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the church who took the picture has credit for it I did a screen cap under fair use for this blog

In the summer of 2014, Nickolaus Pacione having just written Legend Keeper and readying his testimony for publication. He was was in a mode where he was going to examine a movement where he banged heads with one of it’s key figures, Kent Hovind and his son, Eric on his 38th birthday then with Creation Liberty Evangelism where he had choice words for that circle.
    The most talked about blog entry of his blog era and the one that invoked writers to write short stories about this…. Pacione wrote a new story in 2015 and will be featured in an anthology he’s waiting on the final touches for. Pacione having published Collectives In A Forsaken Metascape is on the momentum in getting the two projects done. This entry compliments an article he did in 2010 .. Paul Taylor of JustSixDays.com called Pacione an angry young man when Pacione responded with an e-mail using “Shit fuck and bullshit” in that order. Pacione had called Kent Hovind a fucking cartoon by way of his own page…

When I wrote my new book – I am watching video footage talking about the King James Only movement; I am writing my new story. I am looking at a video blog of a former King James Onlyist. The King James Version is not the be all fuck all (this guy well I think opened some eyes about some views of doubt. You show me a white haired zealot, and I will show you how Christians are more than cool.) I had gone at it with a KJV and disproved them on this with my new book – I am not quoting scripture every other word; my reasons for writing is not creating tracts. I am a horror author and I come up with ideas that are my own – God is original so he asks us to be s well. I am looking at this site where they are trying to say not to celebrate Halloween – in truth I do think the holiday is rather harmless if you know your field of work; for me it’s a paycheck because someone picked up one of my anthologies or my novella length works. I can see where this guy is coming from as I am looking at the confessions of a former KJO.
      I mention Dial-the-Truth Ministries in my book and put his sorry ass under a looking glass – hasn’t he read Edgar Allan Poe? I want to invite a King James Onlyist who tried to have dinosaurs intermingling with humans – how do you explain that. I hate to sound like a jagoff on this one but I have to agree with Reverend Billy on this one, The Bible was never a scientific book and when I did my introduction on the new book I am pairing it up with public domain oil paintings because I want people to see what I experienced when I was in Richmond, Virginia. I am waiting this damned nutjob — and will be prone to burn books by those who have their own thoughts in their head,
      The literal belief in the young earth creation story – I disproved this walking though Roosevelt Red Line taking the tunnel through the Orange line; my mother suggested she was an old earth in that sense. The world of a Young Earth Creationist is a bizarro world to say the least – the same verse they use is also found in the New Living and this is what my son’s godfather used when he was reaching out to Mormons, Jesus told him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me.” I am sure they can recognize that’s John 14:6 – same damned belief in God but it is like what the former King James Onlyist said they need to back off the other translations, but if someone was a KJO how would they come up with original concepts or ideas for a book or a short story if that’s the only book they read or have in the fucking house.
      I have the ideas wandering within my mind as Rod Serling wrote, “The things in the dark are the same as when you have the lights on.”
      KJOS seem to never overcame their lingering fear of the dark. That fear of the unknown and explaining away the unexplained (a favorite past time they do when you speak of subject matter of the unexplained and the mysterious.) I had posted a link for those who can help fund my expenses too right now as I am in a rough month – some don’t believe me that I am in a rough month so I am sharing this with a very large facebook group so those who can help they have the means to help because I am past due $129.00 on my electric bill – I pay nearly $500 a month on this. This one I hit a rough patch so if you can help this is extremely appreciated in any way but don’t donate less than $5 via paypal.com – I will hook up up with Tabloid Purposes and IV along with namesake at a steep discount when my money and expense situation is in a better month. I am also trying to figure out how to apply for possible grants to work with Lightning Source to get the funding to buy batches of ISBNS to work with them too on levels and you can pay $10.00 for your own imprint’s ISBN on createspace.com – thinking I could do that with my classmate’s imprint.
      When you have a former classmate who has as many connections on linkedin.com as you do on myspace.com – when you see someone with that many; as they say in horror it’s time to play. My new story I am working on fucks with some KJOs on a cerebral level I am having trouble with my covers arrangements on my five year memoir and the first Tabloid Purposes – it took me a few tries with Tabloid Purposes IV too – I am hoping that I don’t encounter trouble with the new book. I am come up with ideas how to really play into the doctrine of the King James Only to really set up a strong scare in this new story I am writing.
