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“You should be more Liberal.”

— Kallisti Apple

484 followers! Holy shit – I wish Lisa’s church had that many; how the hell do you guys find my blog on here , but either way this is way cool that I have that many followers having my blog entires e-mailed to you. Well I had done some changes to Legend Keeper – the name change in the first part of the novella and cut the controversial introduction out of the book. There is a new story that came out of this too – will not mention the details right now but I am already saying who is getting this one and I am designing parts of this for her. Tabetha Jones gets this one when it’s ready. This thing picks part the nature of persona – putting it under a microscope because that’s what you do in basic training. They tear you down and pick you up. When I have more followers via e-mail than Karen H. Koehler has on her blog via e-mail – I wonder some of the reasons on the choice to follow me; either to see me as as she claims, “douchebag,” well someone like her shouldn’t breed as she’s over forty and a spinster.
      You walk all over mine saying I beat my son and fiancée – then you stalked my best friend from college and a former friend I did shows with in Chicago. God is alive but the human spirit is dead. Think about what you say of me because what happens after all this is over and you are sleeping six feet under as all of us are going to be there one day. You assholes scream hate speech when someone who is a Conservative rips a new one into you with the introduction – when you do the same thing to me all the goddamned time.
      “Public Persona is not a play thing,” well I am going to explore the very nature of persona and fire back at everyone in the process who assassinate my persona on both the private and public level. That Fossil Lake anthology was character assassination in every way – and you have my books pulled because I called you assholes on it. Why must you stifle a career that started on someone’s birthday – never do that; to anyone on their birthday. Never burn them on their birthday especially when you call someone a plagiarist. Follow your own fucking advice on that one before you accuse someone beating their kid and hitting their ex-fiancée when I never did such a thing – that guarantees that someone will burn your titles at a signing you’re at.
      That is the number one thing that will have your books burned over.
      Koehler this is the United States and it’s Freedom of Speech – you don’t have to live here! I am not afraid to leave the house; but you bastards had me trying to make it very hard for me to make a public appearance. My new story is part of the process of taking apart the idea of what public persona is – that for some it is a facade. Sometimes when you see a photo of two known and very slanderous assholes flipping off my real life friends; with the case of Brian Keene; someone does need to cut his nuts off. Tabloid Purposes when we planned it – persona is a fucking plaything for a lot of us. And I really don’t appreciate getting constantly getting kicked in the nuts by all you slanderous jagoffs where you speak of things that are much further than the truth than one can say one thinks of me. I changed a lot of things with my book before I tried again – there are some more parts that I did replacing the original part. This novella goes by two titles interchangeably.
      Koehler let me tell you something about Chicago and Chicago radio – when Mancow Muller came to Chicago; fucking with the competition is a time honored tradition as you noticed with actual antinovel – there are no names mentioned in the book (the introduction had the name; so that was cut out and the bonus story was too. Now do you really want me to disappoint my friends in Glendale Heights and the rest of Chicagoland?) The version on Lulu.com with everything cut out that got me in deep shit is known as The Deuteronomy edition – I really don’t like being lumped in with the faggot who is behind the National Socialist Party as they caught him raping little boys. So you still think I am a fucking racist when I had that in front of it? I really don’t appreciate being lumped in with a child molesting asshole.
      So Koehler if you are reading this; you saw the video I posted on one of your pages – if you think you are offended by those who are truly Conservative; and believe in God. I think you’re going against Deuteronomy 31:29 with this one – and I am not spouting scripture every other paragraph or sentence either. I had seized another one of Stinky Cat’s cartoons as the little bitch is going to be pised what I am going to do next. You want to mock my faith in God – I think it’s time you revealed yourself. This story I am working on is firing back at everyone who ran my name through the mud over the last ten years.
      “Public persona is not a plaything,” she nags.
      When you call me a fucking snail oil salesmen over the last 7 years – do you think I will end up taking it like a bitch? Sorry – I will not back down when I see a book pulled of mine from a feminazi liberal bitch like her who bows down to a God that died and never rose again. As in that would be a Ba’al for the modern day. I guess the bigger asshole here is the one who accuses me of such things without even hanging out with me for a day – as I am not like Justin Beiber who had dropped the nbomb.
