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Pacione is now known as the author who gave Lulu.com the parting shot as he was fired from Lulu.com. Stephen Glass was too much of a pussy when he got fired and he was caught lying. Pacione on the other hand wrote a fierce alt. history novella as contested as his influence’s novel The Chocolate War.
    Pacione verbally put his size ten into Lulu.com’s office door; and if he was in North Carolina his infamous temper would been on full display plus a well-placed roundhouse kick to the door. All the anger he had that was directed at CreateSpace.com earlier in 2013-2014 he directed all of it at the Questionable Content with the now infamous Obama Burning The Constitution painting. His cousin John and Jet Berselson were shitting their pants when Pacione did that; Pacione saw the monster that Lulu.com invoked in him. That scared him. Update One Later: all Pacione’s print catalog as an author is back including his novel Game Over.
    All within a year of rejoining his then now publishers once again. Four of his nine anthologies are back online and three of his magazine issues are republished. He’s got Tabloid Purposes 3 close to ready but the first four issues and latter issues will be an challenge. Then working on anthology 10 and 11 both near ready.

Well Lulu.com returned the second book and Tabloid Purposes so that means the move is underway to get everything back in print and quickly too. I am pleased I got the original rich text format document I used when I first published Tabloid Purposes. I also have my book formatted and almost ready for publication with the Christian testimony — the story that was originally the bonus story in Legend Keeper will be the bonus story in the new book. I am waiting for someone to do my introduction and waiting on Createspace.com to approve my pdfs for all the titles pending. I am going to share the attempted takedown notice to see if you guys can recognize the person who originally wrote this.
      I have no addresses or e-mail addresses in Legend Keeper as I made my article public on linkendin.com talking about this. My attitude has changed about Createspace.com especially what I saw with what they said defending Legend Keeper. I was taken back by this one but I will say there will be many attempts with this one as I didn’t publish a single e-mail address in Legend Keeper. My new story I am working on and taking a break to get my shit moved to CreateSpace.com — Tabloid Purposes One is going to have a very cool feature to it; and it’s going to interact with Tabloid Purposes IV and the first namesake.
      I will have namesake two moved in too as my first two books have ISBNs to them now as you will see a seal on them too as I created this seal from a few fonts. I am employing the Creative Commons license for the aspects that give the first book a new dimension and aspects that will ring strong is the size of the Createspace.com version is identical to namesake one as I am using fonts and software that wasn’t in play at the time I first did it. I think this aspect is going to give Tabloid Purposes it’s venom that Tabloid Purposes IV or 3 had — I have the master files for 3 too the original body of the book I have and the TOCs — then my cover files too.

Your guidelines state: “Items that infringe upon an individual’s privacy Amazon.com holds personal privacy in the highest regard. Therefore, items that infringe upon, or have potential to infringe upon, an individual’s privacy are prohibited”
      The book purports to contain emails from me. These are fraudulent and defamatory. In addition, my real and private email address is printed in the book, as well as details such as my fiancée (who is not a public figure) and her address.
      In addition, this also violates your Rights of Publicity rule, also found in your content guidelines. Please remove the book from sale.

      Thank you for your prompt attention in this matter.