      It’s like what I wrote in my book – the faith is truly divided as the subcultures became united; as what I am doing with Tabloid Purposes in the presentation of this CreateSpace.com version. The KJOs – let me ask this question; what if there is no tomorrow the fact I do believe in Spiritual Death as I wrote of second death in The Fandom Writer. (I am moving this to CreateSpace.com with a new introduction speaking of the events what happened on lulu.com.) I was looking up a KJO site and they do start them young – I mean they really start them young too; where they are programmed like computers to have no original ideas in their head. How would a King James Only is taken into a library after hearing an Iron Maiden album – as I had got into a very in depth and cool discussion with a blogger speaking of Nicko McBrain’s conversion to Christianity. I was looking at the photos of the young KJOs with photos of the Good Book in hand but the question would be what if I handed them a copy of my namesake anthology or Tabloid Purposes IV. The typical KJO is closely cropped hair or a goddamn comb-over – they look like what Mancow Muller would call a “suit.” I would give blood just to watch you bleed at times – as I am writing my new story as I hit the 10,000 mark already now. I took a break from writing this one. I had been doing more research on this movement as they are responsible for a lot of altar calls but I think if someone isn’t a full blown church-goer they would enjoy the projects I write and edit. Bryan Wickham and I are studying the appearance of a 30-something KJO (as one who is born in 1978 or 1979.) The idea is having me walking with them in museum where I am looking for public domain macabre themed artwork in a Victorian Gothic styled museum.
      Being Christian doesn’t equate to blowing a load of sunshine up someone’s ass – I am sure that doesn’t fly to well with the KJOs when I will say ass or shit. I am pulling out the History Channel documentary that they were talking about Armageddon; and the thing about KJOs are in the constant anticipation of Utopia after the Dystopia. 2012 has passed and we buried a fucking Utopia as I have written of the New World Order in Legend Keeper; if you go blasting these kind of stories you really haven’t read about the Illuminati or some of that subject matter. As KJO’s claim to be experts in this; as one is reading about the O.T.O. – that I am tech-minded but I am not using my faith elements in the technology, and the question what is that one world religion they speak about? I tend to also examine both the Biblical and Occult worlds through a scientific eye but you will not see me creating a religion like L. Ron Hubbard did (that’s the dangerous side of being a science fiction writer. He’s known for the novella titled Fear. I think that’s where key churches I was involved with became nervous when I told them I write horror fiction.)
      I had seen people giving Head trouble for re-teaming with KoRn – but I think he had kept his edge when he found God; that’s the problem with KJOs when they find God they lose their edge. But I also believe that the Word made Flesh; but I also look at the world that takes from the world of Zeitgeist: The Movie – that was one of the many conspiracy theories born out of the psuedohistory movement. The whole young earth creationism is also in the realms of pseudoscience and psuedohistory – Legend Keeper I had drawn into my mother’s interest in genealogy.
      The thing with KJOS is they do what is known as plain reading; as I looked this up thinking how you can engage them – that God you believe is someone who you experience in different ways. When you know that you believe in the much older earth – being that the fossil record and all of this; it leaves room for evolution to happen and God allow creation to happen through evolution. There is something very scientific with this. – when you don’t plain read; when you are a writer this is an of heresy. I think I can disprove young earth creationists as they do the known plain reading – even in the early era I didn’t plain read. In my book I wrote I can challenge Magus Gillmore and Hydra Starr on this one as I do read about Ufology for fun to have subject matter to toy with – it’s just fun shit to write about.
      That’s why we do Tabloid Purposes kids – we’re having fun and enjoying ourselves doing so. I am a Conservative Christian who does the historical criticism; and this is extremely controversial because it shows one’s intelligence – the KJOS have books and books disproving the modern translations of the Bible.
      I have fictional King James Onlyist characters as I introduced one in Stygian Dealer – I am not channeling when I write. I had studied authors from the 20th Century and 19th Century to develop their techniques. I am wondering what the King James Only’s reading this one wondering what they are thought of this documentary that I shared with this one – I doubt the idea that Levi who wrote the occult books would say we would become a God. The idea that comes to mind when Poe passed away – it came from Psalm 121:1 and this is a Catholic Bible I am quoting, “I lift up my eyes to the hills.”
