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I am going to take a guess that @StankyCat got her source material from Encyclopedia Dramatica about me as she is a liar – and I am going to crop up her little cartoon to crop up me as Freddy when I proved that I wasn’t make believe. StinkyCat thinks she is in the real world. I did a post on another place. I am going to say this one how do you tell apart a hair metal fan from the rest of us. We read books and are home behind a word processor. I am guessing she was the one who reported Legend Keeper – and I am working with Lulu.com to get this cleared up and trying to get an account directly with Lightning Source under a special moniker Horror Man Books. I am going to take a page out of B.A.K. Books bag of tactics how to get a book published – Horror Man Books is a division of Lake Fossil Press which will handle my more controversial titles. I really want to know who reported Legend Keeper and don’t want this story ever read; well I guess Tabetha – this one is yours if you know how to use a pdf blender as I am going to send this as pdf and it’s pretty much ready to go with that one.
      I had set everything on the table via video and said these people don’t check their facts with me, and Brian Keene lacks fact checking with me too. If someone was to do their true research, my early enemies was the Ku Klux Klan. Their faux research came from a blog where it’s not working anymore and now defunct – and the other gossip bloggers had scattered. One of the anthologists who published the person who almost killed Lake Fossil Press in 2010 – well I am addressing her when I say. Why would you publish someone who goes stifling those who have a disability? I had to talk with Questionable Content directly because I told them I didn’t mention real last names of private people in Legend Keeper; and the last names are of Mark Orr and the eventual pastor’s wife I didn’t name her by last name in the story. In fact I changed the name so I can cover my ass there. (This one has a name change now.) I showed this to Questionable Content — because the terrorists like Brian Keene are going to lose and lose big when I get done with all of this. They are going to be treated like child molesters when this is said and done because their character assassination ends.
      iknowhowahatedteacherfeelslikeMy one rule I have and this is also strict don’t stifle your TOC mates – look out for them and look out for your roster mates because the rosters of The Ethereal Gazette and Tabloid Purposes know about each other. Some them connected with each other and help each other out. If I can get the Lightning Source account – then I have Legend Keeper the way I want it; and Lulu.com had to quarantine this one. I want whoever reported me to come forward on video because they are guilty of plagiarism with the doctored covers of this one. Brian Keene is guilty of enabling plagiarism. I would never leak a rivals story when it’s not published nor would I encourage plagiarism of a story either. Brian Keene bragged about impersonating me; saying that I was his pseudonym when I debunked this one going on video to make his threats public – in my eyes he’s still a cunt,
      Stifling your TOC mates is unforgivable as much as baring false witness against your alma mata; as in I am addressing Marc Lyth on this one who libeled me a faggot. Doesn’t he realize I got Darren McKeeman fired from Gothic.net for that one. Everything I do as a publisher – well I have to do in a creative way explaining every detail and in depth because what Cox did. I am still trying to recover from this scandal as Janrae Frank encouraged plagiarism of my work when she was alive – that’s why I plan to destroy her legacy. Her imprint along with Panic Press are going to be a bad memory. I sent the anthology to the museum to boost the morale of the living authors; it is something that took them back that I went the extra mile.
What is your crusade about me? Your crusade of lies and to stifling me – Brian Keene is not telling the truth about me. Where Robert Bauapder, Lewis Unknown, Stinky Cat, and one of S.E. Cox’s old lackeys who kissed her asshole while she was taking a shit had continued to lie about me.
      “You beat your woman and your son,” they would say.
      I would never hit a woman and Emma Audsley you trailer trash unfit mother – I don’t appreaciate your Socialist brain washing. If you’re going to libel someone from a Chicago suburb – calling them a racist bigot is the way to piss them off; especially when your neighbors could be from Vietnam and your best friend growing up is African-American. Getting Legend Keeper pulled when I put a lot of heart in that story and it will be published – and I will not let you turn me into an unpublished author. Brian Keene take one of those guns you have – and shoot yourself like one of your fucking zombies you child molesting cocksucker.
