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“The Lord is my shepherd. I shall want nothing. In a verdant pasture he hath fixed my abode. He hath fed me by gently flowing water and restored my soul. He hath led me in paths of righteousness for his name’s sake. For though I walk amidst the shades of death: I will fear no ills, because thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff have been my comfort. Thou hast spread a table before me; in the presence of them who afflict me. With oil thou hast anointed my head; and thine exhilarating cup is the very best. Thy mercy will surely follow me all the days of my life; and my dwelling shall be in the house of the Lord to the length of days.”

— Psalm 23 when Washington Irving was in his 20s

Wow – this is interesting; as I was first getting published I had found a copy of The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving. I also had encountered this when I was in college. If you have the namaesake anthology or seen the Johnny Depp version of the film; I wondered of this film had been adapted a few times (this is information you can read up on as you watch the movie. You even get to hear the story behing read in 2006; a year later I ended up including it in the original version of the anthology where my name is in the title.) As I am working on my new story where it’s at the 16,000 word range right now too. I figured I would share this on my wordpress.com blog for the homeschooled too so they can learn literature. I didn’t realize the story I published got an illustration featured in the Smithsonian.
      As you grab the namesake project – Nickolaus Albert Pacione Delivers: A Library Of Unknown Horrors. I am working on parts of my new story where the main female character researches and shows the King James Version Onlyist character some nightmarish stuff. I am going to play some classically tinged heavy metal to help with the presentation of this one – thinking who would be a good pairing with this showing of this Washington Irving classic.
      So those of you who had read the anthology – you are in for a unique experience with this one. I do get a lot of unique visitors from my vampirefreaks.com profile and I really do need to update that thing don’t I. Yeah I update my facebook more often that the profile there because it gets a little busy with the writing. I had read this story off and on since I was in college – but this one I found as a chapbook with an essay talking about what inspired it. This story was the first Gothic tale in the new world; and the portrait of Washington Irving is done by John Wesley Jarvis in 1809 and this is on Wikimedia commons as I am going to link this information up for those who want to see this painting too. That painting of Washington Irving — looking at that painting he was the same age as I was when I penned The Cabbie Homicide; I was on the verge of turning 26 years old. I was his age at when he wrote The Legend of Sleepy Hollow when I penned Legend Keeper; I am a year older than he is when he wrote that one. I am trying to figure out how old Edgar Allan Poe was when he wrote The Premature Burial. I now want to get this in the Smithsonian to be matched up with the painting so people can read the story when they are looking at the painting. That is something that I learned of Washington Irving’s work. On my company page I have The Hollow being featured and shared if you have the namesake and seen this this will be something you can have in your collection if you go to the Smithsonian.
      “Wait you found The Hollow?” I can see someone asking me when they’re visiting Lake Fossil Press and my google+ porfile – I am sharing it for educational purposes; though I doubt Christine Morgan would be willing to show movies or documentaries on their blog. As she’s a damned ingrate who blasted my tenor with lulu.com but her friends are on a place where I’ve been there for years. I am inviting the Customer relations on CreateSpace.com to see where I made my books more interactive being I had found the movies that were aired on television. Christine Morgan well I think she’s a drunkard who would drink up all the merchandise of her husband’s game shop. I am willing to provide my research on my blogs; that is full disclosure to her word vomit or word salads on her blogs.
      “Wait you’re sharing horror movies – you’re a Christian!” I could see someone saying.
      The love of the macabre had always been there. I kept my darker blogs to my tumblr.com thing but if you want to see some cool stuff I will share it here too. I think with this as I am writing my new story I am going to mention The Hollow and have my character tell the ghost story also with my facebook public pages – you must be over seventeen years of age because language and dark subject matter. You every Christian to be like a King James Version Only where they are wearing suit and ties with their hair cropped very short.
