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Are you a King James Version Onlyist — I guess I will play a bit. As you seen my blog and link to my book — I am saying booga booga. You are saying his last name is not “Damn” but you are fucking morons. Let’s see what you think of me when you see my full length testimony — I had dealt with a KJVO on facebook and he called me obscene and offensive but when they call you profane. You are doing something right. You are making people think as you have no thoughts in your head you fucking “replika.”


Remember that God’s last name is not “Damn” and that he gave us his son for everlasting salvation. Become born again, Repent, and make sure you are rapture ready on the day that Jesus will come and take all his followers like a thief in the night. God loves us all, but he doesn’t want to send us to Hell if we want to continue living our heathen ways and trespassing against others. Do not feed into what Satan wants. Become a true soldier for Jesus the Christ and take a stand against the temptations aimed at us by the Devil.

God Damn

Martin Baker

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