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With my new story I am writing — there’s a reference to Munger Road in there; I went looking around and found this. Ghosts and the supernatural I find very fascinating; and I found this on youtube.com if you want to also check this out you’re more than welcome to — I think this is something rather fascinating. I know that I am not supposed to be curious about this shit but people were telling ghost stories for ages. My new one I am writing — speaks about Munger Road. There was a movie about Munger Road and that I lived in a haunted apartment when I did get published for this in the pages of Withersin 1.1: Birth Issue. Is the supernatural only of Jesus and God? There are angels and demons as the mainstream Christians will claim — I also say there is something else too. Being that I read H.P. Lovecraft — I came to understand what I faced when I was in England, and what I saw with the artist but I don’t believe in psychics though. I am known for writing fictional stories in real haunted places — this new story I am working on has that element. Why do I post this stuff on the blog — I think it is to give writers ideas to play with when they write for my anthologies; and this project the paranormal is nothing we’re going to hold back on either. Tabloid Purposes IV with my story Passenger mentioned a real haunted place in Minnesota.
       The story is about 9000 words right now and I am interacting with authors who appeared on Issue 7 and Issue 6 as one of them is going to join me on the ensemble of this one. It’s got traits of The Way Station and it’s got traits of The Midnight Diner — not quite as dark as this one but it’s got the moments where it is punishing. If you want my first book; I do have this for sale for $8.96 for a lulu.com title. You can’t go wrong with a 200 page book for that price — get this with Darkened Horizons: Issue 3. The version you see in Dirty Black Winter with Damnation Observes is a 2400 word version — the version in Darkened Horizons was cut down to 2100 words. I think the 2400 word version is a little darker and a lot more potent. Apt. #2W is also reprinted to the collection too but you want this version you can get it in Issue 10 of my magazine. Collectives, Collected, An Eye In Shadows, Issue 5, Issue 9 and Issue 10 then Darkened Horizons: Issue 3 get these together if you want a shopping spree on Lulu.com. I think that’s more the motivation to get this going — anyone who were 1972s who graduated in 1991; I will let this rule slide for you as this is more for the latter. The reason this kind project I want to put in effect is because there is too much fucking drama within the ranks. That’s the thing that pisses me off about the mid-listers in the industry — yeah what is the mid-list that is the working class author who is not Stephen King and not rich. I had rival authors threaten to take my house and hold my family accountable because they are my “guardian” I have no legal guardian there you immature bastards. Rule thumb — if you say something that’s controversial; be ready for a backlash. I didn’t grow up in hickville as Stinky Cat claims as she “edits” my bio as her dyke lovers had been violating my copyrights. They use creative commons to abuse copyrights when my work was never the creative commons license.