      I will not be threatened by having my grandfather’s house taken from me – I took you down Keene. When that video is out there along with Robert Bauapder being exposed as a plagiarist. I am guessing he uses his cop car to flash little boys his bare genitals while he is on beat as in he’s beating off to child porn in the front seat because he is that dirty of a pig right. They’re going to ask a lot of questions, and you just got yourself a scandal on your hands – how well can you and your fucktoy handle scandal? I have 359 followers on my twitter and 446 followers via e-mail on this blog – they are going to see this and they are not going to like you when I am done with you on this blog. What is your movie going to be like when they review your movie at death?
      Kevin Lucia became corrupted because what he wasn’t prepared for the fame that came to him as a published author. Lucia I am not the enemy — don’t treat me like one, because I can be a nasty one because I fight dirtier than Brian Keene does as I research my rivals. Examining The Blogosphere — I was addressing you on that one; as you saw on my video with the e-mail I made public it will prove you otherwise. If you went to a public high school and a junior college. He was very impressionable; so when you wonder where he grew up — it would be very easy where he could not handle the pressures of people telling you who not to run with. He could had learned some from my guys in this department. You are prepared for it in a way as you’ve got real world application to your career. My background as a journalist came from real life application; as I am the reason you know about Kevin Lucia. Lucia you should be thanking this junior college dropout – you claim there is no conspiracy, time to wake up man. You need to realize that I was never your enemy; but you became friends with a rival author who stifled me from the beginning. I will not let my book pages on Shelfari into smear pages. I hope that Amazon.com is listening to me on this one and put me back in good standing so I can defend myself on there. They bought goodreads.com and Goodreads.com well they refused to listen to me as they kept my ex-fiancee on there as they allow her to lie through teeth about me. If you are going to support an anthology known as Fossil Lake – you need to really think about where your heart is on that one.
      Robert Baupader and the gang with SomethingAwful.com are libelous bastards who fancy themselves to be journalists but when I called them out on AssociatedContent.com in 2008. They had me taken out because they didn’t like being put on the chopping block like this – I had to do some revisions to Legend Keeper do a name change and speaking with Questionable Content to clear things up with this one. If they are willing to work with me on this one and I know how to embed the file to edit the book with the pdf. SomethingAwful.com and OhInternet.com (Encyclopedia Dramatica what they became.) What they have in common is they fail to do actual fact checking – and what you see with my namesake write up was my fact checking on display. Legend Keeper was an exercise in fact checking.
      Some of you are saying I sent a paypal bill to The Museum; I didn’t – we discussed over the phone what I wanted for it as I sent this from home for the book. I sent the book first then he cut the check. Symphatic gesture StinkyCat – look what else I had in there; I had more modern authors than the public domain ones – the added other public domain stories came when I rebooted the project. Do you fact check StinkyCat? Yes or no – I am guessing no on that one because you act like your sources are liars as the one who used to be known as The Silent Order as I was trying to send them $ .50 for their demo so I can just make fun of it; but the band I bought and was willing to pay more for it. Well you will see them on my bandcamp page. What I did when I sent my namesake anthology to the museum was an afterthought – it was originally for the gift shop but they read the other stories in the book and decided to keep it for themselves. I find it funny and cool they did that; it was unexpected on their or my part – and the Joliet paper gave me information I didn’t have with three of the stories. Mary Shelley’s The Mortal Immortal’s original publication date along with the original date of H.G. Wells’short story and Bram Stoker’s story The Seer.
      If anyone deserves a page on Fandom Wank or Encyclopedia Dramatica – it’s Mary Sangiovanni because her book For Emmy; well it didn’t really do what she does justice. As she’s a backward hick and an unfit mother. I don’t appreciate when people are turning my Amazon.com and Shelfari.com pages into the replacement for Encyclopedia Dramatica. Especially when one of those people blatantly plagiarized me five times and claiming to be a reliable source on me. An Eye In Shadows was written to set the record straight with me and my publishers were bullied because they published me; someone pirated the book before I was ready with the cover of it. I have the e-mail address of the person who pirated the book too as he coaxed me to sell this for $16.00.