      I am not Anti-Catholic because a number of my roster are Catholic and they produced the good horror fiction – so I am disproving the KJO movement on this one. I really think when you have an understanding of how Catholic’s think, when you have friends and family who are Roman Catholic. When I did my book – I say I am no hero nor made of stone when I stared into the eyes of Medusa. The false utopia as the video spoke of – when a Christian writes dystopia, the style fits Christianity like a glove because of the Blood Moon Prophecy.
      The whole thing with KJO’s the question of having read actual literature is an act of heresy especially when King James Only’s are known to call Halloween – “Satan’s Birthday.” I am not going to pass out gospel tracts or write them but actively get published for speculative fiction. This guy is fond of urban legends — that’s the subject matter of Tabloid Purposes IV. KJOs known trait is explaining away the unexplained. That might be the setup for another part of the new story I am working on — Stygian Dealer criticized this.
      The whole thing that bothers a King James Only is they are the authority on education – but there are English bibles older than that; as I wrote of this in my books’ introduction as I also reference movies I watched and stories I read too. The King James Only Movement are resurrecting the Fundamentalist-Modernist movement controversy from the 1920s and my new stories have a the Modern vibe to them as they also do carry Fundamentalist vibe to them but I embraced a modern thought pattern. The KJOs seem to give to give you the most shit for the way you dress too – I wonder what he would think when he sees a Christian with long hair and a leather blazer walking into the places where he will not go and just having a conversation about literature.
      I read the thing about how he suggests “How Christians shall dress..”
      Oh fuck you there pal. Your sense of logic and doctrine is twisted! – that sounds like legalism to me butthead but what you will claim pal; the storm is coming and ends the next day. The King James Only Movement doesn’t have all the answers – as they see someone who is intelligent they don’t want go be anywhere around them. This character wrote, “The Christian is to show that life is not about self, pride and material things. Christians should be clean, and neat in their appearance, and never sloppy, unkempt and loose.” yeah the legalism – well I am not about pride and shun the materialism as a writer but the way I appear matches what I do as an author – as I am a journalist, blogger and subcultural historian as well as a horror author; the man who wrote that legalistic bullshit is Pastor Frank Noyes. When I had went from being with short hair and clean shaven not allowed to wear a lot of black to owning more black in my 20s than I did in my teens – in my thirties when I go out I wear a lot of denim and trying to track down some famous artist ties as I was known for in 2003.
      Certain things that I do wear – I refuse to wear tight jeans and will look for denim shirts (silver button Levi’s to adopt a blue collar appearance that I would do when I have done promotional shoots. It’s like what Roger said when he was on stage — when you become a Christian you are not a pussy; but you’re humble. The heavy metal subculture had already been alienated enough and the KJO’s tend to alienate us even more. But when I deal with the King James Only types – they meet the real me. This is the New Living Translation of what he quoted about the new life – “Since you have been raised to new life with Christ, set your sights on the realities of heaven, where Christ sits in the place of honor at God’s right hand. Think about the things of heaven, not the things of earth. For you died to this life, and your real life is hidden with Christ in God. And when Christ, who is your life, is revealed to the whole world, you will share in all his glory.”
      That would be from Col. 3:1-4,– from one of the New World Versions as they say it.
      If one was listening to Five Finger Finger Death Punch – the thought of the idea of what the world stopped spinning tomorrow. I didn’t cry when Lulu.com pulled my storefronts I got pissed and challenged them on an intellectual level – I nailed their politics as they had to deal with little old me. The whole thing about KJO’s they don’t dot their “I” or cross their fucking tees – where you had a bottom feeder who burned books from authors who are Christians who don’t read 1611 era English aka King James English. One thing I never had well did but never had a chance to wear this out but I had a thin Italian gold necklace when I was 21 years old – but seeing what this guy wrote, speaking as a man who is opening the door for the next generation of horror writers and heavy metal. I am teaching these youngsters who are with Tabloid Purposes now all in their twenties.