      As I seen the Johnny Depp version of Sleepy Hollow before going up to Canada – I never thought I would encounter the movie from 1980. Horror is a form of art and sometimes you need to see it as such. Art upsets people and yes it is something that it does quite well; it stirs up emotions and thought patterns one doesn’t want sometimes or occasionally welcomes. The Hollow was the first time ABC Family allowed strong language on movie – because it’s uncensored; they had strong language for a kids film. The kinship between this and my novella – Legend Keeper has kids using very strong dark language. I am a literary and heavy metal historian and I became the literary historian when I published the first namesake; I became akin to T. S. when I did this as I am just a horror fan who happened to become a writer because of the movies I love.
      Am I the ungodly – madness is what we wither in the mind; but when one writes horror and imaginations gathered in the collective memory. That becomes the new story I am writing – displeasure in the eyes of the damned and the superstitious of the deaf, dumb and blind. The whole “we need diverse books” is a goddamned joke to me. What you lost with diversity as I was culturally diverse because you are getting a Boy Scout who rips into a modern president in a very controversial way and preserving history.
      I was getting readers learning actual social studies through fiction. The aspect you’re learning about the 1990s is through my catalog – Lake Fossil, Passenger, Halloween On Camera, Flying Cigars (this is returning,) and Dirty Black Winter. I am sorting out my catalog to see how to get everything ready for CreateSpace.com. So when I doubt that Mary Sangiovanni or Kealan Patrick Burke are sharing their video findings with their blogs or in depth details here and there – I really doubt Mary was telling the truth about stealing from a museum. I saw the photos of Brian Keene holding my anthology in his hands (there’s four books in all Keene. They are going to return to CreateSpace.com too so you want to harass someone who is your boss on CreateSpace.com – as Kealan Burke also worked with them too. This is a level playing field now as I am working with them almost to the ability as I was when I worked with lulu.com – if the guys can help me get the covers right for my memoir; then we’re in business. I have intricate design methods and sometimes this is hard to pull off using LibreOffice.org to do certain aspects.)
      Monika will have the synopsis photo credit with this. I am trying to learn new tricks with designing books but this is not easy to do the spine of a book because lulu.com originally did this. I saw her photograph she took and thought it was pretty damn cool – so she gets to do the photo credit for this. But the thing about what you see with my blog here is going to show some horror archives – so I think if you want to see some interesting stuff as you now see 507 followers with my blog on wordpress.com. I am careful where I use photos in my book under fair use with some things. I am doing this in a way where I use the photos from the original hosts where they retain the original copyrights.
      Paul look – I know you’re not around anymore, but where you are getting blessed about getting Satellite TV and everyone is getting a channel on Youtube.com but what I want to do. It gets science into schools and bring literature into places where you normally will not have access to classic literature. T. D. Jakes is about inspiring the next generation – as I am about this too where I will get them the tools to become writers and publishers themselves. The reason for my mandate – The Lake Fossil Mandate and the real Heavy Metal Reads Campaign is because I am giving back to the communities that gave me so much. I did what I did on very little funding so if you pick up my titles and catalogs, I am only making my bills. When this pastor’s wife saying I am too cowardly – no I don’t to do this privately because what she did was on a public level; the scandal she’ a part of on twitter is something you don’t handle in a courtroom. The kind of thing where you let her do the protests publicly like they do at Marilyn Manson shows.
      If someone is calling me a mimic – well I can take on traits of contemporaries yet have traits of my own too in there; I don’t write fan fiction if you are trying to get me thrown off for this ahem the alleged biographer who is unauthorized I am talking about with this. What I do is more a museum than Eric Hovind does or what Ken Ham does too when I looked at their websites; shit my blog is more a museum than that is as will my print version of my testimony will be as you see artwork that’s in the public domain paired up with the book as you see my own artwork as the background on it. While I do this blog I am searching around YouTube.com (right now my personal channel is in bad standing because I had been addressing a rival and had appealed it.) reddit.com I had to put up with someone who is bragging about pirating my work too – so I am giving some cool stuff for people to check out that tie into my namesake anthology and those who want to go further into what I did. They can go see these videos and click around.
      This blog and the tumblr.com blog can take you a lot further into the pages and the world I bring out with my anthologies and my five year memoir or with the testimony itself. If you decide to go into the footsteps of doing a movie based on the path I took to the museum – I didn’t want to take away from Poe’s day when I went. I insisted on paying admission though they were going to let me in for free. I kept what I am doing a total surprised from everyone except for the museum staff who knew my plans and my roster did too. When you have a late leader of a evangelical television station giving a finger you’ve got a smile on your face because he is admitting he is human too.