      I had tried to edit Lair of the White Worm by Bram Stoker then got mad because it used the Nword quite often. One word I will edit out of submissions is the use of the nword because I have zero tolerance for that word. When you have a best friend who is African-American growing up you will get mad if someone shouts this one – I had got in trouble for using a slur on a twat who is a plagiarist groupie…
      “Liberal feminazis have the worst kind of stupidity,” I had seen the owner of Connect with Liberty wrote – as she has an insult for them calling Libs for short. I have some interesting ones myself to insult Liberals too but this project I am reaching across the aisle often as I do have a friend who is a politician – works in the Democratic Machine in Chicago; and looked me up when I first became a Conservative as that is 12 years ago too. It was around the time when I joined AuthorsDen.com when I just got the maintainership of the community; I was speaking up for rapper Eminem with his song I Am – some who is rather confused about he can’t decide he is male got mad because I spoke up for Eminem
      “This asshole is a Conservative, he’s the fucking enemy! He spoke up for marriage between man and woman,” one had jeered.
      Yeah I heard that before and because of my faith – I am hated quite often because I took controversial stands. I guess someone is making fun fo my friends too – StinkyCat making fun of my real life friends when they got noticed for things that they surprised me when it took place, not cool. You should be a little more respectful of my friends – as about a number of Fossil Lake’s roster is disrespectful of my friends as I am guessing they lack that. When your facebook has as many likes as almost as many followers I have on wordpress.com – it kind of surprising I have almost five hundred followers on my blog. Kind of surreal when you realize I have that many on here and on facebook over 900 connected with me there. But Koehler — how many followers do you have that your plagiarized tripe is sent to their inbox?
      I respect women but you’re a bitch who picks on people who truly are less fortunate than you. So think about that – do you think about the people who you grew up with and open the doors for them or bite the hand that fed them. So don’t lump me in with the Nationalist Socialist Party in Illinois as they are the racists in this area. Timothy Willard one of Janrae Frank’s suckups saying I stole Stygaian Dealer from him; that’s horseshit – I didn’t steal from anyone from that one; how could I plagiarize my real life? I dropped out of college in middle of the third into fourth semester – I didn’t have enough money to continue but I finished my Philosophy classes; so what you see with Stygian Dealer is almost what you saw with my Philosophy paper but I had information I didn’t have when I originally wrote it.
      “You didn’t take Philosophy,” Willard claims
      I did and Wrong Side Of The Tracks was written in between college midterms. I wrote that story and my college midterm on a 1980s black screen with green text’d word processor. Stygian Dealer and my new short story I am working on recycled part of my philosophy paper.
      When I dropped out of college is in middle of the third semester – my health suffered because I was hit by a car.
      “Persona is not a plaything,” she claims.
      Then quit making mine a plaything as I really don’t appreciate the malicious lies you spread about me being a racist. That was why Legend Keeper was written; I was confronting the former classmates in a way as we were with our minds now in the bodies we were at 12-13 years old – I am going to wound some inner childs with that one.
      I really don’t appreciate getting kicked in the balls repeatedly; so whoever is my “biographer,” you think you know me! You don’t know shit about me and when it comes to troll art – I commandeer it and when it comes to your copyrights why should I care for yours when you don’t give a flying fuck about mine? Well this new story is coming along – and man it’s got a hell of a fucked up personality; I am sure the industry is going to be pissed when I get done with this one. There are 484 of you on here following me via your inbox. Well, sometimes I wonder how cool that is or someone has a motive to smear someone with the information one has.
      I had tried to say to Brian Keene that he should honor my copyrights
      “Fuck you pussy,” he responds as he dangles my manuscripts in a body of my e-mail saying enjoy The Ward. You don’t do shit like that – it’s not right; and I don’t appreciate you bastards disrespecting my friends in Chicago either. This is America – Freedom of Speech and that was in place because of unpopular speech. If you are offended by someone who is Conservative saying something that cuts to the heart because they are implying Obama should quit. Well this is America – you don’t have to live here. I really don’t appreciate getting kicked in the balls.
