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I am reblogging this damn thing! If you seen my tumblr.com blog where I speak of this at the expense of Eric Hovind. This photographs time line would be been while I was in Richmond, Virginia. I wonder how many people seen this and had a shocked look on their face. It’s the most shocking photo going around the web too especially with Ken Ham and Bill Nye going it and with what Pat Robertson saying to Ken Ham to shut up.


Trinity Broadcasting Network Trinity Broadcasting Network (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The OC Weekly published a photo last week of Paul Crouch, head of the troubled TBN, holding up his middle finger on camera. In the photo, Crouch is seen wearing a clergyman’s collar and a pinky ring, which is kind of interesting, too. But most shockingly, Mr. Crouch is holding up his middle finger on his right hand while he stares directly into the camera…which I’m assuming he thought was NOT rolling. Some folks believe the image has been Photoshopped. What say you?

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