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This is how you beat Kealan Burke working on Createspace.com — if you have LibreOffice.og; I have a new program and this program I don’t even need a Kealan to design book because I redesigned An Eye In Shadows with this one. And Koehler if you think I am so offensive; you don’t have to live here because I know to fucking beat all of you in this business. Out design you and get someone to help me merge image files for a wraparound that’s idea for a 180-204 page gook. I found a website to work with that does spine width and all of that. Just need someone to help me do the spine and I give them the graphics I created on FXFoto.com. I have Lake Fossil Press and I need to use this sparingly unless I am publishing The Ethereal Gazette or an anthology but now I can work with Lightning Source Directly too. What I know how to do is split a pdf and get it back to a stage before it goes to Lulu.com. Lightning Source and Createspace.com will be employed for extremely controversial titles. So fuck you as Gary Oldman said of Nancy Pelosi, also applies to you. You say Persona is not a plaything — follow your own advice you shriveled twat.