      “Don’t you assholes fact check before you busybodies go around pointing fingers?” I find myself asking when I see the vandalism of my pages on shelfari.com. When I am waiting for a former classmate to team up with a rival to attempt to take me down – and Hibbett; you realize I had invoked something that you will see as your church will awaken to a nightmare.
      Your best friend in the world is no longer Jesus Christ, but scandal took his place as you are left behind. How does it feel to have a scandal on your hands lady – as I am sure that the St. Louis Newspapers wpuld love to ask you some questions about associating with a known plagiarist. Bad company corrupts lady – and legalism gives it an even venomous realization what kind of goblin you are too. Weren’t you taught that? You wonder why a strong statement like “Fuck you – you fucking fake saint emerged from” and it had more venom every time it’s used but I got something cool from Nancy Kilpatrick saying thank you for the pdfs. It makes me smile that she gets to check out K.K. crack a few skulls with his stories and I think its’ cool she gets to see Fatima in action along with Josylin Corvis too. When veteran authors are checking out the youngsters and giving them a chance it makes me smile a bit. Meaning I am taken back by it a lot and having her connecting with my friends from Chicago. So get well soon Nancy because I know what bronchitis was like when I was at the apartment – years of smoking caught up with in 2006.
      Persona is not a plaything – well you take your own advice lady. As C.W. LeSart claimed to be a Conservative but she stifles other Conservatives; so she wants to call me out of name – I don’t consider her a Conservative but this might piss her off with what I called her. In my eyes she’s an Ex-Conservative. Only use words when needed; but when one writes the way I do – sometimes they called me blind but if they only knew in realization. I guess they will be calling me a Bible Basher with that one – but really with this new story; I want to see them call me a fucking basket case as the alleged “biographers” want to try to smear me. The troll is a little angry because I took a trophy.
      But those of you who go around saying I am a racist on a few tweets when you have at least a thousand plus people – that shit comes back to your friends. When you know it’s not true; and you wonder why I had insulted Mary Sangiovanni in ways that are really degrading. It stemmed back to the origins of when I was planning Tabloid Purposes and a post she made on Janrae Frank’s message board. So for every rival publisher that’s a troll – every thing that showed their failure; when I see a cover of theirs I will take it as a trophy and seems that trolls were doing this to me and watermarking my photographs.
      I will not watermark their photographs either because if I watermarked them then I would be just as bad as they are there. When Gayest Uncommon Denominator’s first editor was incahoots with S. E. Cox and had pirated out Blood Contender when they turned it down. What really wanted me to pound on that editor is when he called my magazine a ripoff of his – the reason being I established in 2005 as a magazine while that fudgepacker established in 2007. In the modern era it is unacceptable to punch a guy to make an unwanted pass – and I was 15 when I did that and the guy I punched is Steve Corbiel. I am not sorry either. Where you have someone who uses a fake name claiming to be a journalist saying all his sources are me – that’s disturbing when you think about it; that I am dealing with a nameless stalker who assassinates my character on a regular basis. I only used the sexual innuendo when insulting Mary Sangiovanni because of her hypocrisy in the industry – and I am guessing Emma Audsley really doesn’t understand the mindset of a Conservative where we’re not politically correct. That’s our sense of humor on display; when I am guessing she had needle tracks in her arm too – as she’s a disgrace of my generation.
      I really think Crystal Lake Publishing should do their homework before working with someone like her – as character assassination is in her arsenal of weapons. Especially where she didn’t know the circumstances that were involved in publishing Issue 12 of my magazine – I knew the circumstances and everyone who came into it as our inner circle made a pact to keep the lead author a surprise until everything is ready. Emma contributes to that fucking buddy system that pissed me off about the HWA when I first developed Lake Fossil Press. The aspect I had been recommended in two categories for longer fiction and for anthology; they’d have none of it.