      Who are your fucking sources on me? Liberal watchdogs who are advocates for glofiying homosexuality – those who support marriage blasphemy? Just because I am a Conservative and a Republican who is vocal about what I believe; and vocal about how I express myself speaking up for things that are not popular in the media. You want to endorse someone who does threaten to take someone’s house from them and have a book pulled when someone has very little? I am joining forces with Booklocker to publish this one as it is all changed up and will be asking for the ISBN so I can design every aspect of this – one thing I want is full creative control but if they can help me put my cover halves together and I will design a special graphic for Booklocker.com to help present Legend Keeper.
      I am going to talk with them to let me design every aspect of this with the full pdfs too and the original files with the pdf if they want to edit the manuscripts too Stinky Cat really doesn’t know the circumstances how I got the namesake project in the musuem. How I found the museum in the first place was a petition they did to save The Poe House and I sent this to the Mayor of Baltimore asking about The Poe House. I didn’t push the anthology on them as they claim and it wasn’t a donation; it was originally for the gift shop but I didn’t have enough copies to order up for them for this because I am on a modest budget and my mother board went out on the desktop just after this. I didn’t request a bill and it wasn’t a donation; I sold the book for $16.00 and they cut me a check. I have photos of this as proof if you those of you faux journalists think I am lying about this one.
      The revised formatted version of the body of Legend Keeper is just 79 pages when I have every other aspect. (I am waiting on the owner to contact me with the ISBN information so I can proceed with other aspects of this.) So the problem with these bastards on shelfari.com is they turned and made my listings into the new Encyclopedia Dramatica and had done this with my author bios on Amazon.com hence the reason I refuse to have my author bio on the site because of this. I am staying with Lulu.com just more controversial titles will either be with Booklocker or the company Lulu.com works with – Lightning Source. I will have the title out there but I have to modify it first to cover my ass because I had to do a name change; someone using fake name – apparently coming on as one of the characters reported me.
      I noticed Marc Lyth had joined the vandalism party there and I will handle him personally on that one – so Lyth you have an issue with me. Why don’t you go to video to say why you’re going out of your way to piss me off?
      “Uh I am a bloody idiot,” Lyth replies as he looks prime and proper for a child molesting rape-baby..
      The thing with Booklocker and I can handle the fees for this next month is I can pay them the $35 and $18 fees they ask for as they have membership dues like AuthorsDen.com does. So StinkyCat – quit pretending that you’re my official biographer because if I want a biographer, I’d hand pick them myself. It is a good chance you went and downloaded a pirated copy of my memoir as someone had pirated this a day before it was ready to publish; so think about that one long and hard when you do something like this. Who are you hurting in the process? I sent this anthlogy as a casual afterhought; it was in the wake of what S. E. Cox was continuing to do with my good name and played tug-a-war with mutual contributors who we had in common.
      I waited to do namesake 2 until Panic Press was good and dead; I was thinking what would be an anthology to return to do anthologies with. So it came to doing namesake 2 as this. I have seen people steal my books as Timothy Leider had said – as much as he hates my guts, he’s not picking on me anymore. But I think this project – Tim if you’re reading this, I could use your help with the vision of this one because you never pirated me or leaked my work as much as you hated me. So Lewis Unknown – that child molester remark is proving my point of how you libeled me and called me a racist. When I have a strong culturally diverse background with my friendships growing up. The things you are saying is Liberal Rhetoric.
If you think what I say isn’t politically correct – and if your offended by it, I am going to say if you’re a man you lack a dick or Lorena Bobbitt cut your dick off when you were sleeping.
      Look StinkyCat – who are your sources; especially that could been you who planted Brian Keene’s piece of shit with Leisure Books on at the bottom the sign. So StinkyCat you’re just mad because I had called you a “figa.” Well you are the c-word in my eyes as you are a faux journalist whore who hides behind a fake name to do yellow journalism – and that is the color of the stripe goind down your back.