      The hard part with the cover design aspects of my books are I am employing band new techniques – lot of saving as .jpg format and can use a feature that I never thought my image programs had before. Some programs respond to HTML commands but others hell I can do things like I would when I would edit the magazine or formatting the book. You see these new innovations on the first collections copyright page and found some of my 2000 era photographs too – what will be the cover for Dirty Black Winter’s createspace.com re-emergence. Well found this photograph is going to be the photo that Dave used for my calendar appearance on GothicChicago.com’s old calendar – took the photo on my 24th birthday when I was out and about.
      What I do – I never got caught up in the occult but what I do in the horror field. You do see people who screw around with the occult but what you see in my work you see madness and the dark side of the human mind. The question that comes to mind when you believe in God do you have a mind that allows you to think and able to be carry a critical thought of reason in their head – well that’s what I am encouraging with my testimony.
      My former classmate tried to shove a Word of Faith preacher who has the same level of education as me to my face – when Ken E. Hagin has no thoughts of his own. So that is why I am offering to show a movie like the one I found for those of you who like watch of horror films. I am not offering false hope of prosperity when you see my blog or anthologies; my solo titles what I am showing are the things I have a passion for – movies and literature; heavy metal and showing my fascination with weird history. This what I am showing you all is something that will tie you over until I get my catalog moved into CreateSpace.com as you see what I shared on my google plus profile too – if you are hanging out with me there that’s very cool of you there.
      What some will also agree with me comes from this verse – Matthew 24: 11 from the translation born from Carol Stream, Illinois, “And many false prophets will appear and will deceive many people.” I am not spouting scripture every other word – just showing people my creativity and what I love doing shows my faith more than anything. I will offend many by thinking like this because I’ve seen some do this already with me – trying to say I was disobeying one of the books in Genesis for questioning God. When you acknowledged the science of evolution then you have a start of an understanding how God is like. But when I am showing that I am showing additional aspects to my anthology and some aspects I found based upon the stories published of W. W. Jacobs and of Washington Irving. Wickham and I are co-designing the cover for my testimony as the anthology that Monika is entrusted with. I am designing the background to tie it to the testimony too as this will have the composition book cover based arrangements too. You will see the 1980 film on my blog but the 2004 movie on my google plus profile – holy shit I found the uncut version of this; wow this is a find.
      So some of you who are visiting my blog – I hope all of you enjoy this presentation as I am waiting for the rest of the submission to come in. But Christine Morgan; sorry my company is not dead and I am not going to let you stifle anything I’ve done with your sense of morals had been pissed away. I had enough shit from someone who is one of Eric Hovind’s blind followers and telling me to “get a hair cut.”
      I got this jagoff with this comment, “I read your post on my post. I honestly did not understand one line of thought. I did get the feeling you are angry. What happened to you man? Who hurt you?”
      Jesse you’re a jagoff who treats people like a freak – if you were treated like the big toe by the legalistic shits for being educated reads Edgar Allan Poe; collected horror novels and published genre fiction stories. It is people like you who insult my intelligence so I think having an appreciation for everything that disturbs your comfort zone as what I say is a combination of tough love and brutal truth.
      This is some of his arguments too, “Nick is assuming I am a “King James only” meaning that the King James Version of the Bible is the only one that is the true translation. While I prefer the King James Bible above others, other translations are better in certain parts ”
      Hence he is what you say a King James Version Only – the era of Washington Irving when he wrote The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow; was 1820 and the era of the Bible that was around was in 1809. The translation that Joseph Smith had went and altered for leading into doing The Book of Mormon. What were Christians like in the era of Washington Irving that’s a very good question – and I will research this for those who are watching this movie and are reading my anthology. I had found as what you see at the beginning of this blog entry was Psalm 23 from the era of Washington Irving. I pulled this out with the movie so you get an idea what that era was like; the era of The War of 1812. The world of the King James Version Only discouraged critical thinking – their motto, “Don’t think and Love the Lord.” I don’t try sell the Gospel but what I do is sell my creativity – but what I am offering is a museum that lives on your bookshelf. Not adding or taking away from the Good Book; but something that’s a fun read –8 of us with Tabloid Purposes, are admitted Christians but one we sell is our own work but the Gospel that’s free to the masses.
