contrasts because she works in a church office while her husband works as an actor in a haunted attraction. (I am calling it this because I have been in real haunted places.)
      In honor of Stephanie being featured by Blaze on his website (finally Lake Fossil Press is getting it’s proper due.) I am going to share something I found I am sure Smashing Pumpkins are smiling that someone taped their entire show from 1993 and at the place where a lot of my memories from when I was 19-21 years old took place at and again in my late twenties. That being my home of The Cabaret Metro. My short story Jesus Freak emerged from my first time when I went to The Metro with Jay, Casper Pheonix and my then eventual girlfriend who left me for another woman. Ouch. That was during the era with Faith World Outreach in Barlett, Illinois, and this was the church that gave me the most flack for Listening to Iron Maiden and said, “Megadeth is in hell.” I guess that wouldn’t fly too well that Pastor David Ellefson (I need to get used to calling him a pastor) where he is openly playing thrash metal. How is he going to juggle playing in Megadeth and his pastoral duties; they are playing a Casino so if you want to lift the core members up on prayer on that one — go for it as they are Christians.
      I am getting a lot of flack because I write Gothic Horror and being a Christian — I guess this one hasn’t heard Saviour Machine or Virgin Black; or my friends in Leper either. Those of you who are passing around the keep calm graphics — I’ve seen some funny ones; well this one is a funny as it comes and it well if you listen to thrash metal you will smile at this one too. Well with my buddy Wolf seeing his kid graduate high school as my sister is the same age about and she’s graduating too — I really don’t put my family ahead of my career; but the ones who I invite with me with this project are in public life too so I have an easier time working with my extended family. The immediate family might not understand what I do completely. They do hand it to me when I am out there I get out there. But if you are of my generation and want to submit your testimony; please be well versed in genre fiction so you can play it up with these traits so you don’t get someone giving a reader a lot of shit for carrying a Bible to a public school. If they see this in their their hands it wouldn’t be confiscated — well it might be because of the unrated story I wrote. I care about literature as in where I see authors who can produce a short story; I will be the one who will give their work a home in print and I am not done as a publisher by a long shot. I am trying to do something that will be inviting to readers who are Christians and the infidel alike with this one; but I will not be pushed around and forced out of the business. That hasn’t stopped for ten years — Brian Keene wanted my career over before it started as well as a few bloggers and they’ve stolen books of mine too; and those who’ve hijacked my forum threads with Spider-man Memes –I really don’t appreciate someone stifling submission calls. When it comes to Ray Garton. I am not going to donate to his medical fund but donate to proceeds for a coffin the size of my fist. I would rather be hated for everything I am; than loved for everything I am not. And Kealan Patrick Burke’s fans hate my guts because I called him a Metrosexual Wigger. My prompt I did on twitter; I just caused a firestorm of controversy when I am Controversy itself — I am unafraid to take stands that are controversial because my faith in God.