      I work with lulu.com to be a publisher – and if you’re doing it all yourself; it’s a smart move when you are doing anthologies. I’ve seen what Mary Sangiovanni done with Createspace.com; it total shit and these assholes who say, “We join createspace.com to make fun of lulu.com.” Look how many likes Createspace.com has and look how many Lulu.com has – think about that one when you look at it. If you’re going to have books of mine reported when you’re using a fake name – I am going to find out who you are and if you’re a female you’re getting spayed like the bitch you are.
If you’re a bitch who sabotages those who have a mental illness and saying vicious things on twitter that contribute to a stigma – think before you tweet or think before you edit book page on shelfari.com. Because what you’re saying is fucking libelous of me and what I can show you is my fact checking on everything I’ve done in this business – and the bad research you assholes call “good research.” Fossil Lake is a book fit for a fire as it will be burned on Janrae Frank’s grave-site then when I am done I am going to pull my pants down and take a mango sized shit on her headstone. She incited the copyright infringement of my catalog in 2010 encouraging unauthorized rewrites of my work. Especially when her “daughter” is really a man with a mutilated dick and a plastic surgery born – as it’s Adam’s apple is showing.
      Let me ask this question, if you really do call yourself a fan – would you really smear someone you greatly respect or violate their copyrights and steal photos from one’s family’s private facebook? I haven’t done this to my rivals – I wouldn’t stoop down to their level on that department but what I had to clear up with the controversial comments when the police had been called on me. I was explaining what I said was based upon my fact checking.
      So when I see StinkyCat trying to write as me – does she sign her mother personal checks with carbon copy of her signature. I have forged my mother’s initials when I was 12 and had used white out to blank out the teacher’s comments in Seventh Grade; I learned from that – it was wrong but these people are doing is even worst because I could see StinkyCat trying ot gain access to my social security number. Tim Willard bragged about he did because he was mad because of my remark about him getting excited about touching his daughters.
      What I saw happen with my namesake anthology in 2011; I really was taken back by this because for almost ten years no one gave me the fair chance. I want Timothy Leider to go to Richmond, Virginia, and see what I did there as this was something that happened after The Boyer Scandal.
      Don’t these people do fact checking before they turn my Shelfari.com page into the new Encyclopedia Dramatica.
       One Sherrod Degrippo was enough; and she closed down the site because someone figured out her phone number and called her to confront her.
      “They took the book and you billed them when you forced it upon them,” Brian Keene and StinkyCat both would claim.
      No that was an afterthought when I was talking to the museum on the phone. The being coined an updated version of Poe came in form of a phone conversation as the first story he read was Ghosts In The Tornado. So those of you who are going and claim I lied about these things – why don’t you go on video and back up your lies of you can? So what you claim what I said was duragatory of other authors; if anyone is duragatory is the flowing cadaver using the fake screen name and that one I am talking about there is you. If you are saying that synopis is not readable you’re not looking at the flesh and blood directl. As I used a thin sharpie for the book and took a photograph of this out of frustration because I had a hard time getting it correct with FxFoto.com. (Unfortunately, this program does not have a spellcheck.)
      Let me explain something about both imprints I own. Lake Fossil Press and Broken Mindframe Books are monikers like B.A.K. Books is. So those of you going around saying my companies don’t exist they do exist but not registered with the state because they’re independent. StinkyCat you don’t want people knowing the real truth about me; the truth you refuse to tell – why? You are not my biographer so quit pretending to be my biographer. I am not going to let you assholes turn my author and book pages on shelfari.com as your new Encyclopedia Dramatica. StinkyCat — let me ask this one, do you hate someone that much you hide behind a fake name to pretend to be their biographer? If you’re going to be their biographer; approach them before you do so so you can do your fact checking as what I did when I blogged of Richard Matheson about his first novel and trying to speak to R.C. about getting his old photos from when he first wrote I Am Legend or A Stir Of Echoes. As I was raised around his work and what I say of him not having enough likes on Facebook.com is a great injustice when those who support an abomination have more likes than a war hero. So Robert Bapader so can you tell me what inspired Stygian Dealer if you claimed you wrote it — oh that’s right you didn’t write this one. You plagiarized me jagoff. William Meikle when you saw the video of me showing how Baupader had plagiarized my story and caught him in the act — when you catch someone plagiarizing. Well think of your mother walking in on you downloading child pornography then have egg on your face because you were pleasuring yourself doing it. You want to fucking stifle me — go on video and address me if you want to trample on the American Flag and the Italian Flag around me. I am trying to figure out a Scottish Duragtory and say it in Italian because I know if my family sees the politically incorrect insult at a Socialist ex-patriot who lives in Canada — I guess if you don’t like what I say.
