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There is a lot of hypocrisy in this one because she assaulted my private persona for years. So I think she should get a video camera; turn on the camera with the mirror. Say into the camera that “I had degraded the disabled and learning disabled for years. There is truth in what is out there; and that truth I am not telling. I know there is a hell and I belong in it.” Defaming public personas — well she should follow her own advice on that one and Legend Keeper; the actual story itself mentions no names in the story. It criticizes public persona and I did my fact checking with that one as you will noticed with my tumblr.com blog. This angers them the most because I did it on an epic level with Rockaway. So think about this Koehler — who had sold stories to magazines; if you didn’t work with Black Death Books as the owner — you would never been published because you had published your novel yourself if I remember right. You don’t do your research on me — your true research; then the ones who did their research you silence them. Legend Keeper there was a lot of research in that title and I will not let an enabler of plagiarism like you stifle it. As in your friend plagiarized my story Stygian Dealer. You don’t like when I will verbally kick someone in the balls — and that what you assholes do to me repeatedly I really don’t appreciate you assholes kicking me in the balls repeatedly as I looked up the whois for one of the slanderers and wanted to talk with them off record. So Koehler — the ones who kick my public persona in the balls repeatedly are the faux journalists who pretend to be my “Biographers.” SO you want to call someone a pretender — go to video camera and tell yourself that as you’re nothing but a flowering cadaver. You associate with plagiarists like Robert Baupader who I caught in the act as it was like his mother walked in on him getting child pornography from the director of CLownhouse. That novella was a gift to my hometown — and you’re willing to stifle a career that started on their birthday. You’re a flowing cadaver in my eyes as I wonder what is in the place of your heart — it must smell like a fresh bowel movement.