      This is his response to me as I was coming at his question with a thinking man angle and if you’re a horror author you will see where he’s mad, “Truly God has hidden things from the wise and prudent and revealed them unto babes. With all do respect, a second grader could answer my question, as to when death appears in the Bible. You are asking us to “just imagine it’s true” type logic that is arguing from the standpoint of this imaginary verse (the gap theory) that’s not in the Bible. I hope you will turn back to the God of the Bible. ”
      My reasoning had been a sunken ship? Really – when you’re a historian; or learn how to become a historian you’re looking at every angle as what I was doing when I was looking into the world that Washington Irving grew up.
      This one doesn’t even know me and calls me a friend – you don’t know a damn thing about me; I sent you my testimony to read but you went and spread your ass cheeks to take a shit on it.
      “Friend, you say you are a Christian, but you love death, you have a filthy mouth, question God, and you are trying to add to His Word. I see a wolf in sheep’s clothing, a false prophet, or someone who has back-slided. I urge you to examine yourself as to whether or not you are in the faith. This is one thing you do not want to be wrong about. He will not hold him guiltless who takes His name in vain,” his words not mine – but what the fuck is he to say I question God or take from or add to his word. King James Version Onlyist would use words like that – you think?
      This reader saw this of me, “From what I gather you, Nick, are looking at the Bible from a different angle. I do not see a problem with realizing that Science and Christianity are becoming more hand in hand. Nobody here on earth can fully prove or disapprove this.”
      This comment – she almost figured me out on that one and give her a lot of credit on this one. God is not that simple to figure out as you have to be more realistic with one’s faith – as Jesse is rather unrealistic with the way he sees things. This jerkhole is from a town smaller than Hampton, Iowa, about 1000 people – my small town paranoia played up with looked up his area on wikipedia.org. I am an artist and an artist has ideas – that’s a dangerous thing to some like him. Especially when you are having something like what I am sharing as I took analysis of film in high school and my best friend took television production in college.
      This is Two Ton Anvil’s response to me going at it with Hovind, “Wow! You do have some balls! ”
      Joseph Rubas told me that not even Brian Keene or Kealan Patrick Burke had the balls to take on Eric Hovind.
      This is what Two Ton Anvil said of me, “I know you like to go to battle sticking the proverbial stick right up the middle of the hornets nest! ”
      Seems like the ones who are quite scared of controversy really don’t like when I introduce horror and heavy metal – but when you are born on James Hetfield’s birthday thirteen years later. You have an obligation to defend heavy metal music and horror fiction; literature for that matter and say what Living Sacrifice said – art is art. But if Sherri Parker saw me take on Eric Hovind – I think she should reconsider with the coward remark because the next move with Hovind is vintage for me. But I think when he sees this blog – what is going to be his next move when he sees a horror movie mixed with scripture; well I wanted an accurate reflection of the era for Washington Irving when I show the 1980 film. The Word of Faith movement I might piss off because they have “God is for sale mentality,” and seeing the controversy that unfolded there – where the did the C. Dollar “Little Gods” sermon.
      I am going to post part of the Mark 11:23 aspect for the one who said I was adding or taking away this is from a version that C. Dollar used more than anything in his sermons, “Truly I tell you, whoever says to this mountain, Be lifted up and thrown into the sea! and does not doubt at all in his heart but believes that what he says will take place, it will be done for him.” That would be from the Amplified version he’s known for – but I ma not going to spout scripture every other paragraph like that Jesse Heller does; or what the KJVOs would do as they are proven hypocrites. In the eyes of the King James Only Movement – I am in their eyes had spoken an act of flat out heresy. But really – what I said of having to say the earth really is 4.54 Billion years old, openly watching horror movies, own horror novels and publish anthologies. The world they know had died years ago – I am not the enemy but they need to see this in a way I do though.