      You don’t have to live in North America period. Get the fuck off my continent; and Robert Bapauder — face it dickwad I called you out and caught you in your lies. So you realize I still have friends in that area and they can check up on you; you better hope you don’t have a domain because I will look up your domain on whois.com and get you address. I will give that to the press. So Meilkie you saw my video calling out this child molesting faggot out in the open so think about that one, he’d plagiarize you if given the chance so you want to consider him your “friend.” If you consider him your “friend” you’re going down. I have zero tolerance for authors who encourage plagiarism of their rivals — even I don’t encourage plagiarism of Kealan Patrick Burke or Mary Sangiovanni but they think it’s a joke when I am plagiarized. I suggest you unfollow Baupader when you seen my video where I am addressing him directly with his plagiarism; StinkyCat or StankyCat what ever the fuck you call yourself — go get spayed like the animal you are because you shouldn’t breed. When you see your catalog as your children — you do see plagiarism as rape and child molestation which is the reason I had the heavy restrictions on where I will allow fan fiction off Lake Fossil and only allow if they read all three stories. If you think I am offensive; go move to somewhere that Communism and Socialism are the norm — and where you don’t have Freedom of Speech. Let me ask this question — do any of you really do believe in Freedom of Speech or do you think it only applies to the Liberal? One man with courage is the majority; as the rest of you are a minority as I grew up a minority among the minorities. I have 446 followers on this blog; someone is listening to what I say — someone will take what I say to heart, so you want to plagiarize me you’re a pedophile in denial So those of you who were published with Janice Frank; as your careers go as authors — I am handing you the pink slip and see you as plagiarists by association. So you want to violate the copyrights of my catalog, you’re raping my children.
      This one — I think it was too contoversial for Lulu.com; so I need do something that is something that isn’t too brutal like that where someone bitched that I used their names but I am going to work with Booklocker closely and design every aspect of this one. Thinking how we can sell this for about $8.90 and I am going to plunk down the cash for the membershop next month. What pisses me off also when assholes try to give the plot away to my stories in less than three sentences and try to write my story up for someone who has the attention span of a 6 year old — I am an adult and I have no legal guardianship over me. I have a say in every choice I make when it comes to my doctors and mental health as I signed myself into a mental health center when I was 22 years old because if I didn’t I would had killed someone, that being my ex-fiancee’s parents. I did it so I would do anything stupid because nothing is worth being Porras’ cellie at Stateville, but with the case of Baupader if you want to stop me from my career — say hi to him for me as that’s where you are going. And you liken yourself to be a cop — you know what they do to cops behind bars, and cops treat copkillers like shit. In my eyes you are equal to those who kill cops in my eyes — I don’t like cop killers, especially when it was a cop who saved my life. But you — are what I will call a pig. A pig that’s a plagiarist and I have zero tolerance for dirty cops. I can now release directly under Lightning Source with Lake Fossil Press too and that means I can get into wider places with Legend Keeper; I am not competing with who I work with but this will allow me to do titles too controversial for my home — and Legend Keeper was one of those titles. I am looking to buy the IBSN for this so Lake Fossil Press can be carried in Bookstores and I think Legend Keeper is a prime canidate for this one. I don’t appreciate when these assholes are trying to turn me back into an unpublished author again; and trying to do this with Legend Keeper — I worked quite hard on this one and I am not going go let this one go down in vain. You assholes vandalizing my page to twist my fucking words around so who the fucking hell are your sources; name them you cunts — I am standing my ground with this one. The one who bullies me also had plagiarised me as a weapon of bullying — Robert Baupader; I guess you act like I knocked your wife up but she’s too fucking ugly to fuck. I was bullied in the industry almost as bad as when I was a kid and these bullies use lies passed off as journalistic truth to do so.