      So now as I am writing this I do have Tabloid Purposes ready to go and readying the memoir and the second collection too. So with closing – you see the presentation I have on this blog; the video is there for research purposes – I will say everyone has fallen short but no altar calls from me on this one.
      In that same narrative the KJO uses – this is that same passage from the Contemporary English version from James 1:5-8 “If any of you need wisdom, you should ask God, and it will be given to you. God is generous and won’t correct you for asking. But when you ask for something, you must have faith and not doubt. Anyone who doubts is like an ocean wave tossed around in a storm. If you are that kind of person, you can’t make up your mind, and you surely can’t be trusted. So don’t expect the Lord to give you anything at all.”
      I had my doubts that Ray Nelson was going to end up joining me but having him on Issue 12 was an answered prayer in the wake of a scandal that almost ended my publishing career. This new story I am getting back to work with doing well I am sure it will piss a few people off in the process because I am exploring the nature of persona. This also will have Huffington Post breathing down my ass too — G.L.A.A.D I think this link you have to read; it also affirmed what I also wrote in my own book. The aspect I am trying to be obedient to is Genesis 2:24 because I am seriously looking for a wife — “That’s why a man will leave his own father and mother. He marries a woman, and the two of them become like one person.”
      That’s also from the CEV too; this will piss off some of my family when I stated that because what passed just this year in Illinois.
      “Marriage is almost as old as dirt, and it was defined in the garden between Adam and Eve. One man, one woman for life till death do you part. So I would never attempt to try to redefine marriage. And I don’t think anyone else should either,” Cameron said. “So do I support the idea of gay marriage? No, I don’t.”
      I will go one further Kurt — this will take what you said to another level. Marriage isn’t as old as dirt it’s as old as time — and I think what Illinois is trying to do is playing to redefine what Father Time had put into play. As an author — I am putting what I learned as a science fiction writer to the test and what I am writing plays off an idea from 1 Thessalonians 5:22 — the world what it would be like when everything is tested. “Put everything to the test. Accept what is good.”
      If a Christian is willing to introduce H. P. Lovecraft into their old high school — and got H. P. Lovecraft’s rarely anthologized short story in a museum; it makes you wonder how far one is willing to go to change the social windmills in literature. My new story — well will cause as much controversy as Legend Keeper did; my testimony is as controversial as An Eye In Shadows is as when I bring the rest of my catalog into play — the cover conversion and design process is trial and error. Thing about KJOs are they are more about entirely plain reading and don’t read other forms of literature — they claim that reading other books such as Science Fiction and Horror, will corrupt the youth. That’s a damn lie right there because reading these things kept me from joining gangs or getting caught up with drugs — heavy metal music allowed me to built a library of books. You want to give a KJO a change of heart about Iron Maiden — point out the poem that The Trooper was based upon. The original poem was published in December 9, 1854, you want Iron Maiden’s positive influence on a generation of headbangers — they had us going to libraries; and reading books. The Charge of the Light Brigade also taken from Psalm 23 in the Old Testament. Slayer also had people reading books too after doing the song Angel of Death which was about a doctor from the Holocaust.
      I am seeing what the KJOs have on this one — what opinions do they have on this article I wrote. The pearls of wisdom I had opened as a horror author — well Pandora’s Box had been opened and I don’t want to close it. I am not going to crucify myself with these thoughts but I am sure a KJO might look at me like I had crucified Christ all over again. My re-emerged titles are now live on createspace.com and you can access this pinterest to get the word out there. I do with my book — when I was planning Tabloid Purposes IV I spent time up in Wilmette, I ended up resting on the beach because I had a violent headache that invoked frightening spells of throwing up. I think spending time in Wilmette and Skokie also attributed to developing Tabloid Purposes IV. I have seen this spoken of too — and KJOs are angered by this one. The Roosevelt Red Line station that is the tunnel going to the Orange line — the best way to explain to a KJO that the Bible is not a scientific book is take them to this place; especially when they are young earth creationists who have an affinity with Santa Claus — as in av1611.org for example. I am going to debunk the stock character as he has origins in a real person from Greece. St. Nicholas of Myra is the origins of the character. I was wondering what Dial-The-Truth Ministries will make of me for picking them apart as I am picking apart the King James Only Movement in my book — I pick them apart and pick apart the Mormon Doctrine too; as Mormonism well has origins in folk magic.