      Angeline Hawkes had stifled me too when I sold a story to her publishers – the reason I was thrown out because I said, “Just because you fuck and suck the moderator that doesn’t give you the authority to overstep your bounds.” Also I am on record with this – I had no knowledge of their directory; I didn’t even know this existed. So I have to ask the HWA to give me a formal apology on video for this one because what I did – they are also stifling Edgar Allan Poe, H. P. Lovecraft, and the namesake of the award they give. What have they done to get these authors into high schools, and what I did there getting my anthology into my old high school was only the beginning.
      So I want them to think about that one for a minute because they had to put up with David “Doc” Boyer with his plagiarism – I never plagiarized but Emma Audsley of Crystal Lake Publishing had called me a plagiarist. When I get that hostile with someone is when I am protective of my first ever anthology I edited; but I am that protective of my first namesake too and of my breakouts. Where some of my roster Emma – one of them is a friend since 1988; and still stuck around. So think about that one as I am giving the open invitation to challenge An Eye In Shadows. Thinking why I should never be published in this business how you threatened a hostile takeover of my company – where Freedom of Speech protects the unpopular speech; and that’s why I had the notes and the 18 page preview of this one. I did that because I wanted to show I didn’t use names in the story itself. I cut the introduction out of the novella and the bonus story so it can remain. It’s too good of a story not to publish even if I have to do it myself. I’ve been more than self-published; working with Lulu.com to run a publishing outfit when you don’t have a full staff is a smart move if you know how to use Libre OFfice. Lake Fossil Press operates under the First Amendment — and there are things I have rules for; certain rules are in place because we don’t want to be kicked off lulu.com for being too controversial; and I have two more places to work with at my deployment — Lightning Source Direct and instantpublisher.com but I have to shell out $75 for an ISBN for anthologies to be published with them or a $99 feature to be Lake Fossil Press there.
      The only reason you want to take over Lake Fossil Press is so you can just shut it down. The difference between me, H. P. Lovecraft and Edgar Allan Poe – is I will back down when my character is assassinated and when I get called a “joke.” Being called a joke is a fighting word in the Midwest – as also being called a racist in Chicagoland. That’s part of the reason I am writing this kind of story – as one really hates being put under a microscope from a Jenny No Mates. Just because I am “prime and proper” – and you have the mentality of trailer trash if you lived in the Deep South; the mentality of the Old South is dead a long time ago. The Confederacy lost the Civil War and I really don’t appreciate that Cherie M. Priest is trying to resurrect the North vs. South hostility – as this hostility is very evident between me and James M. Grant with his endless plane ramming. That’s one of the reasons I refuse to buy work from Jenna Pittman because the headaches she invoked in my year before I was published as her lackeys practiced impersonation and copyright infringement (Corrosive Truths if you remember that site.) So Jenna — aka Spytphire why should I even support anything of yours when you did everything to stifle me in the 2000s.
      If you submitted to me — your manuscript will never see the light of day; you piss off an editor who will use a youtube.com account and paper shredder with a writers manuscript; and the author who deserves that is you. When I realize who you were — you burned my ass in 2003; so I really don’t think you will get a book sale when you go solo because what I am going to say here. Every book that sells of yours contributes to a $50 a day drug habit. If you think that what I say is objectionable — you have the freedom of choice, and that choice is you don’t have to live here. When you have a Pro-Conservative themed antinovel in the midst; when you write dark subject matter where the theme is a man with courage is a majority. They are the ones twisting my words around when they are wiping their ass with Old Glory in the eye shot of a veteran or someone who is active duty. That will get any veteran wanting to beat the shit out of you or when they see you trampling on the American Flag. I’ve seen what people were attempting to pull on one story — printing up covers and throwing them in the toilet — putting out the “Captian E-Pirate” bit. I wonder if the tin foil hat they were wearing is where they get their information about me. Using real places and taking from real life situations in horror — well there could be room for a lot of controversy and I am sure Richard Matheson had drawn controversy when he wrote I Am Legend as a twenty-something.