      Bad research on their parts. I really dont’t appreach these jagoffs who do the cyber version of putting words in my mouth. When you assholes twist my words around especially when you plagiarized me too — it pissed all the more. Saying I bully people who don’t agree with me; no I just stand my ground — and I am inviting you jagoffs to go to video saying why you’re so willfully wanting to stifle every effert I have in getting a book out there? So tell me Baupader — where did you come up with the idea of When Angels Wept Blood if you can come up with that one as your publisher Janice Frank tried to cover up your plagiarism of me; as I will say that her imprint died when she died as the careers of the authors went with it. This one might be the exception to return to Creatspace.com — if I can design the template for the pdf in a way where I can get my spines in place to design the cover because that’s always been a weak point for me even when I do titles who I normally work with. Those of you who discredited the aspect I ahve sold to magazines — think about that one as I proved myself as a micro-press writer and became a publisher; I worked my way outward as a published writer. Now that I have the PDF blender in place — and ghostscripts; I am going to show these assholes who worked with createspace.com without any experience of graphic design or learned how to design a book themselves because they expected to have this shit served to them on a silver platter. I know how to work with .pdf blender in 2007 and now I have the program again and I am also trying to figure out the spine width calulator to really fuck over my rivals and seeing how their books look like shit on createspace.com.
      Let’s show Createspace.com what I learned — I am going to use a site to blend pdfs together if pdf blender is screwing up but those who said they joined createspace to laugh at lulu.com; I am deciding there are some projects that are too controversial for a place and whoever is saying that I was using their name is a fake identity so I am going to sell this at another place. So everything I am doing with the sequence how the final product is looking I am going to keep them guessing with it because Legend Keeper is too damn good of a horror story to let someone bully me out of the business over. I will not be threatened to have my house taken from me or have my privacy invaded when I called Sherri Hibbett out the goblin decided to take it upon herself to look up my family’s address — well the character’s name change in the story is to protect my ass, but you will know she is associated with the plagiarist on Twitter and if you’re a classmate who is caught with this one. I will take you down like I had a hand in taking down S. E. Cox. I think Hibbett might protest my book being in a museum — but let me ask this; her association with a blatant plagiarist who is also a slanderer. What does that make her — a flowering cadaver; and you see me make this comment on video. The flower may look beautiful but it smells like something died and rotted for days. One thing I was doing with Legend Keeper is I made a huge statement and you’re going to see when Createspace.com is going to be the the one running it. I will not be threatened out of being a published author, and forced back into being unpublished. I would rather see Mary Sangiovanni unpublished and Willie Meilke if you are reading this — you want to burn my books over that fucking statement, go ahead and wipe your ass with the American flag because that’s what Mary does with it. So tell me something Baupader — along with your faggot boyfriend, Mike Brendan who I have no problem kicking him in his balls under that kilt; where did you get the idea for Stygian Dealer if you even wrote it at all? Grabielle S. Faust — how dare you call a plagiarist a “friend?” Does Gothic Beauty know that one of the people you keep as company is a repeat offender as a plagiarist? He may as well be a pedophile or a sex offender for that matter. Only pedophiles really hide behind really fake names and hide behind not having a picture — so I see that yellow stripe down their back because when they get called out they’re like an ostrich. I know what some of those teachers whose class where the students who don’t like them and drawing vile cartoons feel like. Those of you who are teachers who get those cute little drawings I feel for you, and you students of Lucia’s that have some like that — send them my way because he knows nothing about how those who went a public school think.