      If you’re a King James Only reading this — and get deeply offended because I am a horror author who is a Christian, there is no apologies over what I say — as you read A Looming Depth; it plays off weird nightmares I had when I read one of those tracts. The one known as The Letter. I saw a Gothic Horror story in this one as The Fandom Writer played off this as I sometimes saw myself as the Virgil character — I saw references to The Divine Comedy in this one. Ezekiel 3:8 was the verse at the end of that tract, “Yet, I will make you as stubborn and as hardheaded as they are.” I am tough-as-nails with the kind of mind I have — but when I reaffirmed my faith in 2007 the problem is finding a church that allows this take on my faith, a pull-no-punches delivery that I do when I started to go into my harder direction as a horror author. I have an even harder delivery now than I did when I was 20.
      Even as a Christian — I don’t have all the answers or the reasons; and I was never a hero — but God does know the answers but even sometimes he doesn’t always answer them. Everyone is born with the same curse and disease — the fact I don’t apologize for anything I say as I am going to be hated for everything I am than love me for what I am not. When you’re dealing with a KJO — don’t plain read because that’s playing their game. When you see my book when published — I am writing it like I don’t have all the answers as my rivals claim to have all the answers but answer some very hard questions and ask them too. None of us have the answers, even when the world stops spinning tomorrow — there are no tears shed from me.
      I cry for the KJOs as they’re misguided and mislead as we believe in the same God and Gospel in that sense. I guess the KJOs will say the things about me being a prick — farewell and fuck you becaus I am fucking over it too; them burning a Bible is the thing that angered me more than anything. I am going to introduce Tabloid Purposes One into high schools now over that one — as they were 14-16 in the FictionPress.com contributors in the era; as I’ve seen pictures of teens holding a KJV.
      I think what would come in their mind when those same KJO teenagers are reading a Tabloid Purposes — I will get Tabloid Purposes in their hands as we’re born in the post-age of Enlightenment and the KJOs deny the information age. I burn down their logic — as they look at my word I use words, “See you all in hell as I pull you out from there pending who you are — some of you I am not going to pull you from those flames.” When you see me do heavy metal shows I am not going to encourage the masses to do hand clapping in the crowd but egg them into moshing and hopefully see a stage dive or two — that’s the kind of fun reading Tabloid Purposes is to me; as much as I publish them as a publisher I read them like a fan of the genre.
      Tabloid Purposes is now Juggalo friendly as I used a juggalo font with the spine of Tabloid Purposes; where I made the statement of no clowning on the Clowns is what they admitted and this found its way into the new book. The font is from a site I looked up and looking to give them the discount I have for those who are crazy enough to venture right on CreateSpace.com and shop for our titles — that is what I am planning to have done when Collectives is ready to go — I am trying to figure out how to keep all the layout aspects of my original lulu.com versions of the first book and second collection since I didn’t have the original parent documents I used to compile both collections as I don’t have the master copies for Dirty Black Winter as the computer I used to put that together decide it wasn’t going to work anymore. The thing with KJOs as I noticed this — it’s a religion induced nyctophobia; when you don’t have a fear of the dark and you write dark subject matter as a career choice — Halloween is a day to have fun if you’re a horror author. Halloween is the day where Horror authors also have the most power — the reason Satanists were drawn to me is because I was published on a 7 x 4 birthday.
      KJOs and Satanists deal with me; it’s a good chance they don’t know what to make of an A.Y.M. The voice and style of Tabloid Purposes style horror is a A.Y.M or A.Y.W. voice — Angry Young Man and Angry Young Woman. One half of the Left Behind collaboration team confided he’s a fan of The Twilight Zone — a 5’10 long haired Rod Serling from Chicago, Illinois, is how Terry Vinson describes me, and when you are dealing with KJOs you have to almost take on traits of Rod Serling when doing Tabloid Purposes. The Statue was an original candidate for Tabloid Purposes One — as this is a story that was widely debated it being either original fiction or fanfiction; had traits of both. I come from a long line of Angry Young Men voices in horror — Stephen King and Richard Matheson had the Angry Young Man delivery; more so with Richard Matheson.